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Popolo e Comune di Firenze



o0201070.010a 1416/7 marzo 2 Rulings for collection of rights owed by the treasurers of the salt and wine gabelles.
o0201074.002a 1418 luglio 1 Incipit with the wardens in office during the semester.
o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune.
o0201075.006vc 1418/9 febbraio 6 Term of payment for all debtors and their dispatch to the debtors' registry.
o0201075.046va 1418/9 marzo 17 Payment for paintings of arms and other paintings for Santa Maria Novella.
o0201075.051vg 1419 giugno 22 Salary of part of a day worked by masters at the loggia dei Signori.
o0201076.027vb 1419 novembre 7 Election of the accountant for the accounts of the treasurers of the gabelle on contracts of the Commune of Florence with salary set.
o0201077.003a 1419 dicembre 30 Proclamation for terms of payment for debts of pardons.
o0201077.035a 1420 aprile 19 Evaluation of advice and new measures for the 6 denari per lira due for pardons.
o0201079.004a 1421 luglio 4 Permission to the master builder to oversee the work of the roof of the square of the Signori with order to report the expenditures incurred.
o0201080.010b 1421/2 gennaio 29 Term of payment to the inhabitants of the suburbs of Arezzo for debt for gabelle on persons.
o0201080.024c 1422 aprile 20 Cancellation of debt for exemption of milling gabelle to the Commune of Ciggiano and to that of Oliveto.
o0201080.032ve 1422 giugno 3 Prohibition to the treasurer of the forced loans to collect the 6 denari per lira for pardons of forced loans for the Opera.
o0201081.025vd 1422 ottobre 16 Order to the administrator to have the verses called for by the captains of Orsanmichele in honor of the Popolo inscribed in the Pope's residence.
o0201084.003vb 1423/4 gennaio 27 Prohibition to demand payment from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, because it is a charitable institution, and to demand payment of, arrest and distrain its personnel.
o0201086.025va 1425 giugno 28 Term of payment by order of the Signori for the construction in the chiasso dei Buoi.
o0201086.043c 1424/5 gennaio 29 Payment for the purchase of house in partial compensation for damages to the rector of Santa Cecilia.
o0201086.086a 1425 marzo 26 Arrest for debt for forced loans.
o0201086.086vd 1425 maggio 5 Arrest of heir of debtor.
o0201086.087a 1425 maggio 11 Arrest of debtor for pardons of forced loans.
o0201086.087va 1425 maggio 22 Arrest of debtor.
o0201086.087vb 1425 maggio 22 Arrest for debt for property gabelle and pardons of forced loans.
o0202001.002c 1425 luglio 3 Term of payment to various persons for construction done at the Opera's expense to their advantage in the chiasso dei Buoi.
o0202001.012h 1425 ottobre 31 Credit to the Commune of Cerreto of sum paid twice and restitution of deposit.
o0202001.027vd 1426 aprile 21 Authority to wardens for the work at Lastra and Malmantile; sentence and fine of defaulting master; acquittal and new contract for the work.
o0202001.034va 1426 giugno 7 Declaration in favor of the treasurer of the salt gabelle for having paid the amount due to the Opera in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune.
o0202001.056a 1427 aprile 4 Release of arrested persons.
o0202001.074f 1427 dicembre 23 Audit of the accounts of the treasurers of the forced loans.
o0202001.077f 1427/8 gennaio 22 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa.
o0202001.078vg 1427/8 febbraio 24 Acquittal in favor of San Gimignano in the dispute over testamentary legacies.
o0202001.087b 1428 luglio 2 Order to the administrator to keep note of the material salvaged from the destruction of the houses near the church of San Simone.
o0202001.098f 1428 dicembre 29 Order to return ironwork taken from one of the houses destroyed at San Simone.
o0202001.111vb 1429 agosto 20 Order to the master builder to attend to the upkeep of the Florentine Studio in accordance with communal legislation.
o0202001.113ve 1429 ottobre 10 Order to remodel the Florentine Studio without exceeding the sum foreseen.
o0202001.129a 1430 settembre 6 Oath of wardens.
o0202001.136vb 1430/1 gennaio 26 Order to build the altar of Saint Zenobius and commission for a model of it.
o0202001.145vb 1431 luglio 11 Execution of the order of the Signori to clear out the demolished jetties from the chiasso Bertinelli.
o0202001.145ve 1431 luglio 11 Copy of the order slip of the Signori with the order to clear out the street where the jetties have been demolished.
o0202001.163vf 1432 luglio 9 Release of arrested person because not heir of a testamentary debt.
o0202001.166c 1432 luglio 18 Authority to the wardens to cancel debts for forced loans, with restitution of pawns.
o0202001.191vc 1432 dicembre 3 Restitution of pawn to the holder of a house obtained through the officials of the Commune from a rebel and debtor of the Opera.
o0202001.203d 1433 luglio 13 Funeral honors for the Captain of the Commune of Florence: unfinished act.
o0202001.203va 1433 luglio 21 Authorization to release the prior of the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala.
o0202001.203ve 1433 luglio 21 Election of the lawyer of the Opera as consultant for a litigation with the hospital of the Scala.
o0202001.204vb 1433 agosto 13 Request of pardon for a master of stained glass windows who could work on the glass oculi of the cupola and of the church.
o0202001.255vo 1436 luglio 6 Letter to the rectors of the countryside instructing them to notify the communities and parishes of the Pisan countryside of the debt of 2000 florins due to the Opera.
o0204004.008a 1432 agosto 23 Order to the administrator to give the officials of La Verna a piece of marble from which to carve a coat of arms.
o0204012.066a 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066b 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066c 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066d 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066e 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066f 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066g 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066h 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066va 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
o0204012.066vb 1427 dicembre 23 Payment of the prebend to canon.
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