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o0201077.038vb 1420 aprile 30 Revocation of election and new appointment of messengers with salary and indemnity for attending to the affairs of the cupola. Text: sed potius cum dapno et sic et
o0201078.004vf 1420/1 gennaio 23 Authorization to the notary to write to the rectors of the countryside and district for the collection of the debts with summons for some subjects. Text: et cum modico dapno et sumptibus debitorum
o0201078.006b 1420/1 gennaio 19 Permission for tomb monument in Santa Maria del Fiore to member of the Bischeri family, upon permit of the Wool Guild. Text: preiudicio, periculo vel dapno alicuius; et hoc
o0201078.008c 1420/1 gennaio 31 Rulings for collection of the rights due for the gabelle on retail wine up to the end of its treasurer's term. Text: Florentie et absque dapno dicte Opere substinere
o0201078.008vb 1420/1 febbraio 7 Election of the guardian of the pawns. Text: et penitus sine dapno tam ipsam Operam
o0201078.014vb 1420/1 marzo 17 Authorization to sell stones to the wardens of the Opera of Santa Croce. Text: lapidum cave sine dapno Opere pro pretio
o0201078.023vc 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the treasurer to pay all those that work for the Opera whenever ordered to do so by administrator. Text: sui periculo vel dapno dare et solvere
o0201078.034vf 1421 maggio 30 Sale of black marble. Text: marmor niger sine dapno dicte Opere pro
o0201078.060va 1421 aprile 9 Contract for broad bricks to a kilnman with advance of part of the payment. Text: inferius expressum, sumptibus, dapno et expensis dicti
o0201078.062c 1421 aprile 30 Contract for broad bricks to kilnmen with advance of part of the payment. Text: inferius expressum, sumptibus, dapno et expensis ipsorum
o0201078.083b 1420/1 febbraio 10 Guaranty for newly elected guardian of the pawns. Text: et penitus sine dapno ad requisitionem et
o0201078.085vb 1421 aprile 18 Guaranty for promise to repay money with supply of lumber. Text: et penitus sine dapno, vel de conducendo
o0201078.086b 1421 aprile 28 Guaranty for loan on supply of marble. Text: et penitus sine dapno, Iohannes Bartoli vocatus
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: incursis sumptibus et dapno tantum dicti Daddi
o0201079.029a 1421 ottobre 3 Authority to a warden to cancel a contract for sandstone blocks for the chain of the main cupola. Text: utile vel sine dapno Opere ipsam conductam
o0201079.031vd 1421 ottobre 11 Term for consignment to a lumber supplier with penalty for every towload not conveyed. Text: pro traino pro dapno dicte Opere recepto.
o0201079.058b 1421 settembre 24 Contract for broad terracotta bricks and of corner-pieces and guaranty for restitution of advance made on previous contract. Text: pretio sumptibus et dapno ipsius conductoris tantum.
o0201080.021b 1422 marzo 31 Authorization to sell marble. Text: solito absque aliquo dapno vel incomodo dicte
o0201080.022d 1422 marzo 31 Notification to the owner of the mill of Ricorboli to have towed at his expense the log rafts left upstream from his weir, which is not provided with passageway for rafts. Text: perderentur, periculo et dapno dicti Betti de
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: quantitatem deficientem sumptibus, dapno et expensis ipsius
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: et promissum sumptibus, dapno et expensis ipsius
o0201083.088vc 1423 settembre 13 Guaranties for guarantor of debtor. Text: Bini conservare sine dapno.
o0202001.129l 1430 settembre 6 Authority to excavate the street of the Campanile. Text: suo preiudicio et dapno possit expensis Opere
o0202001.217c 1434 maggio 15 Cancellation of debt and restitution of a pawn. Text: sue preiudicio et dapno teneatur et debeat
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