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o0201070.014vb 1417 aprile 6 Order to take stones exclusively from the quarry of the Opera. Text: Item quod precipiatur omnibus et singulis
o0201070.015f 1417 aprile 10 Prohibition to play games on the square of Santa Maria Nepotecosa. Text: etc., deliberaverunt quod precipiatur Andree campanario quod
o0201070.017b 1417 aprile 26 Rulings in favor of the family of the holder of rights upon a house sold to the Opera to widen the street of Santa Reparata. Text: et quod eisdem precipiatur et mandetur quatenus
o0201070.017va 1417 aprile 28 Term for the evacuation of a house assigned to a canon. Text: collegis, deliberaverunt quod precipiatur quibuscumque habitantibus in
o0201070b.017vd 1417 aprile 16 Order to notary to register income entries with penalty and notification of the debt collectors who are going to demand payment outside the city. Text: Item quod precipiatur ser Niccolao Tinuccii
o0201072.014ve 1417/8 gennaio 19 Term of payment for debt with recourse clause. Text: et deliberaverunt quod precipiatur illis quibus ipse
o0201072.018c 1417/8 febbraio 10 Collection of the payment for a tomb monument. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur heredibus Benintendi Nuccii
o0201072.025vc 1417/8 marzo 8 Injunction to present the books with credits of the Opera to the administrator. Text: operarii deliberaverunt quod precipiatur omnibus camerariis qui
o0201073.007vd 1418 aprile 29 Assignment of house to the cantors and order to the previous occupant to evacuate. Text: eorum habitatione; et precipiatur illis qui ad
o0201073b.006va 1418 maggio 20 Injunction to present to the treasurer the money received from the Podesteria of Calci for the new gabelles. Text: deliberaverunt etc. quod precipiatur scribano sive provisori
o0201073b.007a 1418 maggio 20 Injunction to pay directly to the Opera the money due to a debtor for the new gabelles of the Podesteria of Calci. Text: Ridolfi, et sibi precipiatur quod non solvat
o0201074.009vc 1418 agosto 19 Term for the sale of the houses where the Opera wishes to build the lodgings of the canons. Text: sive cappellanorum; et precipiatur eis quod veniant
o0201074.017b 1418 settembre 2 Injunction to the canons and the sacristan not to lend chasubles nor other objects of the sacristy. Text: Item quod precipiatur canonicis et sacriste
o0201075.005e 1418/9 gennaio 27 Injunction to the gabelle treasurers to present their books to the administrator for auditing. Text: Item quod precipiatur omnibus et singulis
o0201075.008e 1418/9 febbraio 11 Denial of right of recourse to carpenter under penalty of imprisonment. Text: Tano Bartolomei lignaiuolo precipiatur quod procedat ultra
o0201075.012va 1418/9 marzo 17 Letter to the Podestà of Scarperia regarding agreement between that Commune and the its guarantor. Text: simul in concordia, precipiatur uni ex dicto
o0201075.026vc 1419 maggio 10 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans with possibility of refusal of inheritance. Text: pro prestantiis autem precipiatur sibi quod solvat
o0201075.035vc 1419 giugno 26 Order to confiscate grain of debtor tenant farmer and restitution of pawn. Text: sex frumenti, et precipiatur sibi quod per
o0201076.015a 1419 settembre 12 Order to kilnman to suspend delivery of broad bricks for the main cupola. Text: in ipsis faceret, precipiatur sibi Pardo quod
o0201076.032e 1419 novembre 28 Injunction to pay a debt. Text: Bartolomei de Panciaticis precipiatur pro parte dictorum
o0201084.006vc 1423/4 febbraio 18 Order to suppliers to consign mortar. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur conductoribus calcine quatenus
o0201084.007b 1423/4 febbraio 23 Order to workers to work in the Trassinaia quarry. Text: et quod eisdem precipiatur per nuptium dicte
o0201086.022d 1425 giugno 8 Confiscation of the harvest of a debtor's farm. Text: et quod eidem precipiatur et mandetur quatenus
o0201086.022e 1425 giugno 8 Confiscation of money from treasurer of the Tower office. Text: expectantes et eidem precipiatur dictam pecuniam teneat
o0202001.002b 1425 luglio 3 Order to the administrator to enjoin, with term for restitution, those who hold things belonging to the Opera and oath of two wardens. Text: per dictos nuntios precipiatur eis iterum quod
o0202001.002vc 1425 luglio 3 Precept to the masters of Gangalandi to build walls and doors at the castles of Lastra and Malmantile. Text: forma deliberaverunt quod precipiatur Bernardo Santis, Niccolao
o0202001.006a 1425 agosto 7 Demand of payment and prohibition to free the guarantors of the masters of Lastra and letter to the Podestà of Gangalandi so that they do not continue building without the consent of the wardens. Text: quem fuerunt recommendati precipiatur quod eos non
o0202001.015c 1425 novembre 21 Precept to master of the walls for the completion of the work on castle of Lastra. Text: Lastre et Malmantilis precipiatur ex ipsorum parte
o0202001.026b 1425/6 marzo 21 Report on supply of white marble and term for consignment of debtors' registry. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur et mandetur ex
o0202001.026b 1425/6 marzo 21 Report on supply of white marble and term for consignment of debtors' registry. Text: etiam eidem Antonio precipiatur quod infra dictum
o0202001.031e 1426 aprile 30 New appointment for the completion of the registry (of the debtors) of the Opera and dismissal of the person previously appointed. Text: quod eidem Antonio precipiatur quod consignet dicte
o0202001.036vc 1426 luglio 11 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa for supply of white marble, injunction of supplier and summons of the notary of testaments. Text: pro predictis exequendis precipiatur Bertino de Septignano
o0202001.045vd 1426 novembre 6 Term to guarantors of master glazier to induce him to complete the work commissioned or give back sum anticipated for the same. Text: per provisorem Opere precipiatur fideiussoribus fratris Bernardini
o0202001.063va 1427 luglio 14 Injunction to carters to convey marble from Pisa and advance on payment to the same. Text: operarii deliberaverunt quod precipiatur omnibus et singulis
o0202001.064b 1427 agosto 5 Injunction to (kilnmen) with term for consignment of small broad bricks as in previous contracts. Text: forma deliberaverunt quod precipiatur Gherardo Bernardi Canneri
o0202001.075vh 1427/8 gennaio 8 Injunction for debt collector with term for consignment of the pawns. Text: per eorum provisorem precipiatur Guelfo Iohannis exactori
o0202001.077vb 1427/8 febbraio 5 Injunction to kilnmen for supply of kiln loads of mortar for the great cupola. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur fornaciariis prefate Opere
o0202001.090vh 1428 agosto 31 Injunction to kilnman regarding the dispatch of mortar full of stones with threat of demand of payment of the guarantor for the advance received. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur eorum parte Silvestro
o0202001.093c 1428 ottobre 25 Injunction of accountants for the audit of the records of the treasurer of the forced loans. Text: Item deliberaverunt quod precipiatur rationeriis deputatis ad
o0202001.161vh 1432 giugno 13 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano to organize the removal and the transport of lumber from the forest and for three summons. Text: Ac etiam quod precipiatur Nofrio Ghuccii de
o0202001.212vc 1433/4 marzo 24 Assignment of a house to a chorister and order of evacuation for whoever is occupying it. Text: ecclesie; et quod precipiatur et mandetur illis
o0202001.235a 1435 maggio 27 Letter to the vicar of San Miniato for summons of recipients of precepts and prohibition to another person served with notice to leave Florence without permission. Text: ser Antonio Gherardi precipiatur quod non recedat
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