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o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: annum, videlicet in principio anni, et facta
o0201075.015vc 1419 aprile 3 Term of payment for debt for forced loans and property gabelle with deduction of gabelle erroneously paid twice. Text: ac si a principio solvisset pro dictis
o0201075.015vc 1419 aprile 3 Term of payment for debt for forced loans and property gabelle with deduction of gabelle erroneously paid twice. Text: gabella, si a principio solvisset, non habuisset
o0201076.017d 1419 settembre 20 Letter to the Priors of Pisa to order those Pisan citizens who have returned to their city to come back to Florence, according to the conditions agreed upon. Text: ratiocinati fuerunt in principio huius mensis cum
o0201077.034a 1420 aprile 16 Election of the supervisors of the cupola with salary set and election of master masons. Text: hedificari faciendum a principio usque ad finem
o0201078.057b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Purchase of broad bricks for the main cupola extended over six years with specification of the agreements of the contract. Text: supra stipulanti in principio dicte conducte et
o0201078.060va 1421 aprile 9 Contract for broad bricks to a kilnman with advance of part of the payment. Text: anni, videlicet in principio, quos florenos ipse
o0201079.052vb 1421 dicembre 23 Term of payment for balance of gabelles in part cancelled on grounds of penury to the Commune of Cortona and letter to the Priors of the city of Cortona for collection of the debt. Text: prout fuit a principio inpositionis deliberatum et
o0201080.026b 1422 aprile 24 Authorization to the administrator to contract out the transport of log rafts from the port of Dicomano to that of San Francesco. Text: qua supra in principio presentis fit mentio
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: qua supra in principio fit mentio, quam
o0201081.013b 1422 agosto 26 Cancellation of balance of debt for pardons of forced loans. Text: qua supra in principio fit mentio, prout
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: tradi facere in principio tempore dicte conducte
o0202001.170vb 1425/6 febbraio 4 Order to follow in the continuation of the work on the cupola the report prepared by four experts on commission of all the responsible officials, whose text is quoted in full and approved, while reserving full authority to the wardens and cupola officials. Text: si lasciò di principio solo per non
o0202001.061vg 1427 giugno 21 Contract for mortar with advance on payment to be deducted on consignment. Text: qualibet cotta a principio fienda tertiam partem
o0202001.072e 1427 novembre 10 Authorization to the administrator to contract out mortar with concession of advance. Text: et debeat in principio dicte locationis libras
o0202001.117va 1429 novembre 18 Term of payment given to a debtor. Text: quolibet anno in principio anni infra quindecim
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. Text: prout alias a principio ut dictum est
o0202001.179va 1434 agosto 12 Evaluation of the priorities in the work to be executed after the closing of the cupola: first preparations for use of the new part of the church and construction of the lantern, and only later construction of the new chapels and covering of the tribune. Text: et tantummodo vacare principio et perfectioni lanterne,
o0202001.237ve 1435 luglio 6 Obligation to the administrator and the notary of the Opera to notify the treasurers of the regulations of the Opera and transmit to the wardens and the foreign officer of the (Wool) Guild the names of the treasurers who fail to observe such regulations. Text: et debeant in principio cuiuslibet camerarii Opere
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