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o0201072.018a 1417/8 febbraio 10 Payment for the purchase of red wine. scalpellatori
o0201077.027vb 1419/20 marzo 19 Prohibition to workers to work outside the Opera without permit. scalpellatori
o0201077.029e 1420 marzo 27 Authorization to two stonecutters to work outside the Opera. scalpellatori
o0201077.031e 1420 aprile 3 Authorization to count Holy Thursday and Saturday as working days. scalpellatori
o0201077.031vd 1420 aprile 12 Salary set for workers for the summer and the winter. scalpellatori
o0201077.033vc 1420 aprile 12 Prohibition to masters to work outside the Opera in the summer because of the urgent need to complete work on the third tribune. scalpellatori
o0201077.036vc 1420 aprile 24 Order not to pay the days not worked by workers who abstained from work without just cause. scalpellatori
o0201077.037c 1420 aprile 24 Salary set for the summer for masters, some of whom employed at the palace of the Signori. scalpellatori
o0201078.058va 1420/1 febbraio 19 Rent of the hill of Vincigliata for three years, except two shops. scalpellatori
o0201079.027c 1421 settembre 17 Admission to the rolls and registration of the daily wages of stonecutters and stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0201079.051va 1421 dicembre 23 Registration of the day's wage of masters and stonecutters for work at the Trassinaia quarry. scalpellatori
o0201079.092b 1421 dicembre 23 Payment for petty expenses. scalpellatori
o0201082.002c 1422/3 gennaio 18 Reduction of the number of the workers. scalpellatori
o0201083.009c 1423 ottobre 20 Election of stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0201086.004b 1424/5 febbraio 12 Registration of the daily wages of master stonecutter. scalpellatori
o0201086.009vb 1425 aprile 3 Registration of the daily wages of master stonecutter. scalpellatori
o0202001.004b 1425 luglio 30 Order to rent the Trassinaia quarry, except the part reserved by the owners, and compensation of damages made there. scalpellatori
o0202001.011vd 1425 ottobre 12 Authorization to the administrator to reduce the salary fixed for the stonecutters by 2 soldi per lira. scalpellatori
o0202001.018a 1425 dicembre 10 Election of stonecutter. scalpellatori
o0202001.021a 1425/6 gennaio 25 Election of stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0202001.027d 1426 aprile 15 Hiring of stonecutter for Trassinaia. scalpellatori
o0202001.052c 1426/7 febbraio 28 Authorization to wardens to elect stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0202001.054a 1426/7 marzo 12 Prohibition to the stonecutters to descend from the cupola more than once a day, under penalty of dismissal. scalpellatori
o0202001.056vb 1427 aprile 8 Registration of (stonecutter) in the book of the scribe with salary to be determined. scalpellatori
o0202001.059vd 1427 maggio 7 Election of master stonecutters for Trassinaia. scalpellatori
o0202001.061ve 1427 giugno 17 Permit to to work in the Opera to stonecutters and permission to work outside the Opera for three days. scalpellatori
o0202001.064c 1427 agosto 5 Authorization to the (scribe) for the registration of the work days of the stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0202001.064vd 1427 agosto 5 Registration of the days worked by stonecutter. scalpellatori
o0202001.069h 1427 ottobre 16 Election of stonecutter for the winter. scalpellatori
o0202001.069vl 1427 ottobre 20 Election of stonecutter for the winter. scalpellatori
o0202001.074d 1427 dicembre 19 Authorization to two wardens to elect a master each. scalpellatori
o0202001.092ve 1428 ottobre 12 Election of two stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0202001.094va 1428 novembre 23 Hiring of masters with salary set. scalpellatori
o0202001.133f 1430 ottobre 5 Rent of a garden with stable and shed to the notary of the Opera. scalpellatori
o0202001.164vb 1432 aprile 14 Election of stonecutters. scalpellatori
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. scalpellatori
o0204004.015c 1432 dicembre 9 Choice of the shed of the Alessandri and formerly of the Tedaldi as headquarters of the workforce and officials and authorization to make the wardens' audience hall and the administrator's and notary's office there. scalpellatori
o0204004.036m 1434 aprile 22 Remittance of money obtained from the sale of iron from Campiglia. scalpellatori
o0204009.080d 1423/4 febbraio 24 Payment for petty expenses. scalpellatori
o0204009.086a 1424 novembre 7 Payment for petty expenses. scalpellatori
o0204011.012vd 1423 giugno 18 Salary set for the stonecutters in Trassinaia. scalpellatori
o0204011.014o 1423 ottobre 20 Election of stonecutters for work on the external ribs. scalpellatori
o0204013.074a 1434 aprile 30 Payment for petty expenses. scalpellatori
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