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o0201070.014va 1417 aprile 6 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa concerning rights upon houses bought from the Opera. Text: petenti et de proximo expedire questionem etc.
o0201072.014vd 1417/8 gennaio 19 Release of arrested persons, new payment deadline and corresponding guaranty. Text: februarii futuri de proximo pro quo et
o0201072.020vc 1417/8 febbraio 18 Payment for removing earth. Text: deccembris preteriti de proximo usque ad diem
o0201072.027a 1417/8 marzo 17 Letter to the authorities of the countryside to proclaim publicly a payment deadline for the debtors of the Opera. Text: XV dies tunc proximo sequentes; non tamen
o0201077.016c 1419/20 febbraio 7 Assignment of a house to a chaplain. Text: in qua de proximo habitabat ser ...
o0201077.019a 1419/20 febbraio 9 Salary set for workforces for the winter. Text: qualiter infrascripti de proximo ad dictam Operam
o0201077.033vc 1420 aprile 12 Prohibition to masters to work outside the Opera in the summer because of the urgent need to complete work on the third tribune. Text: dicte ecclesie de proximo volvi et compleri
o0201077.044vf 1420 giugno 15 Election of supervisors of the forest to repair the damages caused in it by lack of surveillance. Text: pro lignaminibus de proximo incidendis pro cupola
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: asseruerunt qualiter de proximo incipi debet cupola
o0201078.022b 1421 aprile 11 Sale of stones for make the oculus of the church of San Niccolò. Text: que fieri de proximo debet pro conficiendo
o0201078.028vd 1421 aprile 29 Extension of two months to the accountants for the commission entrusted to them. Text: tempore quod de proximo finire debet et
o0201078.040b 1421 giugno 13 Restitution of pawn to debtor who has paid. Text: per exactores de proximo pignoratum pro debito
o0201078.044va 1421 giugno 20 Salary set for workforces for the summer. Text: dicta Opera de proximo laboraverunt et partim
o0201078.085e 1421 aprile 16 Guaranty for second-hand dealer purchasing pawns and relative approval. Text: dicta Opera de proximo emptorum in libris
o0201078.086a 1421 aprile 21 Guaranty for debt for the purchase of wax offered. Text: Fiore empta de proximo ad rationem soldorum
o0201079.027vc 1421 ottobre 1 Ruling to assure collection of debts, assignment of terms and payments in grape harvest time. Text: non vident de proximo congregari posse, quia
o0201079.088b 1421 novembre 21 Guaranty for advance on supply of chestnut trees. Text: mutuo recipere de proximo debet florenos decem
o0201080.034va 1422 giugno 10 Reimbursement of the surplus obtained from the sale of pawns to the debtors who have paid and registration of the amount to credit of those who still remain debtors. Text: intellecto qualiter de proximo vendita et tradita
o0201080.082a 1421/2 marzo 16 Guaranty for restitution of advance payment. Text: Battifolle qui de proximo vigore stantiamenti sibi
o0201081.010vc 1422 agosto 12 Commission to the administrator to contract out broad terracotta bricks. Text: presens et de proximo etiam deliberati pro
o0201081.013vb 1422 agosto 28 Renunciation of the rental of the quarry of Monte Oliveto because there is no need of stones with condition of new contract of the same to private person who has invested in it. Text: certo tempore de proximo finire debet et
o0201081.024e 1422 ottobre 16 Sale of wax offered for the celebrations of Saint Reparata and of Saint Dionysius. Text: ipsam Operam de proximo pro oblationibus festi
o0201081.027b 1422 novembre 5 Assignment of a house to two chaplains. Text: de qua de proximo exivit ex nunc
o0201081.032vb 1422 dicembre 14 Contract for a marble figure for the bell tower. Text: plures alie de proximo posite et pro
o0201081.067c 1422 luglio 17 Payment for supply of lumber. Text: ad Operam de proximo conducti libras triginta
o0201081.070ve 1422 agosto 28 Payment for towage of fir lumber from the Alps. Text: per eum de proximo trahendi de Alpibus
o0201081.075vd 1422 novembre 6 Payment for cutting and trimming of fir trees. Text: dicte silve de proximo et parte solutionis
o0201081.081a 1422 luglio 3 Guaranty for a lumber supplier. Text: qui mutuo de proximo recipere debet vigore
o0201081.082va 1422 settembre 11 Guaranty for supply of lumber. Text: mutuo recipiet de proximo libras ducentas pro
o0201081.083ve 1422 ottobre 16 Guaranty for supply of lumber. Text: stantiamenti sibi de proximo facti librarum sessaginta
o0202001.029va 1426 aprile 29 Dismissal of masters in excess to reduce the expenditures for the construction of the cupola. Text: prefata Opera de proximo facere tenetur in
o0202001.060c 1427 maggio 14 Authority to (warden) for rope to be made in Pisa according to design by Brunelleschi and the master builder. Text: Ghuccii ituro de proximo Pisas fieri faciendi
o0202001.077va 1427/8 febbraio 5 Letter to the Captain of Pisa for two ropes, of which one for the cupola and the other for the windlass. Text: de pecuniis de proximo quod illud quod
o0202001.107vg 1429 giugno 3 Authorization to order 6 beautiful copes on credit at the request of the conservators of the sacristy. Text: Iohannis Batiste de proximo venturo, quorum pretium
o0202001.135c 1430/1 gennaio 3 Authorization to sell marble slabs for a tomb monument. Text: d[ict]i Nicolai de pr[oximo capitanei gentis] armorum
o0202001.139c 1430/1 marzo 14 Fortification of the castles of Castellina, Rencine and Staggia. Text: pericula que de proximo possent eminere comitatui
o0202001.145ve 1431 luglio 11 Copy of the order slip of the Signori with the order to clear out the street where the jetties have been demolished. Text: illa ubi de proximo sunt sporti remoti
o0202001.176b 1429 dicembre 2 Authorization to (canon) to live outside the cloister. Text: Yesu Christi de proximo ventura, non obstante
o0202001.179va 1434 agosto 12 Evaluation of the priorities in the work to be executed after the closing of the cupola: first preparations for use of the new part of the church and construction of the lantern, and only later construction of the new chapels and covering of the tribune. Text: novo edifitio de proximo divina offitia celebrentur;
o0202001.192vd 1432 dicembre 9 Order to have the new headquarters for the officials of the Opera and covered areas for the stonecutters and lumber made in the garden and shed of the Tedaldi. Text: advertentes quod de proximo est necessarium actari
o0202001.192vd 1432 dicembre 9 Order to have the new headquarters for the officials of the Opera and covered areas for the stonecutters and lumber made in the garden and shed of the Tedaldi. Text: caputmagister Opere de proximo et antequam labatur
o0202001.216e 1434 maggio 11 Commission for a trip to Pisa and Avenza for questions concerning marble. Text: castrum Niccole de proximo pro refectione murorum
o0202001.252vi 1436 aprile 27 Election of the preacher for Lent. Text: pro quadragesima de proximo ventura de mane
o0202001.255vb 1436 giugno 26 Election of the preacher of the Duomo for Lent. Text: tota quadragesima de proximo ventura cum salariis
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