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o0201070.002e 1416/7 gennaio 4 Public solicitation of payment for the new gabelles and forced loans. Text: solveret gravabitur in here et persona. Et
o0201070.011e 1416/7 marzo 6 Public solicitation of payment of rights due for pardons of forced loans, gabelles, testaments, etc. Text: postea gravabitur in here et persona sine
o0201073b.002c 1418 aprile 13 Obligation to the treasurers and the notaries of the new gabelles and of the forced loans to consign the books not yet audited to the administrator. Text: consignaverit, gravabitur in here et persona etc.
o0201073b.006va 1418 maggio 20 Injunction to present to the treasurer the money received from the Podesteria of Calci for the new gabelles. Text: eorum gravabuntur in here et persona etc.
o0201074.002vb 1418 luglio 6 Term of payment given to all debtors. Text: solverit gravetur in here et persona etc.
o0201075.010va 1418/9 marzo 9 Oath of wardens and term of payment to debtors with proclamation. Text: solverit gravetur in here et persona etc.
o0201075.029f 1419 maggio 29 Term of payment. Text: in persona et here etc.
o0201077.003a 1419 dicembre 30 Proclamation for terms of payment for debts of pardons. Text: ipsorum operariorum in here et persona.
o0201086.022va 1425 giugno 12 Order to the administrator for injunction to the debtors for forced loans for term of payment and their dispatch to debtors' registry. Text: debeant gravari in here et persona; ac
o0202001.009d 1425 settembre 3 Dispatch of the notary of the Opera to Vicopisano for litigation with demand of payment of the adversary for the restitution of the expenditures incurred. Text: prefate Opere in here et persona gravari
o0202001.045vf 1426 novembre 14 Letter to the Podestà of San Gimignano instructing him to dispatch two men to pay and proclaim term of payment for the debtors for legacies, under penalty of demand of payment. Text: elapso termino in here et persona gravabuntur.
o0202001.046a 1426 novembre 23 Prohibition to demand payment of debtors for gabelles on herd livestock. Text: vel molestari in here et persona occaxione
o0202001.047f 1426 dicembre 16 Cancellation of debt for gabelle of herd livestock because of the agreements between the Commune of Florence and that of Legoli. Text: vel molestari in here et persona nec
o0202001.054vg 1427 aprile 2 Release from debt of guarantor with prohibition to demand payment. Text: vel molestari in here et persona occaxione
o0202001.058vd 1427 maggio 7 Obligation to the Commune of San Gimignano to pay the testamentary legacies to the Opera, in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune of Florence. Text: alias gravabuntur in here et persona, mandantes
o0202001.067e 1427 settembre 9 Letters to the Captains of Cortona and of Arezzo for the testamentary legacies and to the notary of the gabelle on contracts of Arezzo and the chancellor of Cortona for the copy of the same. Text: termino gravabitur in here et persona, et
o0202001.118vc 1429 dicembre 12 Precept for summons and term of payment to debt collectors. Text: dicto termino in here et persona eos
o0202001.120e 1429/30 gennaio 4 Letter and term of payment to two (treasurers) for payment of sum collected for the testaments of the Opera, on penalty of demand of payment. Text: alias gravabuntur in here et persona elapso
o0202001.145a 1431 giugno 28 Order of payment to the Alessandri for the garden and shed. Text: erunt gravati in here et persona sine
o0202001.151vl 1431 dicembre 12 Letter with injunction to repair the road by which the lumber is brought from the forest of the Opera. Text: non fecerit, in here et persona gravabitur
o0202001.153a 1431/2 gennaio 11 Letter of injunction to a debtor. Text: alias gravabitur in here et persona. Personaliter
o0202001.173va 1428 luglio 15 Approval of resolution for the construction of a tomb monument in a new chapel to be dedicated to Saint Zenobius. Text: Zanobii vel de here seu de marmore
o0202001.220c 1434 agosto 12 Arrest order following failure to answer summons. Text: ipsorum instantiam pro here et persona; et
o0202001.252b 1436 aprile 16 Precept for the restitution of things removed from Santa Maria Novella on penalty of constraint of the person and possessions of the guilty party. Text: alias gravetur in here et persona ad
o0202001.255vo 1436 luglio 6 Letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to notify the communities and parishes of the Pisan countryside of the debt of 2000 florins due to the Opera. Text: alias erunt in here et persona gravati
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