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o0201079.027a 1421 settembre 17 Summons with penalty for masons who do not want to work. Text: eorum officii magistri murandi ad laborerium dicte
o0201086.001ve 1424/5 gennaio 12 Letter to the administrator of Lastra with temporary prohibition to build. Text: nec aliud laborerium murandi faciant pro edificio
o0201086.004va 1424/5 febbraio 14 Registration of the daily wages of master mason previously elected as stonecutter. Text: librum pro magistro murandi et prout videbitur
o0202001.013g 1425 novembre 7 Prohibition to master mason to work at the castle of Lastra. Text: ordinem et mensuram murandi murasse in dampnum,
o0202001.026f 1425/6 marzo 21 Hiring of masters and unskilled workers for Trassinaia and authority to the master builder, scribe and administrator to set their salary for the winter. Text: Iuntini pro magistro murandi Salvadorem Pieri pro
o0202001.026f 1425/6 marzo 21 Hiring of masters and unskilled workers for Trassinaia and authority to the master builder, scribe and administrator to set their salary for the winter. Text: Pieri pro magistro murandi pro Opera; et
o0202001.027vd 1426 aprile 21 Authority to wardens for the work at Lastra and Malmantile; sentence and fine of defaulting master; acquittal and new contract for the work. Text: et rectum ordinem murandi, partemque propter inertiam
o0202001.029b 1426 aprile 29 Election of master and registration of the days worked. Text: de Prato magister murandi dicte Opere possit,
o0202001.041a 1426 settembre 12 Authority to the master builder for tare on mortar full of stones. Text: Nannem datos magistris murandi de Malmantile pro
o0202001.042ve 1426 ottobre 17 Letter to the notary of the Commune of Gangalandi for injunction of master masons. Text: precipiat omnibus magistris murandi qui aliquod laborerium
o0202001.044g 1426 ottobre 25 Salary set for masters for the winter. Text: tam scharpellandi quam murandi ad laborandum in
o0202001.046d 1426 novembre 23 Authorization to the masters to work outside the Opera without permit and return with full registration of the days worked. Text: omnes magistri tam murandi quam scharpelli et
o0202001.068d 1427 settembre 19 Election of the administrator of Malmantile. Text: laborare incipient magistri murandi in dicto muramento
o0202001.084l 1428 maggio 14 Dismissal of useless workers. Text: magistros scharpelli seu murandi Antonium Iacobi Tristanum
o0202001.097va 1428 dicembre 3 Election of two stonecutters. Text: scharpellatores et magistros murandi eo tempore quo
o0202001.100vc 1428/9 gennaio 28 Hiring of master masons and stonecutters. Text: conduxerunt in magistros murandi et scharpelli prout
o0202001.113vh 1429 ottobre 6 Authorization to the administrator to settle the account of the work at the castle of Malmantile according to the report of the arbitrators. Text: Iohannis omnes magistros murandi cives florentinos tamquam
o0202001.116c 1429 novembre 4 Authorization to pay master for work done at Malmantile, granting him the completion of the work. Title: Ambroxei Leonardi magistri murandi et qui muravit
o0202001.140vf 1431 aprile 26 Letter to the master builder with regard to the work at Staggia. Text: et quod magister murandi cui fuit facta
o0202001.156vg 1431/2 marzo 23 Prohibition to the masons to work outside the Opera without permission and injunction to those already gone to return. Text: quod nullus magister murandi possit laborare extra
o0202001.241i 1435 settembre 20 Order to two master masons, to the master builder and to a stonecutter to be newly elected to go to Pisa to work on the Parlascio gate. Text: Francisci magistri Opere murandi vadant Pisas ad
o0202001.244vb 1435 novembre 26 Letters to the supervisors of Pisa about the height of the tower of the Parlascio gate, the salary of the Opera's messenger in Pisa and the schedule for building the Parlascio. Text: videtur eis tempus murandi murari faciant et
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