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o0201070.017b 1417 aprile 26 Rulings in favor of the family of the holder of rights upon a house sold to the Opera to widen the street of Santa Reparata. Text: propterea et predictorum observantia obligaverunt se suosque
o0201076.026a 1419 ottobre 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa for debt for pardons with obligation to pay a percentage to the accountant. Text: etc. obligantes pro observantia omnium suprascriptorum et
o0201078.018vf 1421 aprile 5 Letter to the Captain of Volterra to obtain guaranties for a supply contract. Text: Vulterrarum quod pro observantia conducte quadronum facte
o0201078.023vb 1421 aprile 15 Order to the guardian to consign pawns and accounts to the notary within brief time with guaranty provided by his brother. Text: fecisse tamen pro observantia moris preteriti, deliberaverunt
o0201078.029c 1421 aprile 29 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: quantum satisdet de observantia predictorum.
o0201078.059va 1421 aprile 5 Contract to three stonecutters to quarry stones for the cupola in the Trassinaia quarry. Text: et propterea pro observantia premissorum dicti conductores
o0201078.060va 1421 aprile 9 Contract for broad bricks to a kilnman with advance of part of the payment. Text: nomine recipientem pro observantia predictorum et cuiuslibet
o0201079.026a 1421 settembre 17 Ruling regarding the allocation of funds to be decreed for a supply of lumber with penalty to the supplier if he should not respect the consignment. Text: ad sufficientiam pro observantia eius prefate conducte,
o0201079.026b 1421 settembre 17 Term of payment for forced loans, gabelle on testaments and other causes with release of the arrested debtor. Text: et primo de observantia fideiubendo idonee, relapsetur
o0201079.056c 1421 settembre 11 Contract for hewn revetment stones. Text: remanere; et pro observantia premissorum obligavit dictus
o0201079.058a 1421 ottobre 14 Guaranty for advance on contract for broad terracotta bricks. Text: non pro alia observantia vel alio contento
o0201079.058b 1421 settembre 24 Contract for broad terracotta bricks and of corner-pieces and guaranty for restitution of advance made on previous contract. Text: Item quod ab observantia veteris conducte supra
o0201080.029c 1422 maggio 5 Authorization to the treasurer to pay a kilnman, having received guarantee for the fulfillment of the contract. Text: florenorum trecentorum pro observantia sue conducte, pro
o0201080.056va 1421/2 febbraio 3 Contract for cutting and trimming of chestnut lumber and guaranty. Text: et mandatis pro observantia omnium et singulorum
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: Et debeat de observantia premissorum ipse conductor
o0201080.080b 1421/2 gennaio 16 Guaranty for supply of sand. Text: dicta Opera, de observantia ad plenum omnia
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: Opera recipienti pro observantia et de observantia
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: observantia et de observantia premissorum et dicti
o0201082.009a 1423 marzo 30 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: ydoneum fideiussorem de observantia.
o0201083.088vb 1423 settembre 9 Guaranty for loan to supplier of large chestnut trees for the chain of the cupola. Text: fiendis et pro observantia, Matteus Andree magister
o0202001.156vc 1431/2 marzo 23 Approval of the guarantors of Ghiberti for the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius. Text: Bartoli aurificem pro observantia locationis eidem facte
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