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o0201070b.077va 1416/7 gennaio 18 Arrest for debt for property gabelle of the Podesteria of Ripafratta with release of the arrested person by order of the Signori.
o0204008.002a 1417 aprile 21 Payment for expenditures for the feast of the Virgin Annunciate.
o0204008.010vc 1417/8 febbraio 10 Payment for expenditures for the feast of Santa Maria del Fiore.
o0201073.012va 1418 giugno 2 Release of arrested person and new payment deadline for taxes.
o0201074.052a 1418 ottobre 26 Guaranty for debt for new gabelles.
o0204008.046vb 1419 giugno 1 Payment for various expenditures.
o0201077.044d 1420 giugno 15 Purchase of bundles of broom to burn for the feast of Saint John the Baptist.
o0201078.029vb 1421 maggio 5 Letter to the Captain of Pisa with summons for Pisan citizens, who left Florence without permission.
o0201081.066f 1422 luglio 7 Payment for the purchase of torches for the cupola for the eve of Saint John.
o0201081.066vb 1422 luglio 7 Payment to pipers and trumpeters for the eve of Saint John.
o0201081.009va 1422 agosto 7 Order to report to the debtors' registry the debtors in arrears for the new gabelles.
o0201081.075a 1422 ottobre 7 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204009.040vd 1422 ottobre 19 Payment for petty expenses.
o0201081.028ve 1422 novembre 23 Registration of the daily wages of two stonecutters who have worked in the palace of the Signori.
o0204009.042a 1422 dicembre 2 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204011.010l 1423 aprile 15 Request to the Signori to report the debitors to the municipal debtors' registry.
o0204011.010m 1423 aprile 15 Request to the Signori for letters to assist the messengers in making demands for payment in countryside.
o0201082.011vc 1423 aprile 23 Order to the master builder to go to the Trassinaia quarry on order of the Signori.
o0204011.010vg 1423 aprile 23 Loan of workers and stones to the Signori.
o0204009.070a 1423 settembre 16 Payment for petty expenses.
o0201084.041vc 1423/4 gennaio 10 Payment to workers for demolition of wall in the chiasso dei Buoi.
o0204009.078b 1423/4 gennaio 10 Payment to workers for demolition of wall in the chiasso dei Buoi.
o0204011.015vp 1423/4 febbraio 23 Concession of money to the wardens of Santa Croce by legislation of the Signori.
o0204009.087va 1424 giugno 30 Payment for petty expenses.
o0201086.043d 1424/5 gennaio 29 Payment for the purchase of land in partial compensation of damages to the rector of Santa Cecilia.
o0204034.011vd 1424/5 marzo 24 Account of carter.
o0204009.107h 1425 agosto 22 Payment to the debt collector for pardons and butchering taxes collected.
o0202001.034d 1426 giugno 5 Sale of wax offered for the feast of Saint Zenobius.
o0202001.090c 1428 agosto 20 Declaration of status of legitimate debtor in favor of person arrested for theft of roof tiles from the houses destroyed near San Simone.
o0202001.146ve 1431 luglio 21 Registration of the daily wages of the workers who demolished the jetties of the chiasso Bertinelli.
o0204013.031va 1432 aprile 18 Payment to workers of the Opera for work for the Tower office.
o0202001.199e 1433 giugno 4 Request to the Signori for letter to the Elders of Lucca to permit transit of marble.
o0204004.022u 1433 giugno 4 Letter to Lucca for questions concerning marble.
o0204013.056vo 1433 giugno 4 Payment for trip to Lucca with letter for the Elders.
o0204013.057vr 1433 giugno 15 Payment for a trip to Lucca.
o0204013.058a 1433 giugno 30 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204004.025b 1433 luglio 15 Term of payment for marble sold.
o0204004.026vb 1433 agosto 13 Request of annulment of the sentence against a master glazier proclaimed a rebel.
o0202001.226vh 1434/5 febbraio 2 Registration of the daily wages of the masters who went to level the square of Santa Maria Novella for the joust desired by the nephew of Pope Eugenius.
o0202001.235f 1435 maggio 27 Order to master builder and masters to go to the Pisan countryside to attend to the mandates of the Signori.
o0204013.103vc 1435 agosto 16 Payment to lawyer for counsel regarding a dispute with the officials of the Orphans for pardons of forced loans.
o0202001.240vd 1435 agosto 27 Revocation of demand of payment to (a debtor) following payment of the expenditures of the petition presented against the Opera accountant.
o0204013.122vd 1435/6 marzo 20 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.123va 1436 marzo 26 Payment for petty expenses.
o0204013.125va 1436 aprile 24 Payment for petty expenses.
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