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o0201070.021vc 1417 maggio 21 Subsidy to a chaplain for house rent. Text: pro auxilio solutionis pensionis ser Antonii Iacobi
o0201072.016vd 1417/8 febbraio 1 Revocation of the demand of payment made for a farm and for the rent of a house: unfinished act. Text: unius poderis et pensionis unius domus quinque
o0201073.017c 1418 maggio 13 Rent of a house with shop to a carpenter for three years. Text: trium annorum nomine pensionis dicte domus et
o0201073b.004vb 1418 aprile 29 Sequestration of the rent of a house belonging to a debtor. Text: omnes denarii dicte pensionis, videlicet tempore quo
o0201074.006va 1418 agosto 9 Confirmation of the rulings for the usufruct of a garden and shed with quantification of the sum to be spent for building a wall there and with agreements for the eventual release of that property. Text: set in compensatione pensionis habeatur mutuatio et
o0201074.027vb 1418 novembre 15 Letter to a kilnman with summons for ratification of contract for broad bricks and his guarantee of indemnity to the Opera for the rent of the kiln. Text: indempne a promiss(ione) pens(ionis) furnacium etc. quam
o0201074.047vd 1418 agosto 20 Guaranty for debt for forced loans. Text: de denariis dicte pensionis solvere hinc ad
o0201077.020vb 1419/20 febbraio 21 Authorization to tenant to pay the same rent paid to the previous owner. Text: ad illam rationem pensionis ad quam solvebat
o0201077.052ve 1419 dicembre 29 Payment of half annual rent of a kiln because of loss suffered in the hiring of the same. Text: capit medietas sume pensionis debite pro ipsa
o0201077.075va 1420 giugno 13 Rental of the shop in via dell'Oblazione. Text: confiteri et nomine pensionis solvere quolibet anno
o0201078.056a 1420/1 gennaio 14 Rent of a brick kiln belonging to of the abbey of Settimo for five years. Text: nomine affictus et pensionis libras ottuaginta f.p.;
o0201078.056va 1420/1 gennaio 14 End of rental contract for kiln with a kilnman. Text: officio operariorum occasione pensionis et affictus sibi
o0201078.060va 1421 aprile 9 Contract for broad bricks to a kilnman with advance of part of the payment. Text: sumptibus et expensis pensionis debende tantum dicto
o0201080.020vc 1422 marzo 31 Permission to sublet a shop in order to carry on its activity notwithstanding the illness of the tenant. Text: Iacobus ad solutionem pensionis dicte Opere tenebitur,
o0201080.021c 1422 marzo 31 Repairs to the kilns of Settimo. Text: ad sufficientiam sumptibus pensionis dicto abbati debite
o0201080.022b 1422 marzo 31 New rental of the quarry of Monte Oliveto to assist a (carter) held, nevertheless, to the payment of the rent. Text: ad solutionem debite pensionis secundum consuetum dictus
o0201081.065vh 1422 luglio 7 Payment for rent of quarry. Text: Renucci pro resto pensionis sue cave dicte
o0201086.031a 1424/5 marzo 15 Rent of the shop called Galea to Fra Bernardo master of glass oculi with deadline for inception of work on the stained-glass windows. Text: pensione et nomine pensionis florenorum auri sex;
o0202001.008d 1425 agosto 22 Concession to maestro Giovanni da San Miniato of part of shop next to the house he rents from the Opera. Text: sine aliqua diminutione pensionis domus dicti magistri
o0202001.067b 1427 settembre 9 Authority to wardens to attend to the houses of the canons and chaplains. Text: tam per viam pensionis, quam alio quovis
o0202001.075vg 1427/8 gennaio 8 Rent of house with shop to carpenter. Text: pretio et nomine pensionis florenorum duodecim pro
o0202001.085e 1428 maggio 28 Authority to the administrator to rent out a house it has purchased to its present occupant. Text: quolibet anno nomine pensionis dicte domus, et
o0202001.163d 1432 luglio 2 Injunction to the outgoing treasurer to give back to a kilnman a sum withheld for rent due. Text: posuerit ad computum pensionis dicti Bonifatii pro
o0202001.192vd 1432 dicembre 9 Order to have the new headquarters for the officials of the Opera and covered areas for the stonecutters and lumber made in the garden and shed of the Tedaldi. Text: de amissione dicte pensionis et de destructione
o0202001.219b 1434 luglio 23 Rent of a house and evacuation order to whoever is temporarily occupying it. Text: non obstante tempore pensionis dicti anni; et
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