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o0201074.050vc 1418 settembre 17 Promise to respect the terms of a supply of red marble with guaranty. Text: hec presente et petente dicto Laurentio etc.
o0201078.023c 1421 aprile 15 Extension of term of payment for debt. Text: de prorogatione termini petente, servatis servandis ut
o0201078.045a 1421 giugno 26 Confirmation of house assigned to a canon required to make repairs at his expense. Text: dicto domino Dino petente iterum dicta concessio
o0201079.017vc 1421 agosto 20 Concession of right of recourse in favor of one who has paid the debts for the parish of the baptismal parish of San Stagio a Acone. Text: restare habere et petente sibi regressum concedi
o0201079.043va 1421 novembre 21 Credit of the quota of rent of a quarry of black marble against the sum owed by the same owner for pardons of forced loans. Text: intellecto dicto Bertoldo petente sibi satisfieri pro
o0201079.052vb 1421 dicembre 23 Term of payment for balance of gabelles in part cancelled on grounds of penury to the Commune of Cortona and letter to the Priors of the city of Cortona for collection of the debt. Text: speciali gratia fieri petente et affirmante et
o0201081.028b 1422 novembre 13 Renunciation of the contract for hoisting loads up onto the cupola on the part of the contractor. Text: cum suis bobus petente a promissione et
o0201086.016a 1425 maggio 16 Hiring of blacksmith and setting of his salary. Text: 1425, et hec petente et consentiente dicto
o0201086.016b 1425 maggio 16 Renewal of hiring of carpenter and setting of his salary for the winter and the summer. Text: et hec presente, petente, confirmante et emologante
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: hec presente et petente et confirmante predicta
o0201086.019a 1425 maggio 22 Confirmation of contract made from the Ten of Pisa to carpenters for the doors of Malmantile. Text: Et hec presente, petente et confirmante Micho
o0202001.008d 1425 agosto 22 Concession to maestro Giovanni da San Miniato of part of shop next to the house he rents from the Opera. Text: et predicta omnia petente sibi concedi gratia
o0202001.019d 1425 dicembre 24 Term of payment. Text: omnia sic fieri petente.
o0202001.028ve 1426 aprile 29 Term and conditions for consignment of quarry stone mortar. Text: hoc presente et petente dicto Laurentio.
o0202001.037g 1426 luglio 24 Partition of work because of litigation between masters at the castle of Malmantile. Text: Ambroxeo Leonardi et petente predicta fieri et
o0202001.049ve 1426/7 gennaio 28 Pricing of lumber in the presence of an emissary of the Commune of Castagno. Text: ratificante, confirmante et petente.
o0202001.050va 1426/7 gennaio 31 Term of payment to debtor and to the guarantor. Text: predicta omnia fieri petente et confirmante.
o0202001.107d 1429 giugno 1 Sale of study from demolished house. Text: et predicta fieri petente et donante dicte
o0202001.113vh 1429 ottobre 6 Authorization to the administrator to settle the account of the work at the castle of Malmantile according to the report of the arbitrators. Text: approbante et fieri petente in presentia prefatorum
o0202001.116c 1429 novembre 4 Authorization to pay master for work done at Malmantile, granting him the completion of the work. Text: ac etiam fieri petente et presentibus testibus
o0202001.200vm 1433 giugno 18 Confirmation of rent of house for five years. Text: et predicta omnia petente et confirmante, presentibus
o0202001.223vb 1434 novembre 5 Term of payment to a debtor. Text: et predicta fieri petente dicto Adovardo et
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