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o0201070.003vb 1416/7 gennaio 14 Release of an arrested person and new deadline for the debts of the Commune of Romena. Text: Vernaccia fideiubeat et promictat solvere hinc ad
o0201070b.002b 1416/7 gennaio 7 Term of payment for debt for herd livestock gabelle with promise of guaranty. Text: dummodo dictus Leonardus promictat solvere infra dictum
o0201072.017e 1417/8 febbraio 1 Release of arrested person, payment deadline and corresponding guaranty. Text: captus relapsetur dummodo promictat solvere libras tredecim
o0201072.026vb 1417/8 marzo 17 Release of arrested person and payment deadline for debt. Text: Prati relapsetur dummodo promictat ambaxiator de solvendo
o0201072.041a 1418 aprile 7 Release of an arrested person with agreement that he return pawns, and promise of restitution of the remainder. Text: vel alius successor promictat de residuo usque
o0201073.007vc 1418 aprile 29 Obligation to sell the stones extracted from a private quarry to the Opera, and tax imposed upon the owner for the use of the road. Text: quo dictus Niccolaus promictat sic facere, ipse
o0201073.014ve 1418 giugno 14 Loan of cloth hangings to the archbishop of Pisa. Text: introitu etc., dummodo promictat et satisdet de
o0201073.024vb 1418 giugno 30 Term of payment for forced loans. Text: florenos duodecim auri, promictat dictam pensionem Operi;
o0201073.024vc 1418 giugno 30 Term of payment for a property gabelle. Text: cimator, et etiam promictat ipse cimator de
o0201073.024vc 1418 giugno 30 Term of payment for a property gabelle. Text: tres florenos auri promictat solvere pro eis
o0201073.025b 1418 giugno 30 Announcement of competition for supply of corbels. Text: propterea fienda, dummodo promictat ipsos bene facere
o0201073b.003vc 1418 aprile 20 Letter to the Podestà of Sesto to have livestock which was distrained for debt returned. Text: Gerozus de Castiglionchio promictat etc. Dicta die
o0201074.005a 1418 agosto 4 Authorization to contract out broad bricks. Text: eos etc., dummodo promictat non laborare aliquid
o0201074.018vb 1418 settembre 6 Permission to a master to work outside the Opera with penalty if he does not return by the established term. Text: proxime futuri, dummodo promictat de revertendo ad
o0201074.030ve 1418 dicembre 8 Release of person arrested for forced loans and payment deadline. Text: dictis prestantiis et promictat de solvendo quibuslibet
o0201075.006d 1418/9 febbraio 4 Term of payment. Text: Franciscus Romoli rigatterius promictat de solvendo dicto
o0201075.027vc 1419 maggio 12 Restitution of pawn. Text: pensionarius domus gravate promictat pensionem etc.
o0201075.028a 1419 maggio 12 Term of payment with restitution of pawn. Text: exactoribus, dummodo ipse promictat de solvendo infra
o0201075.031ve 1419 giugno 2 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: laborator bonorum eorum promictat de solvendo dicto
o0201076.009vf 1419 agosto 11 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle. Text: pensionarius sue domus promictat de pensione dicte
o0201076.019b 1419 ottobre 10 Term of payment for debt, with promise of settlement on the part of the laborer of the debtor's properties. Text: laborator suorum bonorum promictat solvere dicto tempore
o0201076.021d 1419 ottobre 21 Restitution of pawn for unwarranted demand of payment of forced loans. Text: camerarius dicti Operis promictat de solvendo dictis
o0201076.029vc 1419 novembre 10 Election of debt collector. Text: consuetis etc., dummodo promictat, iuret et satisdet
o0201077.001vb 1419 dicembre 29 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: quantum ipse Datus promictat et per fideiussorem
o0201077.002vd 1419 dicembre 30 Term of payment for debt. Text: solvendo dicte Opere promictat et satisdet et
o0201077.008b 1419/20 gennaio 16 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for property gabelle and restitution of pawn. Text: predictus eius gener promictat et se obliget
o0201077.008c 1419/20 gennaio 18 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle with restitution of pawn. Text: ydoneus pro eo promictat et se obliget
o0201077.019vc 1419/20 febbraio 13 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle with concession of right of recourse. Text: dummodo ipse Bonus promictat et se obliget;
o0201077.028e 1419/20 marzo 21 Sale of pawns with term of payment and guaranty. Text: de sic solvendo promictat et satisdet per
o0201077.042c 1420 maggio 22 Term of payment for debt for pardons of forced loans with restitution of pawn. Text: solvendo et observando promictat et ydonee satisdet
o0201078.002vb 1420/1 gennaio 9 Release of arrested person for debt for forced loans because of his poverty and new term of payment. Text: alius pro eo promictat et satisdet de
