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o0202001.145ve 1431 luglio 11 Copy of the order slip of the Signori with the order to clear out the street where the jetties have been demolished. provveditore
o0201082.015va 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnman for broad bricks. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. provveditore
o0201082.019b 1423 giugno 2 Correction and reduction of supply contract with kilnman. provveditore
o0201080.007b 1421/2 gennaio 19 Correction of account entry of lumber supplier, which had been erroneously recorded in the account of another supplier. provveditore
o0202001.009vh 1425 settembre 20 Correction of account for supply of oak wood for corner-pieces of the chestnut chain for the main cupola. provveditore
o0202001.161i 1432 maggio 28 Correction of an entry for allocation of funds occurring twice. provveditore
o0201081.003c 1422 luglio 3 Correction of description of debtor for consignment of lumber with cancellation of half of the debt. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0201080.016c 1421/2 marzo 13 Credit to debtor for pardons of forced loans already paid and term of payment for the balance of the debt. provveditore
o0202001.147e 1431 agosto 16 Credit to debtors for mortar supplied. provveditore
o0201080.006c 1421/2 gennaio 14 Credit to (sculptor) for ornament to be mounted over the portal towards the Servites. provveditore
o0201079.040vb 1421 novembre 5 Credit to stonecutter for having paid 4 lumber suppliers. provveditore
o0201078.003e 1420/1 gennaio 9 Debit of the cost of marble transport to the suppliers. provveditore
o0202001.192e 1432 dicembre 9 Debit to a blacksmith for firings lost through his fault. provveditore
o0204004.014vn 1432 dicembre 9 Debit to a blacksmith for firings lost through his fault. provveditore
o0202001.033e 1426 maggio 17 Debit to supplier of marble of the travel expenditures borne for workers sent to mark marble at the quarry. provveditore
o0202001.078g 1427/8 gennaio 29 Debit to the account (of the supplier) for transport of marble paid to the carters. provveditore
o0202001.193d 1432 dicembre 9 Declaration of debt for two ex treasurers. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0202001.149a 1431 settembre 27 Declaration of the names of the debtors and of the sums owed regarding a big credit of the Opera for the pardons of forced loans of the Alberti. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0202001.194vd 1432 dicembre 30 Declaration of the price of paving made under the vault of the bell tower and order of payment. provveditore
o0201080.028b 1422 aprile 29 Declaration on partial suitability of the marble conveyed for the cornices of the main cupola and tare on the agreed price. provveditore
o0202001.213d 1434 aprile 5 Demand of payment from a carpenter for nonpayment of rent. provveditore
o0202001.189vg 1432 ottobre 30 Demand of payment from debtors. provveditore
o0201080.030c 1422 maggio 12 Demand of payment of debtors with the exception of those with valid extensions or rulings concerning testaments and new term of payment. provveditore
o0202001.106ve 1429 maggio 18 Destruction of part of house of (canon) and new assignment to another (canon). provveditore
o0201078.034e 1421 maggio 30 Detraction from the debt of a second-hand dealer for the purchase of pawns from the Opera in the amount due him for the appraisal of the same. provveditore
o0202001.223f 1434 ottobre 22 Detraction of a debt from salary. provveditore
o0201086.005b 1424/5 febbraio 27 Dismissal of debt collector with order to give back payment demanded for testament. provveditore
o0204004.019vh 1433 marzo 31 Dismissal of five unskilled workers. provveditore
o0204004.035vd 1434 aprile 13 Dismissal of masters and new hiring. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0201080.031vb 1422 maggio 20 Dismissal of the administrator and nomination of his successor. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0201080.031vb 1422 maggio 20 Dismissal of the administrator and nomination of his successor. Simone di Francesco da Filicaia - provveditore
o0202001.215va 1434 aprile 22 Dismissal of the administrator and of the messengers, unless they impose a demand of payment. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0201073.012c 1418 giugno 1 Dismissals of the salaried persons elected by the wardens whose appointment has elapsed and injunction to give back books and keys. provveditore
o0202001.239vl 1435 agosto 23 Dispatch of four stonecutters to Pisa for the construction of the Parlascio gate with advance of expenditures for each. provveditore
o0202001.050a 1426/7 gennaio 28 Dispatch of master to the kiln of Settimo to count broad bricks and loan to kilnman against new supply of large broad bricks. provveditore
