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Settimo, fornace



o0201074.005a 1418 agosto 4 Authorization to contract out broad bricks.
o0201074.027vb 1418 novembre 15 Letter to a kilnman with summons for ratification of contract for broad bricks and his guarantee of indemnity to the Opera for the rent of the kiln.
o0201078.056va 1420/1 gennaio 14 End of rental contract for kiln with a kilnman.
o0201078.057a 1420/1 gennaio 14 Reinstatement of the terms of a previous rental for a kiln granted by the Opera to a kilnman.
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty.
o0201082.012a 1423 aprile 23 Cancellation of old contract for broad bricks for the cupola with price set for those already made and fired and new contract.
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen.
o0201082.015b 1423 aprile 28 Authorization to correct and reduce contract for broad bricks.
o0201082.072vc 1423 aprile 28 Payment to kilnmen for supply of broad bricks.
o0201083.068d 1423 agosto 27 Payment for supply of broad bricks.
o0201084.044a 1423/4 marzo 13 Payment to kilnman for the purchase of broad terracotta bricks.
o0202001.066a 1427 settembre 11 Arbitration between the abbey of Settimo and its kilnman tenant for reimbursement to the latter of expenditures for repairs.
o0202001.068a 1427 settembre 19 Contract to the abbot of Settimo for 45.000 small broad bricks to be made in his kiln.
o0202001.201va 1433 giugno 27 Dispatch of four unskilled workers to take broad bricks out of the kiln at Settimo.
o0204008.089a 1419 dicembre 29 Payment for rent of the kiln of Settimo in compensation for the delay caused to kilnmen in fulfilling their contract for square bricks.
o0204009.062vd 1423 aprile 28 Payment to kilnman for transport of broad bricks.
o0204009.062ve 1423 aprile 28 Payment to kilnman for supply of broad bricks.
o0204009.068b 1423 agosto 27 Payment for supply of square bricks.
o0204009.068c 1423 agosto 27 Payment for transport of square bricks.
o0204012.022vd 1426 luglio 6 Payment for various expenditures.
o0204012.122f 1429/30 gennaio 21 Payment to kilnman.
o0204013.051a 1433 aprile 18 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.053va 1433 aprile 20 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.059a 1433 luglio 2 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.060a 1433 luglio 17 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.061a 1433 agosto 11 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.085a 1434 settembre 25 Payment for petty expenses.
o0801001.062vc 1434 ottobre 30 Account of the messenger for petty expenses.
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