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o0201075.034vg 1419 giugno 22 Payment for towloads conveyed. Text: sibi id quod habere restat etc.
o0201081.009c 1422 agosto 7 Order to a warden and the administrator to go to the forest to gather information about a saw for lumber. Text: silvam Opere segam habere pro lignaminibus segandis
o0201076.006e 1419 luglio 19 Release of the scribe of Vaggio da Montecchio arrested for the debts of the latter because his appointment was terminated before the arrest. Text: sindicatus quos dixit habere penes se. Dicta
o0202001.100e 1428/9 gennaio 28 Order to close the residence of Pope Martino in Santa Maria Novella. Text: sine intervallo procurare habere in eorum manibus
o0201070.015vd 1417 aprile 10 Salary set for workforce. Text: singuli habeant et habere debeant infrascripta salaria
o0202001.059vc 1427 maggio 7 Resolution for allocation of funds for payment for written gatherings. Text: solvi et quicquid habere teneretur ad rationem
o0202001.095va 1428 dicembre 23 Sentence regarding a bequest made to the Opera of dotal properties of testator's sister, recognized as property of other legitimate heirs. Text: Stefanus nullum ius habere in dictis bonis
o0202001.165vm 1432 luglio 18 Injunction to the treasurer to give back money withheld. Text: sui asserunt ipsum habere et restare de
o0201074.005va 1418 agosto 6 Salary set for masters. Text: sunt, habeant et habere debeant a dicto
o0201072.026a 1417/8 marzo 10 Payment for supply of lumber. Text: suorum rationum que habere tenetur libras XLIII
o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: suprascripti quemlibet hominem habere quattuor boccas in
o0201070b.004b 1416/7 gennaio 25 Commission to provost and warden consider release of arrested persons from the countryside and foreigners with term of payment and guaranty. Text: tales captos non habere denarios pro solvendo
o0201078.017a 1421 marzo 31 Salary set for hoisting of material with the help of one or two oxen at the hoist of Filippo di ser Brunellesco. Text: tantum habeat et habere debeat pro eius
o0202001.193c 1432 dicembre 9 Regulations for the accountants concerning the value of the florin to be applied to the audit of the accounts of the treasurers. Text: tempore salarium possint habere de pecunia Opere
o0202001.202g 1433 luglio 3 Prohibition to pay to the debt collectors 8 denari per lira on debts contracted less than five years ago. Text: teneantur et debeant habere a prefata Opera
o0201082.015va 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnman for broad bricks. Text: teneantur et debeant habere et recipere a
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: teneantur et debeant habere et recipere a
o0201086.011e 1425 aprile 14 Commission to Ciuffagni of make a marble figure. Text: teneatur et debeat habere a dicto Rosso
o0202001.039vd 1426 agosto 27 Rules for collection and demand of payment for the notary of testaments. Text: teneatur recipere et habere solum et dumtaxat
o0202001.187vg 1432 ottobre 1 Authorization to rent out the house of a debtor. Text: tenebatur et tenetur habere a dicta Opera.
o0202001.022vc 1425/6 febbraio 15 Election of debt collectors with salary set. Text: tenebatur et tenetur habere a quibuscumque personis
o0202001.077c 1427/8 gennaio 22 Term of payment to the Commune of Figline and letter to the Podestà for demand of payment of debtors. Text: tenetur dicte Opere habere ad sex menses
o0202001.077a 1427/8 gennaio 22 Authorization to the administrator to contract out white marble for the external ribs of the great cupola and advance on payment. Text: terminis, videlicet medietatem habere ad per totam
o0202001.041vb 1426 settembre 24 Payment to kilnman. Text: Uberti de Ridolfis habere teneretur a dicto
o0201079.072a 1421 agosto 22 Compensation to messer Benozzo Federighi canon and rector of Santa Cecilia for properties destroyed to make the square of the Signori. Text: ut rector predictus habere restat de pretio
o0201074.028c 1418 novembre 15 Cancellation of the church of Figline from the register of the gabelles of the bishopric of Volterra, where it does not own properties. Text: vallis Else non habere bona nisi in
o0202001.092vi 1428 ottobre 12 Withholding for legal expenditures of part of money allocated for the purchase of house. Text: ventilatum fuerit utrum habere teneatur a dicta
o0201073.014c 1418 giugno 3 Assignment of a house to a canon and inventory of its contents. Text: videbitur quis habet habere denarios expensos in
o0202001.120f 1429/30 gennaio 4 Commission to a warden for the examination of the recompense of the administrator and the master builder for the measurement of the work at Lastra and Malmantile. Text: videtur sibi conveniens habere et participare etiam
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