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o0201070b.025h 1417 giugno 22 Term of payment for debt for new gabelles to the Podesteria of Laiatico; letter to the Podestà for restitution of expenditures made for the Commune and cancellation of debt already paid. Text: et etiam sibi provideri faciat pro tempore
o0201072.025va 1417/8 marzo 3 Authority granted temporarily to two wardens except for pardons. Text: fiendis non possit provideri quia primo habentes
o0201077.027vc 1419/20 marzo 19 Order to purchase twenty tree-trunks for a tribune. Text: expedit de lignaminibus provideri deliberaverunt quod per
o0201077.042a 1420 maggio 22 Renewal of rent of a quarry to extract stones for the main cupola. Text: opportunis de lapidibus provideri, et qualiter comodum
o0201077.042va 1420 maggio 29 Prohibition to masters to absent themselves or dedicate themselves to other work without permission, before the completion of the tribune. Text: expedit pluribus magistris provideri et continuo ipsi
o0201078.007b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Authorization to the administrator to contract out supply of mortar for five years. Text: ad ipsam Operam provideri et qualiter prout
o0201078.008a 1420/1 gennaio 31 Authorization to cut up an irregular marble slab. Text: est et necessarium provideri super infrascripto deliberaverunt
o0201078.008bisb 1420/1 febbraio 12 Authorization to the administrator and the master builder to hire 12 stonecutters to finish the marble cornice of the cupola. Text: maiori numero scarpellatorum provideri quam ad presens
o0201078.008vb 1420/1 febbraio 7 Election of the guardian of the pawns. Text: gubernatione ipsorum pignorum provideri, servatis servandis ut
o0201078.010b 1420/1 marzo 3 Oath of a warden and letter to the Ten Supervisors of Pisa for the shipping of marble for the closing of the third tribune. Text: conducenti facient discrete provideri.
o0201078.010va 1420/1 marzo 3 Authorization to the treasurer to pay a quarrier. Text: et utile est provideri per modum inferius
o0201078.019b 1421 aprile 5 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa instructing him to inform the Ten about tributes imposed on the Commune of San Piero in Grado. Text: sibi facient discrete provideri.
o0201078.027a 1421 aprile 26 Authorization to the administrator to contract out further supply of broad bricks for the main cupola, because a greater number is needed. Text: expedit maiori numero provideri, servatis servandis ut
o0201078.027c 1421 aprile 26 Assignment to canon of house previously assigned to chaplains. Text: et aliud expedit provideri, et intellecto etiam
o0201078.027vb 1421 aprile 26 Valuation of a figure of marble. Text: de sua mercede provideri, ipsam figuram extimaverunt
o0201078.039vd 1421 giugno 10 Search for blacksmith and iron in the Florentine countryside and in Casentino to build the chains of the main cupola. Text: fabrica grossi ferri provideri, deliberaverunt quod perquiratur
o0201078.044vc 1421 giugno 26 Letter to iron masters for conferral of contract for supply of iron bars to tie together the sandstone blocks of the main cupola. Text: dictum ferrum conducatur provideri et ut melius
o0201078.057b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Purchase of broad bricks for the main cupola extended over six years with specification of the agreements of the contract. Text: maxima quatronum quantitate provideri, emerunt pro dicta
o0201079.005a 1421 luglio 10 Suspension of the deduction of 4 denari per lira retroactively imposed on a contract that was already granted. Text: ut contra illud provideri possit quantum ad
o0201079.005ve 1421 luglio 10 Election of a messenger for six months for notifications to debtors, his salary and commission. Text: expedit de nuntio provideri, et informati de
o0201079.010ve 1421 agosto 8 Letter to the Ten supervisors of Pisa to charge their administrator with making a list of all the contractors of gabelles and other income and of the notary of the court from when the city of Pisa was made subject to the Commune of Florence and to transmit the document. Text: eius labore discrete provideri.
o0201079.027a 1421 settembre 17 Summons with penalty for masons who do not want to work. Text: necessarium est propterea provideri, servatis servandis ut
o0201079.042vd 1421 novembre 17 Revocation of the appointment given to the administrator to receive and annotate the lumber arrived at the port of San Francesco and conferral of the appointment to Jacopo of Sandro. Text: et utile infrascripta provideri, ipsam deliberationem revocaverunt
o0201079.045b 1421 novembre 26 Letters to the Ten supervisors of Pisa, the podestàs and the Captain instructing them seek help in conveying marble, if necessary, from suppliers and bankers in Pisa. Text: de marmore conducendo provideri et propterea conductoribus
o0201079.047a 1421 dicembre 3 Commission to the administrator to contract out sand for building for five years. Text: muramento dicte ecclesie provideri, deliberaverunt atque commiserunt
o0201080.003vc 1421/2 gennaio 9 Demand of payment to the debtors of the Florentine countryside. Text: debitoribus eiusdem infrascripta provideri deliberaverunt quod omnes
o0201080.005vb 1421/2 gennaio 14 Commission to master builder and administrator to contract out lumber for the roofs of the chapels. Text: de lignaminibus habendis provideri pro coperiendo tecta
o0201080.010b 1421/2 gennaio 29 Term of payment to the inhabitants of the suburbs of Arezzo for debt for gabelle on persons. Text: cortinarum postulantibus infrascripta provideri, providerunt, deliberaverunt et
o0201080.017b 1421/2 marzo 13 Exemption for dotal properties. Text: in forma tali provideri quod minime de
o0201080.017va 1421/2 marzo 13 Rulings for reduction of the weight of the cupola through narrowing of the corner piers and change to brick construction. Text: et de novo provideri super hiis primo
o0201081.011e 1422 agosto 14 Commission to two wardens to contract out broad terracotta bricks. Text: cupola maiori huiusmodi provideri et ut levius
o0201081.012va 1422 agosto 26 Appraisal of pawn wrongfully requisitioned with debit to the debt collector, under penalty of dismissal from office. Text: volentes indepnitati ipsius provideri solum et dumtaxat
o0201081.015d 1422 settembre 4 Order to the debt collectors to go out to the countryside to demand payment of the debtors. Text: est de pecuniis provideri, deliberaverunt quod exactores
o0201081.017ve 1422 settembre 12 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for forced loans and pardons for previous dotal rights. Text: in forma tali provideri quod de cetero
o0201081.031va 1422 dicembre 2 Renunciation of appointment of administrator for personal reasons. Text: in antea faciat provideri, quibus omnibus ipsi
o0202001.189va 1432 ottobre 30 Order to have models prepared of the closing of the cupola and of the lantern. Text: hoc ut possit provideri rebus necessariis dicti
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