o0202001.039ve 1426 agosto 27 Dispatch of old hardware from Lastra and Malmantile to the Opera and its inventorying. provveditore
o0202001.140vb 1431 aprile 18 Dispatch of stonecutters for work on the castle of Castellina; letter to the administrator to solicit work. provveditore
o0202001.091g 1428 agosto 31 Dispatch of the administrator to Campi to count broad bricks and examine their quality and arrange for tare if necessary. provveditore
o0202001.009d 1425 settembre 3 Dispatch of the notary of the Opera to Vicopisano for litigation with demand of payment of the adversary for the restitution of the expenditures incurred. provveditore
o0201080.020vb 1422 marzo 31 Distribution of kids for Easter. provveditore
o0101004.094a 1431/2 marzo Draft of contract to Ghiberti for the Saint Zenobius tomb monument. provveditore
o0202001.022vf 1425/6 febbraio 18 Drawing of experts for the appraisal of a statue. provveditore
o0202001.047vc 1426 dicembre 16 Election and relative confirmation of the administrator, the scribe and the master builder. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0201081.022va 1422 ottobre 6 Election as guard of the forest of the son of the guard. Simone di Francesco da Filicaia - provveditore
o0202001.024vb 1425/6 marzo 18 Election of a master stonecutter. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0202001.086l 1428 luglio 2 Election of appraisers for the statue of Saint Stephen, protector of the Wool Guild. provveditore
o0202001.204a 1433 luglio 31 Election of debt collector and letter to the rectors of the countryside prohibiting demand of payment in the places struck by wars. provveditore
o0202001.022vc 1425/6 febbraio 15 Election of debt collectors with salary set. provveditore
o0202001.023c 1425/6 febbraio 28 Election of master stonecutters with salary set for the winter. Bernardo - provveditore
o0204011.034b 1425/6 marzo 21 Election of masters and unskilled workers for Trassinaia. provveditore
o0202001.217m 1434 giugno 1 Election of messengers. provveditore
o0201075.021a 1419 aprile 22 Election of the accountant, cancellation of debt for property gabelle and conviction of the notary of the new gabelles for payments not registered. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201075.011vd 1418/9 marzo 13 Election of the accountant. provveditore
o0202001.163vb 1432 luglio 5 Election of the administrator as guardian and treasurer of the pawns. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0204004.005a 1432 luglio (5) Election of the administrator as treasurer of the pawns. Bernardo Donati - provveditore
o0202001.021h 1425/6 gennaio 29 Election of the administrator, master builder and scribe of the daily wages. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0202001.017vh 1425 dicembre 10 Election of the administrator, the master builder and the scribe. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - provveditore
o0201078.008vb 1420/1 febbraio 7 Election of the guardian of the pawns. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0204011.032f 1425/6 febbraio 15 Election of two messengers. provveditore
o0202001.213h 1434 aprile 10 Exchange of the bell from the Verrucola with the baptismal parish of Campoli. provveditore
o0202001.145vb 1431 luglio 11 Execution of the order of the Signori to clear out the demolished jetties from the chiasso Bertinelli. provveditore
o0201079.003c 1421 luglio 4 Extension of term of payment to debtor with surety of the guarantor. provveditore
o0202001.191vd 1432 dicembre 3 Extinction of demand of payment and new procedure of notification of debt for the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. provveditore
o0202001.078f 1427/8 gennaio 29 Fine of two carters for failed transport of marble and different use of the advance received. provveditore
o0201080.057vc 1422 maggio 15 Five-year contract for rafting and transport of lumber cut and trimmed in the forest of the Opera, with guaranty. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201076.020vc 1419 ottobre 21 Gift of geese for All Saints. provveditore
o0201070b.049b 1416/7 gennaio 8 Guaranty by bankers for the Commune of Pisa, the Opera's debtor for pardons. Francesco Mannelli - provveditore
o0201079.085b 1421 agosto 27 Guaranty for a debt collector. provveditore
o0201078.063va 1421 giugno 5 Guaranty for contract for broad bricks. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0201077.085a 1420 marzo 29 Guaranty for debt for forced loans. provveditore
o0201070b.057a 1417 marzo 31 Guaranty for debt for new gabelles of the parishes of San Piero Gattolini and San Felice in Piazza outside the city walls. Francesco Mannelli - (provveditore)
o0201080.082e 1421/2 marzo 24 Guaranty for debt for property gabelle of the parish of San Niccolò a Corna. provveditore
