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o0101004.094a 1431/2 marzo Draft of contract to Ghiberti for the Saint Zenobius tomb monument. lavoranti
o0101004.095a 1431/2 marzo Draft of contract to Ghiberti for the Saint Zenobius tomb monument. lavoranti
o0201070.006e 1416/7 febbraio 9 Revocation of the usage of giving wine to the workforce on Shrove Thursday and carnival and prohibition to work on these two days. lavoranti
o0201070.006f 1416/7 febbraio 11 Reinstatement of the use of giving wine to the workers on the eve of Shrove Thursday and carnival. lavoranti
o0201074.026f 1418 ottobre 27 Obligation to the workforces employed during the winter to work in the summer as well. lavoranti
o0201076.022b 1419 ottobre 24 Ruling for the cornice of corbels commissioned together with the corbels for the third tribune and new contract for early consignment. lavoranti
o0201077.046va 1420 giugno 28 Authorization to register a full day's work of the workforce for the day of the closing of the cupola of the third tribune. lavoranti
o0201078.019d 1421 aprile 5 Authorization to pay and advance sums of money to the workers in accordance with the indications of the administrator. lavoranti
o0201078.020b 1421 aprile 7 Letter to the Commune of Castagno for trimming and towage of the lumber cut in the forest and letter to the Podestà of Dicomano instructing him to inform the (workers). (lavoranti)
o0201078.023vc 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the treasurer to pay all those that work for the Opera whenever ordered to do so by administrator. lavoranti
o0201082.002d 1422/3 gennaio 18 Order to not work in the Trassinaia quarry without authorization. lavoranti
o0201083.008d 1423 ottobre 5 Dismissal of workers from the Trassinaia quarry because of rain. lavoranti
o0201086.001ve 1424/5 gennaio 12 Letter to the administrator of Lastra with temporary prohibition to build. lavoranti
o0201086.009a 1425 aprile 3 Letter to the Podestà of Gangalandi instructing him to order two masters in disagreement to elect an arbitrator to make compromise and another letter with exemption of demand of payment for the workers of Lastra and Malmantile. lavoranti
o0201086.019vb 1425 maggio 31 Prohibition to the personnel to have themselves pulled up by the hoist outside the walls of the cupola and the chapels under penalty of loss of 15 days' salary. lavoranti
o0201086.041d 1424/5 gennaio 24 Salary of the scribe of the daily wages. lavoranti
o0202001.100vb 1428/9 gennaio 28 Authorization to register the daily wages of workers employed on the houses of the priests and canons. lavoranti
o0202001.111f 1429 agosto 4 Authorization to the scribe to register the work days of masters and workers employed (outside the Opera) by order of the wardens. lavoranti
o0202001.223c 1434 ottobre 22 Registration of the daily wages of those who went to Campiglia for marble. lavoranti
o0204008.016a 1417/8 marzo 10 Payment for petty expenses. lavoranti
o0204013.095vd 1435 aprile 8 Payment for petty expenses. lavoranti
o0204013.101f 1435 giugno 17 Payment for various expenditures. lavoranti
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