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o0201073b.004c 1418 aprile 23 Authorization to sell pawns. Text: f.p., tunc non ponatur ad rationem pignorati,
o0201075.011a 1418/9 marzo 9 Term of payment. Text: eius quod solvatur ponatur ad suam rationem
o0201075.026va 1419 maggio 10 Payment of rights to the debt collectors following sale of pawns. Text: Operis; et residuum ponatur ad introitum pignorat(ionis)
o0201075.026vb 1419 maggio 10 Order to the debt collectors to distrain for a value three times that of their rights. Text: dicta pignora venduntur, ponatur pretium ad rationem
o0201075.027vi 1419 maggio 12 Order to affix shield with arms on the exterior wall of the great hall of the Pope's residence. Text: super dicto claustro ponatur scutum cum armis
o0201076.006a 1419 luglio 19 Term of payment for forced loans to new owner of house sold before of the distribution of the debt. Text: dicti Venture et ponatur ad computum dicti
o0201076.015b 1419 settembre 12 Order to an owner to make one or more windows in the house rented to the Opera. Text: id quod expendetur ponatur ad rationem dicti
o0201076.026a 1419 ottobre 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa for debt for pardons with obligation to pay a percentage to the accountant. Text: uni vel pluribus ponatur et mictatur per
o0201077.014b 1419/20 gennaio 31 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle and correction of account entry. Text: partita detrahatur et ponatur ad computum dicti
o0201077.021d 1419/20 febbraio 21 Cancellation of debt and correction of account entry corresponding to pawns sold. Text: scribi non debebat, ponatur creditor dicte Opere
o0201077.037vf 1420 aprile 30 Sale of marble for work on the palace of the Popolo. Text: et me notarium ponatur et describatur pro
o0201077.038va 1420 aprile 30 Contract to new sculptor to complete the figure of Ciuffagni, using the same allocation of funds. Text: magisterii dicti Bernardi ponatur et describatur pro
o0201077.044c 1420 giugno 12 Sale of pawns and measures for the restitution of the profits to the distrained persons. Text: pro dicta causa ponatur per provisorem ad
o0201077.074vb 1420 giugno 3 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone without pebbles with advance on payment. Text: costaret pretio predicto ponatur ad computum dicti
o0201078.003va 1420/1 gennaio 14 Debit to supplier for lumber due from the Commune of San Godenzo for debt and term of consignment to the same Commune. Text: dicti lignaminis et ponatur ipsum recepisse, ita
o0201078.016b 1421 marzo 27 Recovery of the testamentary bequest of Baldassarre Cossa without penalty for the delay. Text: sic ad introytum ponatur et describatur per
o0201078.027vd 1421 aprile 26 Mode of payment of a sum allocated to two suppliers, who have lost at sea a rented gondola loaded with marble. Text: Opere et provisorem ponatur et adsignatur super
o0201078.034b 1421 maggio 30 Authorization to register as income a deposit made as guarantee of the debt of the abbot of Montescalari. Text: deposita mictatur et ponatur ad introytum et
o0201079.002va 1421 luglio 4 Release of arrested debtors on condition that they make deposit and new term of payment. Text: relapsentur; et non ponatur ipsa quantitas ad
o0201079.002va 1421 luglio 4 Release of arrested debtors on condition that they make deposit and new term of payment. Text: producto ad introytum ponatur ipsa quantitas deposita
o0201079.025vd 1421 settembre 15 Ruling to place in church a drum for denunciations to be opened every fifteen days. Text: in ecclesia prelibata ponatur et retineatur unum
o0201079.038b 1421 ottobre 30 Deduction of property gabelle paid in the forced loans in other Commune. Text: prestantiarum eorum et ponatur pro soluta ad
o0201079.040vb 1421 novembre 5 Credit to stonecutter for having paid 4 lumber suppliers. Text: conductoribus, videlicet ..., ponatur et describatur per
o0201079.051vc 1421 dicembre 23 Detraction of sum due to hand carter for transport of stones from the credit of Giovanni of Andrea of Betto. Text: propterea debita et ponatur ad computum dicti
o0201080.006a 1421/2 gennaio 14 Proclamation for (hoisting loads) with the hoist of Brunelleschi. Text: Item quod ponatur ad ianuam dicte
o0201080.007b 1421/2 gennaio 19 Correction of account entry of lumber supplier, which had been erroneously recorded in the account of another supplier. Text: eorum pretium et ponatur et describatur ad
