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o0201086.010vd 1425 aprile 14 Order to place a denunciation box in the church, in the customary place, to permit denouncing of all the Opera's salaried personnel that disobeyed the orders. operai
o0201086.015vd 1425 maggio 16 Revocation of allocation of funds to a master of glass oculi with obligation of guaranty. operai precedenti
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. operai
o0201086.021va 1425 giugno 1 Authorization of expenditure to put houses of canons and chaplains in order. operai
o0201086.022vb 1425 giugno 12 Order to the notary of testaments to exact from debtors the amount deliberated by the consuls and wardens. operai
o0201086.023b 1425 giugno 19 Prohibition to lend bundles of cloth hangings. operai
o0201086.023va 1425 giugno 19 Order to repossess cloth hangings and other things given in loan and to draw up an inventory of such furnishings. operai
o0201086.025vb 1425 giugno 28 Prohibition to pay salary to Lorenzo di Bartoluccio, notwithstanding his election. operai
o0201086.030vb 1424/5 marzo 2 Ratification of the cupola officials for contract for transport of white marble. operai
o0201086.031a 1424/5 marzo 15 Rent of the shop called Galea to Fra Bernardo master of glass oculi with deadline for inception of work on the stained-glass windows. Bernardo d'Amerigo Donati - (provveditore) procuratore degli operai
o0201086.033a 1425 aprile 2 Contract for kiln loads of mortar of quarry stones. Battista d'Antonio - capomaestro procuratore degli operai
o0201086.047g 1425 aprile 3 Payment for supply of white marble. operai
o0201086.047i 1425 aprile 3 Payment for the purchase of kids for Easter. operai
o0201086.050vb 1425 giugno 8 Payment to the treasurer of the pawns for rights. operai
o0201086.086e 1425 aprile 24 Arrest of debtor for unspecified debt and his release by resolution of the wardens. operai
o0201086.087c 1425 maggio 11 Arrest of (heir) of debtor and his release by resolution of the wardens. operai
o0201086.087va 1425 maggio 22 Arrest of debtor. operai
o0201086.087vc 1425 maggio 22 Distraint to debtor. operai
o0201086.087vd 1425 maggio 26 Arrest of debtor. operai
o0202001.001a 1425 luglio 2 Incipit with the wardens in office for the second semester of 1425. operai
o0202001.002b 1425 luglio 3 Order to the administrator to enjoin, with term for restitution, those who hold things belonging to the Opera and oath of two wardens. operai
o0202001.002va 1425 luglio 3 Assignment of house to chaplain and order to evacuate another house inhabited by him. operai
o0202001.002vf 1425 luglio 3 Unfinished act concerning authority given to the master builder to attend to building work. operai
o0202001.004b 1425 luglio 30 Order to rent the Trassinaia quarry, except the part reserved by the owners, and compensation of damages made there. operai
o0202001.005ve 1425 agosto 7 Destruction of the merlons of the walls of the castle of Lastra and their reconstruction at the expense of the masters. operai
o0202001.006a 1425 agosto 7 Demand of payment and prohibition to free the guarantors of the masters of Lastra and letter to the Podestà of Gangalandi so that they do not continue building without the consent of the wardens. operai
o0202001.006vc 1425 agosto 9 Demand of payment of guarantors and commitment to payment by the son of a guarantor with concession of right of recourse. operai
o0202001.007vf 1425 agosto 22 Order to each of the masters to bring a hammer and consign it to the scribe, under penalty of non-registration of work days. operai
o0202001.007vg 1425 agosto 22 Occupation of piece of land in the Pisan countryside for dotal rights and right of recourse to Pisan citizen. operai
o0202001.012ve 1425 ottobre 31 Approval of the terms of payment granted by the administrator and the notary. operai
o0202001.027vc 1426 aprile 17 Salaries of masters for the winter. operai
o0202001.035va 1426 giugno 13 Acquittal of masters for inobservance of the resolutions of the wardens. operai
o0202001.037g 1426 luglio 24 Partition of work because of litigation between masters at the castle of Malmantile. operai