o0201078.085vb 1421 aprile 18 Guaranty for promise to repay money with supply of lumber. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0201086.071vb 1425 aprile 13 Guaranty for restitution of rope received in loan. provveditore
o0201070b.058f 1417 maggio 5 Guaranty for unspecified debt guaranteed with the interest payments of the public debt. Francesco Mannelli - provveditore
o0204004.013vd 1432 novembre 13 Hiring of a stonecutter and order to set his salary. provveditore
o0204004.013ve 1432 novembre 13 Hiring of a stonecutter and order to set his salary. provveditore
o0201086.016a 1425 maggio 16 Hiring of blacksmith and setting of his salary. provveditore
o0202001.072vd 1427 novembre 26 Hiring of blacksmith. provveditore
o0202001.107vb 1429 giugno 1 Hiring of master. provveditore
o0202001.112c 1429 agosto 31 Hiring of master. provveditore
o0202001.190f 1432 novembre 13 Hiring of stonecutter with salary to be set. provveditore
o0204009.001a 1421 settembre 1 Incipit of the administrator's notebook of allocations of funds. Paolo di Soldo Soldini - provveditore
o0204009.001a 1421 settembre 1 Incipit of the administrator's notebook of allocations of funds. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0801002.093vf 1435 dicembre 29 Individual account for polishing of stones. provveditore
o0801002.094va 1435 dicembre 29 Individual account with no indication of motive. provveditore
o0202001.064f 1427 agosto 5 Injunction and term of payment to debtors inscribed in the book of the administrator. provveditore
o0202001.075vh 1427/8 gennaio 8 Injunction for debt collector with term for consignment of the pawns. provveditore
o0202001.188d 1432 ottobre 3 Injunction for redemption of pawns. provveditore
o0202001.116vi 1429 novembre 15 Injunction of distrained persons for the redemption of their pawns with arrangments for sale after the term is elapsed. provveditore
o0204011.007vd 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, in fault for not have made a passageway for rafts, to pay the cost incurred for the services of a hauler of lumber. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201072.025vc 1417/8 marzo 8 Injunction to present the books with credits of the Opera to the administrator. provveditore
o0201075.005e 1418/9 gennaio 27 Injunction to the gabelle treasurers to present their books to the administrator for auditing. provveditore
o0202001.161b 1432 maggio 28 Injunction to the holders of the Opera's lumber to consign it by a term to be established. provveditore
o0201075.018a 1419 aprile 10 Injunction to the scribe of the new gabelles to consign the notebook with the documents pertaining to the Opera, under penalty of incarceration. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201070.008va 1416/7 febbraio 25 Inspection of the sale of lumber. provveditore
o0202001.127f 1430 maggio 11 Leasehold of the Trassinaia quarry from the Alessandri for needs of the cupola. provveditore
o0202001.145d 1431 luglio 4 Letter for proclamation for bids to supply and saw lumber. provveditore
o0201085.003vb 1424 novembre 22 Letter of summons to the administrator of Pisa for audit of accounts. provveditore
o0204011.018l 1424 novembre 22 Letter of summons to the administrator of the Six of Arezzo for audit of accounts. provveditore
o0202001.203a 1433 luglio 13 Letter to a lumber supplier and term for consignment. provveditore
o0204004.026vm 1433 settembre 1 Letter to a (stonecutter) for his return from Pisa. provveditore
o0201077.030vb 1420 aprile 1 Letter to lumber suppliers to solicit consignment. provveditore
o0201070b.018ve 1417 aprile 28 Letter to Podestà, rectors and officials of the countryside and district to demand payment of all those indicated by the administrator. provveditore
o0201077.010a 1419/20 gennaio 19 Letter to the Captain of Pisa regarding deposit of sums of money and term of summons for agreement. Antonio Mazzetti - provveditore
o0201077.011c 1419/20 gennaio 26 Letter to the Captain of Pisa regarding the compromise agreement reached for a debt guaranteed by deposit. provveditore
o0204004.021c 1433 maggio 15 Letter to the guard of the forest to confirm cutting of firs. provveditore
o0204011.034d 1425/6 marzo 23 Letter to the master of glass windows for two oculi that he has to make for the Opera, under penalty of demand of payment of the persons standing surety for him. provveditore
o0202001.238d 1435 luglio 29 Letter to the Podestà of Empoli for the arrest of a debt collector. provveditore
o0202001.077vc 1427/8 febbraio 5 Letter to the Podestà of Gangalandi and Signa for injunction and arrest of arbitrators until the resolution of the litigation for which they have been elected. provveditore
o0202001.072va 1427 novembre 18 Letter to the Podestà of Montelupo and Gangalandi instructing him to enjoin the representatives of a controversy. provveditore