o0201080.010vb 1421/2 febbraio 4 Prohibition to register as income a deposit for debt for livestock gabelle before the month of February is past. Text: ipsa Opera non ponatur ad introytum dicte
o0201080.016c 1421/2 marzo 13 Credit to debtor for pardons of forced loans already paid and term of payment for the balance of the debt. Text: et iam soluta ponatur et scribatur per
o0201080.034va 1422 giugno 10 Reimbursement of the surplus obtained from the sale of pawns to the debtors who have paid and registration of the amount to credit of those who still remain debtors. Text: illud soprapiù pignorum ponatur ad computum debiti
o0201081.015b 1422 settembre 4 Order to the treasurer and the notary to register all the deposits as income. Text: partitis predictis etiam ponatur ad introytum, sed
o0201081.029vc 1422 novembre 24 Order to administrator and master builder to weigh the marble of a supply delivered and to oversee the payment to the bargemen and carters. Text: computum per provisorem ponatur et describatur pro
o0201082.003g 1422/3 febbraio 15 Order to defaulting kilnmen to pay the difference for mortar acquired at higher price. Text: in dicto tempore ponatur ad computum conductorum,
o0201083.005vc 1423 settembre 2 Order to place the statue of a prophet over the portal towards the Servites and revocation of contract for statue with Ciuffagni. Title: Quod profeta ponatur super portam et
o0201083.066vd 1423 agosto 16 Loan to the master builder because of his poverty to be deducted from his salary. Text: quod quolibet mense ponatur ad eius computum
o0201086.012e 1425 aprile 18 Prohibition to demand payment and cancellation of erroneous debt of person. Text: bullettinum in quo ponatur quod non possit
o0202001.008a 1425 agosto 22 Mode of payment for expenditures incurred for the donation of a piece of land. Text: Opere dicta terra ponatur de dictis expensis
o0202001.028ve 1426 aprile 29 Term and conditions for consignment of quarry stone mortar. Text: prefatam Operam mictende ponatur ad computum et
o0202001.035ve 1426 giugno 20 Commission to master builder for various repairs and transferral of marble slab from the high altar to that of Saint Zenobius. Text: cuiusdam sancti, et ponatur penes altare Sancti
o0202001.035ve 1426 giugno 20 Commission to master builder for various repairs and transferral of marble slab from the high altar to that of Saint Zenobius. Text: et loco illius ponatur alia nova de
o0202001.040ve 1426 settembre 12 Prohibition to the masters who work on the cupola to descend more than once a day. Text: et quod unicuique ponatur schonputum, prout videbitur
o0202001.042c 1426 ottobre 25 Salary of the expert in law. Text: Opere per camerarium ponatur Opera pro debitore
o0202001.042vi 1426 ottobre 17 Authority to the administrator and to the master builder for repairs to the roofs of the houses of the canons, of the chaplains and of the clerics. Text: computum eorum salarii ponatur.
o0202001.057va 1427 aprile 9 Prohibition to pay the masters who cheated the Opera long ago in the excavation entrusted to them of the walls of the keep of Castellina. Title: ad ipsorum computum ponatur certa quantitas pecunie
o0202001.065vb 1427 agosto 20 Authorization to moneylender to pay his debt with the Opera through supply of mortar coming from the quarry of a debtor of his. Text: quadraginta, que calcis ponatur ad computum dicti
o0202001.068ve 1427 settembre 25 Order to the administrator to debit to Brunelleschi the value of a rope to be purchased in substitution of another one lent to him. Text: dicti canapis non ponatur donec aliud per
o0202001.076b 1427/8 gennaio 14 Concession to stonecutters to purchase up to 8 towloads of the Opera's lumber with monthly deduction from their wages. Text: unus florenus et ponatur ad eorum computum
o0202001.078g 1427/8 gennaio 29 Debit to the account (of the supplier) for transport of marble paid to the carters. Title: conductus per carradores ponatur ad computum Bertini
o0202001.078g 1427/8 gennaio 29 Debit to the account (of the supplier) for transport of marble paid to the carters. Text: provisor dicte Opere ponatur et ponere teneatur
o0202001.092g 1428 ottobre 1 Order to the administrator to have marble conveyed to the Opera from the Communes of Castelfranco and Empoli at Brunelleschi's expense. Text: et Empuli, et ponatur ad computum prefati
o0202001.092vd 1428 ottobre 12 Tare on pieces of white marble previously refused by the consuls and wardens, to be conveyed to the Opera. Text: computum dicti Bertini ponatur.
