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o0201074.003vd 1418 luglio 21 Alterations of the regulation for the notary of the Opera concerning the restitution of pawns and for the notary of testaments, who can elect debt collectors and write letters and attend to the drawing up of acts. messi
o0202001.022a 1425/6 febbraio 14 Annulment of allocations of funds in favor of kilnmen. messi
o0201081.012va 1422 agosto 26 Appraisal of pawn wrongfully requisitioned with debit to the debt collector, under penalty of dismissal from office. messi
o0201073.008e 1418 aprile 30 Assignment of a house with agreement that its tax be paid. messi
o0201072.016va 1417/8 febbraio 1 Authorization to set the salary for messengers. messi
o0201078.016vc 1421 marzo 31 Authorization to the administrator to sell the pawns kept in the Opera. messi
o0201074.018vd 1418 settembre 6 Authorization to the messengers and to the debt collectors to demand payment from and imprison a person. messi
o0202001.151d 1431 novembre 28 Declaration of non-prosecutability for a paternal debt. messi
o0201080.030c 1422 maggio 12 Demand of payment of debtors with the exception of those with valid extensions or rulings concerning testaments and new term of payment. messi
o0202001.147vd 1431 agosto 21 Dismissal of a messenger and limitation of the number of messengers to two. messi
o0202001.215va 1434 aprile 22 Dismissal of the administrator and of the messengers, unless they impose a demand of payment. messi
o0201072.027vf 1417/8 marzo 18 Election of the guardian of the pawns. messi
o0801002.013vb 1435 luglio 19 Individual account for various motives. messi
o0201078.035f 1421 maggio 30 Letter to the Captain of Pisa with summons for the treasurer of the city if the term of payment of the debt should not be respected. messi
o0202001.152vd 1431/2 gennaio 8 Letter to the vicar of the upper Valdarno, ordering the compensation of a private person for distraint suffered on behalf of the Commune of San Giovanni. messi
o0201079.016vb 1421 agosto 20 Notification of term to debtors for pardons of forced loans with debit of the same notification. messi
o0201077.007a 1419/20 gennaio 10 Notification to messengers and debt collectors of means and schedules for demand of payment and distraint to debtors. messi
o0202001.161c 1432 maggio 28 Obligation of masters to keep their own hammers at the Opera worksite. messi
o0201072.018vd 1417/8 febbraio 10 Obligation to the messengers to provide guaranty before going to collect. messi
o0201078.029va 1421 maggio 5 Order for demand of payment with penalty to the debtors on commission of the administrator and notary of the Wool Guild and the Opera. messi
o0201078.043vb 1421 giugno 20 Order of arrest of a debt collector and notification. messi
o0202001.002b 1425 luglio 3 Order to the administrator to enjoin, with term for restitution, those who hold things belonging to the Opera and oath of two wardens. messi
o0201078.023vb 1421 aprile 15 Order to the guardian to consign pawns and accounts to the notary within brief time with guaranty provided by his brother. messi
o0201082.010c 1423 aprile 9 Order to the messengers to give surety. messi
o0202001.138vi 1430/1 marzo 14 Payment determined for the messengers for their work of sequestration. messi
o0204013.034vl 1432 giugno 30 Payment for gloves on the occasion of the arrival of the Madonna of Impruneta. messi
o0204008.034b 1418 dicembre 18 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0201078.068vc 1420/1 marzo 19 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0201078.069vc 1421 aprile 16 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204009.013a 1421 ottobre 21 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0201079.092b 1421 dicembre 23 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204009.083a 1424 aprile 17 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204012.074va 1428 marzo 27 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204013.003a 1430 settembre 13 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204013.007vd 1430/1 marzo 4 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204013.022ve 1431 ottobre 4 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204013.031a 1432 aprile 10 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204013.063a 1433 ottobre 10 Payment for petty expenses. messi