o0201073.011b 1418 maggio 24 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa in order that he make the debtors for purchase of gabelles pay. provveditore
o0202001.206g 1433 ottobre 9 Letter to the rectors of the Pisan countryside for recovery of hardware and bells from the castles laid waste. provveditore
o0202001.017vb 1425 novembre 23 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa about the testaments. provveditore
o0202001.032a 1426 giugno 17 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa for the election of a notary of the contracts office; letter to the Captain of Pisa for proclamation for the resolution of contracts; letters to the notaries of Pisa and Florence and to the treasurer of Pisa about regulations to be observed. provveditore
o0201078.019a 1421 aprile 5 Letter to the Ten of Pisa about tributes imposed by the Podestà on the debtors of the city. provveditore
o0204011.022vl 1425 aprile 14 Letter with term for consignment for material had in loan, under penalty of registration as debtor of the Wool Guild. Paolo Soldini - provveditore
o0202001.241l 1435 settembre 20 Letters to various recipients in Pisa for a rope and demand for payment of sum of the Opera's money owed by the firm of Bernardo of Uguccione. provveditore
o0204011.022vb 1425 aprile 3 Loan of a rope to private person. Bernardo d'Amerigo - provveditore
o0201074.010e 1418 agosto 23 Loan of a rope. provveditore
o0201086.013va 1425 aprile 20 Loan of a rope. provveditore
o0204011.024a 1425 aprile 20 Loan of a rope. Bernardo d'Amerigo - provveditore
o0202001.237e 1435 luglio 5 Loan of a rope. provveditore
o0202001.023b 1425/6 febbraio 28 Loan of a tomb-sized slab to be returned within six months under penalty of compensation of its value. Bernardo Donati - provveditore
o0202001.128va 1430 giugno 16 Loan of a winch to the friars of Fiesole. provveditore
o0202001.223vd 1434 novembre 5 Loan of certificates of interest payments of public debt. Gualterotto Riccialbani - provveditore
o0204011.025d 1425 maggio 28 Loan of cloth hangings to the Corpus Christi confraternity of Prato. provveditore
o0201081.011vb 1422 agosto 14 Loan of cloth hangings to the Stinche prison. provveditore
o0201085.007vf 1424 dicembre 20 Loan of cloth hangings. provveditore
o0204011.019ve 1424 dicembre 20 Loan of cloth hangings. provveditore
o0202001.165vn 1432 luglio 18 Loan of cord. provveditore
o0202001.255f 1436 giugno 22 Loan of large candles to the confraternity of Saint Zenobius for the feast of Saint John. provveditore
o0202001.198vd 1433 maggio 22 Loan of lumber to the confraternity of Santo Spirito. provveditore
o0202001.228ve 1434/5 marzo 15 Loan of money derived from certificates with term for restitution. provveditore
o0202001.198vf 1433 giugno 9 Loan of money to restore wall of the shed of the Tedaldi. Bartolomeo d'Agnolo Ciai - provveditore
o0202001.056va 1427 aprile 8 Loan of objects and injunction to masters and unskilled workers to assist Ciuffagni. provveditore
o0201081.036vb 1422 dicembre 30 Loan of old lumber to the holiday officials of the confraternity of the Magi. provveditore
o0202001.256a 1436 luglio 24 Loan of rope to the communities of Colle val d'Elsa and permit to masters to travel there to help to hoist some bells. provveditore
o0201080.015c 1421/2 marzo 11 Loan of the key of the great hall of the Pope in Santa Maria Novella to the general of the Dominican friars. provveditore
o0202001.214va 1434 aprile 13 Loan of timbers for the Easter celebrations to the confraternity of Santo Spirito. provveditore
o0202001.204c 1433 agosto 3 Loan of timbers with term for restitution and commitment to keep them whole. provveditore
o0202001.036c 1426 giugno 28 Loan of tomb-sized slab to be returned by deadline, on penalty of payment of its value. provveditore
o0202001.203vi 1433 luglio 31 Loan to the brothers of Santa Croce of a chest to hoist weights. provveditore
o0204004.022vq 1433 giugno 15 Measures for balance of supply of stones. provveditore
o0202001.008a 1425 agosto 22 Mode of payment for expenditures incurred for the donation of a piece of land. provveditore
o0201078.027vd 1421 aprile 26 Mode of payment of a sum allocated to two suppliers, who have lost at sea a rented gondola loaded with marble. provveditore
o0201073.007a 1418 aprile 23 New contract for the balance of a supply of broad bricks and tare for material of inferior quality already delivered. Simone da Filicaia - provveditore
o0202001.105vc 1429 aprile 15 New contract with ox driver, with grant of loan to be deducted from his monthly salary. provveditore
o0202001.085vc 1428 giugno 4 New term for consignment to kilnman for supply of mortar, with threat of demand of payment. provveditore
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