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o0201077.021vd 1419/20 febbraio 23 Approval of previous resolution for the purchase of a house from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Text: fide et solepni diligentia processerunt, licet solemnitas
o0201077.034a 1420 aprile 16 Election of the supervisors of the cupola with salary set and election of master masons. Text: praticatum et cum diligentia discussum et super
o0201077.034va 1420 aprile 16 Authorization to buy a house. Text: confixi de legalitate, diligentia atque prudentia ipsorum
o0201077.038vb 1420 aprile 30 Revocation of election and new appointment of messengers with salary and indemnity for attending to the affairs of the cupola. Text: habeant et cum diligentia actendant, revocando electiones
o0201077.044vf 1420 giugno 15 Election of supervisors of the forest to repair the damages caused in it by lack of surveillance. Text: et non cum diligentia circa illa provisum
o0201078.023b 1421 aprile 15 Election of the new notary of testaments. Text: devenire, confixi in diligentia ac solertia ser
o0201078.028vd 1421 aprile 29 Extension of two months to the accountants for the commission entrusted to them. Text: perfecta, et intellecta diligentia ac solertia eorumdem,
o0201079.017c 1421 agosto 20 Deduction from supply contract for deterioration of broad earthen bricks. Text: ut asseruerunt cum diligentia informati de deterioramento
o0201079.017e 1421 agosto 20 Authorization to the 4 cupola officials to hire workers for the cupola, set their salary and attend to the provision of oak and bars for sandstone blocks as needed for the work. Text: Item confixi in diligentia, solertia atque prudentia
o0201079.018b 1421 agosto 22 Authorization to the administrator to stipulate a new contract for broad terracotta bricks and to revoke the old one. Text: Item confixi in diligentia et legalitate Pauli
o0201079.023e 1421 settembre 5 Authority to the 4 cupola officials for the purchase of chestnut lumber for the chains. Text: de prudentia et diligentia infrascriptorum officialium deliberaverunt
o0201079.026vb 1421 settembre 17 Authorization to the provost with one of the wardens to set and allocate the amount the suppliers must reimburse to the stonecutter sent to the forest to solicit them. Text: ministretur confixi in diligentia infrascriptorum deliberaverunt quod
o0201079.038vd 1421 ottobre 31 Reduction of debt with term of payment to Ciuffagni for statue of prophet left unfinished and subsequently commissioned to Donatello and Giovanni of Bartolo. Text: ipso casu cum diligentia pluries examinato et
o0201080.005vb 1421/2 gennaio 14 Commission to master builder and administrator to contract out lumber for the roofs of the chapels. Text: de prudentia ac diligentia provisoris et caputmagistri
o0201081.005d 1422 luglio 17 Election of commission to decide about possible damages suffered by the Opera for supply of broad bricks unsuitable for quality and size. Text: confisi etiam in diligentia eorumdem, premisso et
o0201081.022va 1422 ottobre 6 Election as guard of the forest of the son of the guard. Text: narrante de solertia, diligentia atque legalitate Pieri
o0201081.022vc 1422 ottobre 6 Commission to the administrator to contract out lumber. Text: possit, confixi in diligentia provisoris dicte Opere
o0201081.032a 1422 dicembre 9 Contract for supply of lumber. Text: cum solertia et diligentia se habuit et
o0201081.036vd 1422 dicembre 30 Re-election of two messengers confirmed in their appointment for diligence and loyalty and setting of their salaries. Text: fideliter et cum diligentia se gesserunt, providerunt
o0201086.019a 1425 maggio 22 Confirmation of contract made from the Ten of Pisa to carpenters for the doors of Malmantile. Text: dictas portas cum diligentia ad usum boni
o0202001.027vd 1426 aprile 21 Authority to wardens for the work at Lastra and Malmantile; sentence and fine of defaulting master; acquittal and new contract for the work. Text: deberent cum omni diligentia et solicitudine perfici
o0202001.097ve 1428 dicembre 10 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano instructing him to identify and enjoin whoever has cut small fir trees and issue proclamation for the price to be paid in the future. Text: quod cum omni diligentia perscructetur de nominibus
o0202001.122e 1429/30 febbraio 10 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa instructing him to detain a Pisan notary debtor until he presents a guarantor. Text: quod cum omni diligentia tenetur habere penes
o0202001.238vl 1435 agosto 12 Election of the master builder of the Parlascio wallworks in Pisa and letters to various persons regarding times and supplies of materials, contracting of the work and payment. Text: prefatum ut cum diligentia se gerat circa
o0202001.251vh 1436 aprile 3 Orders of arrest and entrusting of arrested persons to the rector of Florence. Text: Opere procurent omni diligentia capi facere Pierum
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