o0202001.094d 1428 novembre 18 Sale of pawn: unfinished act. Title: librarum 8 non ponatur ad computum populi
o0202001.098va 1428 dicembre 29 Deadline for supply of broad bricks to kilnman who has ill served the Opera, with prohibition of new contract and discount of the consignment from the advance received. Text: conduceretur et acceptaretur ponatur ad computum sui
o0202001.122vb 1429/30 febbraio 10 Apportionment of debt between two (kilnmen) and deduction of part of the same against supply of broad bricks, including the expenditures for the carters. Text: Opere predictus Cambius ponatur ad computum dicti
o0202001.122vl 1429/30 febbraio 22 Public notice with offer of contract to the lowest bidder for supply of tubs and other cooper's work. Title: Quod ponatur scricta palam pro
o0202001.137a 1430/1 febbraio 7 Correction of the ruling on the chain of the arch. Text: potest fieri nisi ponatur dicta catena inferior
o0202001.137a 1430/1 febbraio 7 Correction of the ruling on the chain of the arch. Text: pro maiori corroboratione ponatur per lineam rectam
o0202001.138d 1430/1 febbraio 27 Conditions of payment of a debtor. Text: et residuum gravamenti ponatur ad computum exactorum
o0202001.140vi 1431 aprile 26 Term set for the repossession of a mantle. Text: ad suum computum ponatur.
o0202001.144d 1431 giugno 20 Restitution of a pawn after the required payment. Text: argento et residuum ponatur ad computum nuntii
o0202001.146c 1431 luglio 13 Authorization to sell the materials coming from the demolition of the jetties in the chiasso Bertinelli. Text: Dominorum, et pecunia ponatur ad introytum Opere
o0202001.146va 1431 luglio 13 Proclamation of competition for the manufacture of a cornice of red marble. Text: servandis deliberaverunt quod ponatur una scricta palam
o0202001.147g 1431 agosto 16 Restitution of pawn wrongfully exacted. Text: testamento; et expensa ponatur ad computum nuntii,
o0202001.151vm 1431 dicembre 12 Sale of pawn. Text: tenetur Opere, et ponatur pretium dicti lentiaminis
o0202001.155c 1431/2 febbraio 22 Proclamation of competition for the model of the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius. Text: eiusdem effectus: una ponatur et affigatur porte
o0202001.162h 1432 giugno 17 Order to return iron supplied for the chains which has been found to be defective. Text: non bonum, et ponatur ad computum prefati
o0202001.166vd 1432 luglio 30 Reduction of the rights due to the debt collectors for having distrained a guarantor for a fraction of the debt. Text: quod Bastianus Buoni ponatur per provisorem Opere
o0202001.177a 1430/1 gennaio 23 Destruction of the model of the church except for the armature of the cupola. Text: integra elevetur et ponatur in loco tuto
o0202001.196h 1432/3 marzo 23 Price fixed for mortar with order to put the extra cost at the expense of defaulting suppliers. Text: quolibet modio; et ponatur illud plus ad
o0202001.208c 1433 dicembre 2 Order of demand of payment for the carters who must convey marble, who will be paid at the expense of the suppliers when transport has been effected. Text: ad eorum computum ponatur dictum stantiamentum; et
o0202001.209b 1433/4 gennaio 9 Announcement of competition for the supply of stones for the base of the lantern. Text: quod eorum parte ponatur una scripta in
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. Text: dicta venditione fienda ponatur, facta dicta emptione
o0202001.210b 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term to a kilnman for the consignment of mortar. Text: dicte Opere, et ponatur pretium ipsius calcis
o0202001.213e 1434 aprile 5 Nomination of persons to travel to the quarry of Campiglia to test the marble. Text: viginti quinque et ponatur debitor Opere, donec
o0202001.219vf 1434 agosto 6 Announcement of competition for the supply of slabs for the cupola. Title: Quod ponatur scripta de faciendo
o0202001.230e 1435 aprile 11 Order to utilize for the base of the lantern a stone slab previously supplied for organ loft. Text: dicto perghamo, et ponatur ad computum conductoris
o0202001.230l 1435 aprile 22 Acceptance of pieces of marble that had been refused for their color and hiring of the supplier as stonecutter. Text: eo existentem, et ponatur ad suum computum
o0202001.232b 1435 aprile 27 Order to put a statue on the front facade of the Duomo and another on the facade of the bell tower. Title: facie anteriori ecclesie ponatur et figura Donatelli
o0202001.234vh 1435 maggio 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Empoli and letter with request of imposition of a duty to finance repayment of the debt. Text: in dicto Communi ponatur unum (datium) infra
o0202001.234vh 1435 maggio 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Empoli and letter with request of imposition of a duty to finance repayment of the debt. Text: otto dies non ponatur datium, scribatur Potestati
o0202001.254ve 1436 giugno 15 Term of payment to the Commune of Castelfranco of the lower Valdarno and imposition of duty regarding the debt. Text: et in quantum ponatur per homines dicti
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