o0201078.010vb 1420/1 marzo 3 Term of payment for forced loans and release of the arrested debtor. Text: de residuo solvendo promictat et satisdet per
o0201078.015vc 1420/1 marzo 19 Request to kilnman to maintain his promise for the supply of mortar and to provide guarantors to be approved by the administrator. Text: dicta sua conducta promictat et caveat per
o0201078.021vb 1421 aprile 8 Term of payment for debt subject to guaranty. Text: de Florentia spetiarius promictat et fideiubeat pro
o0201078.023vd 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the administrator to promise to the creditors the extinction of a debt of a lumber supplier, with guaranty in the presence of the notary to supply lumber in the amount concerned. Text: dicta Opera recipientem promictat et caveat quod
o0201078.031e 1421 maggio 24 Release of guarantor arrested for debt for herd livestock gabelle and new term of payment. Text: suus pro eo promictat et caveat de
o0201079.006vc 1421 luglio 16 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa with banker's guarantee and letter to the Podestà for release of citizens and summons for 2 others. Text: pro ipso Communi promictat Miccael del Bene
o0201081.033d 1422 dicembre 15 Promise of the guarantor to present himself at the Stinche prison as substitute or to pay for the arrested guardian of the pawns. Text: Marci Tomasii Bartoli promictat mihi notario infrascripto
o0202001.023b 1425/6 febbraio 28 Loan of a tomb-sized slab to be returned within six months under penalty of compensation of its value. Text: in casu quo promictat restituere unam similem
o0202001.024b 1425/6 marzo 12 Term of payment given to debtors. Text: pensionarius dictorum heredum promictat dictam pensionem dicte
o0202001.068va 1427 settembre 23 Authorization to cut lumber in the forest, letter to the guard of the forest and permit to stonecutter to work outside the Opera and return. Text: seu eius commissari promictat incidi et extrahi
o0202001.076e 1427/8 gennaio 14 Term of payment to the parish of Santa Croce of the Commune of Dicomano. Text: novo fideiubeat et promictat dictis temporibus predicta
o0202001.086vb 1428 luglio 2 Assignment of house to the chaplain of the cardinal of San Marcello, upon promise of fixed residence. Text: et in quantum promictat dictis operariis facere
o0202001.088h 1428 luglio 20 Term of payment to the Commune of Montecatini. Text: Catino fideiubeat et promictat de solvendo dictis
o0202001.111i 1429 agosto 20 Renewal of rental to doctor in law of house already granted to canon. Text: prefatus dominus Iohannes promictat, elapso dicto tempore,
o0202001.111ve 1429 agosto 20 Term of payment given to a debtor. Text: quo eius actor promictat et fideiubeat de
o0202001.116va 1429 novembre 4 Term of payment for debt to the Podesteria of Chiusi. Text: camerarius dicte Potestarie promictat dictas quantitates dictis
o0202001.130a 1430 settembre 15 Advance on the wages of a stonecutter given to his mother. Text: prefata domina Mea promictat Opere conservare ipsam
o0202001.151f 1431 novembre 28 Term of payment to the heirs of a canon for house and cope taxes. Text: quantum prefatus Romisius promictat et obliget se
o0202001.198vf 1433 giugno 9 Loan of money to restore wall of the shed of the Tedaldi. Text: quantum dictus Tedaldus promictat facere dicto tempore
o0202001.204c 1433 agosto 3 Loan of timbers with term for restitution and commitment to keep them whole. Text: quo provisor salis promictat Opere de restituendo
o0202001.220e 1434 agosto 14 Conditional release of an arrested person. Text: Silvestri ser Ristori promictat dicte Opere de
o0202001.228vd 1434/5 marzo 15 Term of payment to the parish of San Giovanni in Petroio. Text: quantum Iohannes Miniati promictat solvere primam pagham
o0202001.228ve 1434/5 marzo 15 Loan of money derived from certificates with term for restitution. Text: et in quantum promictat ipsos restituere dicte
o0202001.239f 1435 agosto 12 Letter to (worker) to have seven logs purchased for the Sapienza transported from the forest. Text: faciat pecunias seu promictat quod ipsis conductis
o0202001.246vg 1435/6 gennaio 11 Authorization to have a person arrested for the Commune of Carmignano released on the condition that one of the wardens answer for him. Text: Zenobius eorum consocius promictat de representando eum
o0202001.251vb 1435/6 marzo 22 Letter to the podestàs of the countryside for the lumber of the Opera to be transported with that of the Sea Consuls up to the Giustizia gate of Florence. Text: quantum dictus Manninus promictat de consignando Opere
o0202001.255f 1436 giugno 22 Loan of large candles to the confraternity of Saint Zenobius for the feast of Saint John. Text: cum hoc quod promictat restituere Opere dictos
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