o0204012.092vd 1428 novembre 19 Payment for the emptying of the latrine of the Opera. messi
o0204013.020vf 1431 novembre 18 Payment for the purchase of gloves. messi
o0204009.107f 1425 agosto 17 Payment for transport of pawns, to be deducted from the proceeds of their sale. messi
o0204012.066vc 1427 dicembre 23 Payment for various expenditures for the procession for the arrival of the altarpiece of Santa Maria dell'Impruneta. messi
o0204008.042va 1419 aprile 26 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0201077.065f 1420 aprile 12 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204009.106a 1425 agosto 3 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204009.110vb 1425 ottobre 4 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204012.012va 1425/6 marzo 15 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204012.028vb 1426 ottobre 19 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204012.115vf (1429) ottobre 11 Payment for various expenditures. messi
o0204012.028f 1426 novembre 6 Payment of rights on pawns. messi
o0202001.039f 1426 agosto 16 Precept and term for payment to holder of sum owed to the Opera. messi
o0201077.019b 1419/20 febbraio 12 Proclamation for redemption or sale of pawns. messi
o0201077.013a 1419/20 gennaio 29 Prohibition to demand payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans, with correction of account entry. messi
o0201084.003vb 1423/4 gennaio 27 Prohibition to demand payment from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, because it is a charitable institution, and to demand payment of, arrest and distrain its personnel. messi
o0202001.138e 1430/1 febbraio 27 Prohibition to release arrested persons that not have paid the right of the arrest. messi
o0201072.018va 1417/8 febbraio 10 Prohibition to remove the books of the Opera without a resolution. messi
o0204004.015f 1432 dicembre 9 Prohibition to the messengers to carry out demands of payment for the countryside and order to send letters to the rectors, vicars and podestàs. messi
o0204004.006ud 1432 luglio 30 Reduction of fees dispensed to the messengers. messi
o0201084.009b 1423/4 febbraio 29 Reduction of the rights of the notary of testaments and of the debt collectors. messi
o0201080.034va 1422 giugno 10 Reimbursement of the surplus obtained from the sale of pawns to the debtors who have paid and registration of the amount to credit of those who still remain debtors. messi
o0204004.025vp 1433 luglio 31 Release of arrested person. messi
o0204011.010m 1423 aprile 15 Request to the Signori for letters to assist the messengers in making demands for payment in countryside. messi
o0204004.014vc 1432 dicembre 3 Restitution of pawn to a retail cloth merchant. messi
o0201078.040b 1421 giugno 13 Restitution of pawn to debtor who has paid. messi
o0201078.036d 1421 giugno 3 Restitution of pawn to tenant of debtor. messi
o0202001.147g 1431 agosto 16 Restitution of pawn wrongfully exacted. messi
o0201079.018ve 1421 agosto 22 Restitution of pawns to all the carters with clause that those who are debtors must pay the messengers. messi
o0201079.018c 1421 agosto 22 Restitution of pawns to tenants of house debtor's creditors. messi
o0202001.090e 1428 agosto 26 Review of the debt of the past notary of the testaments with request for proof of claimed removal and sale of pawns to be credited to him and term of payment for the remaining sum dependent upon his ratification of these conditions. messi
o0201077.038vb 1420 aprile 30 Revocation of election and new appointment of messengers with salary and indemnity for attending to the affairs of the cupola. messi
o0201078.015b 1420/1 marzo 18 Revocation of election of messengers and re-election of the same with salary set. messi
o0202001.215vb 1434 aprile 22 Revocation of the dismissal of the administrator and of the messengers. messi
o0202001.157b 1432 aprile 2 Revocation of the restriction of the number of the messengers to two. messi
o0201077.009b 1419/20 gennaio 18 Ruling about the rights on pawns to be paid out to the debt collectors. messi
o0202001.144ve 1431 giugno 28 Rulings against the debtors. messi
o0202001.136vf 1430/1 febbraio 5 Term of payment to debtors. messi
o0202001.160b 1432 maggio 7 Term of payment to the debtors recorded by a past treasurer. messi
o0202001.149vm 1431 ottobre 4 Unfinished act concerning messengers. messi
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