o0202001.040b 1426 agosto 30 Sum withheld from masters for cost of measurements taken at the castle of Lastra. operai
o0202001.040d 1426 agosto 30 Sale of pawns. operai
o0202001.041b 1426 settembre 12 Authority to Brunelleschi and the master builder for the price of the work done by the masters of dressed stone at Lastra. operai
o0202001.041vc 1426 ottobre 2 Term of payment to the Commune of Palaia. operai
o0202001.041vg 1426 ottobre 2 Authorization to the provost to grant debtors terms of payment to be fixed at the next meeting of the wardens. operai
o0202001.045vi 1426 novembre 14 Pricing of various hardware for doors and walls of Malmantile. operai
o0202001.051c 1426/7 febbraio 4 Registration of the work days of stonecutter notwithstanding the fact that he has not respected a resolution of the wardens. operai
o0202001.051vd 1426/7 febbraio 11 Prohibition to serve in the office of administrator of Lastra and Malmantile if not by election of the wardens. operai
o0202001.052c 1426/7 febbraio 28 Authorization to wardens to elect stonecutters. operai
o0202001.053a 1426/7 febbraio 28 Authorization to the wardens to elect a master stonecutter each. operai
o0202001.053va 1426/7 marzo 6 Term of payment to (debtor). operai
o0202001.054e 1426/7 marzo 19 Price of large broad bricks. operai
o0202001.056a 1427 aprile 4 Release of arrested persons. operai
o0202001.057vb 1427 aprile 11 Salary of masters for the summer. operai
o0202001.065c 1427 agosto 18 Authority to each of the wardens to elect a master stonecutter with registration in the book of work days and salary set for the summer. operai
o0202001.075b 1427 dicembre 30 Arbitration in favor of two personages: unfinished act. operai
o0202001.080vg 1428 aprile 23 Permit to the wardens for the assignment of houses to the canons. operai
o0202001.080vh 1428 aprile 23 Assignment of a house to a chaplain. operai
o0202001.081a 1428 aprile 8 Confirmation of term of payment for debt to the Commune of Pisa. operai
o0202001.084vc 1428 maggio 18 Assignment of house to canon. operai
o0202001.086vb 1428 luglio 2 Assignment of house to the chaplain of the cardinal of San Marcello, upon promise of fixed residence. operai
o0202001.090b 1428 agosto 20 Increase of compensation to scribe of the books of the herd livestock and of the forced loans. operai antecessori
o0202001.092vd 1428 ottobre 12 Tare on pieces of white marble previously refused by the consuls and wardens, to be conveyed to the Opera. operai
o0202001.094b 1428 novembre 15 Prohibition to relatives of the new canons to stand the requested surety for payment of the tax on their houses. operai
o0202001.097e 1428 novembre 29 Authorization to pay workers at salary set for work on the cupola even with rain and snow, but not in the case of interruptions ordered by the wardens because of extreme temperatures. operai
o0202001.098h 1428 dicembre 29 Prohibition to kilnman to convey broad bricks and prohibition of commission to the same without the consent of the consuls of the Wool Guild. (operai)
o0202001.100vb 1428/9 gennaio 28 Authorization to register the daily wages of workers employed on the houses of the priests and canons. operai
o0202001.102vg 1428/9 marzo 12 Order to debtor kilnman to deliver broad bricks up to the full amount of his debt, under penalty of demand of payment. operai
o0202001.108a 1429 giugno 7 Proclamation inviting written offers to be consigned to the administrator for supply of sand at lowest price. operai
o0202001.111f 1429 agosto 4 Authorization to the scribe to register the work days of masters and workers employed (outside the Opera) by order of the wardens. operai
o0202001.111vd 1429 agosto 20 Authorization to (sculptor) to work on the figure commissioned to him. operai
o0202001.115vc 1429 ottobre 26 Authorization to two canons to keep their respective mothers with them. operai
o0202001.116vd 1429 novembre 4 Authorization to each warden to give leave to masters for 5 days and dismissal of the scribe for having violated the regulations. operai
o0202001.117vd 1429 novembre 18 Permit to canons to retain women over age 45 years in case of necessity. operai
o0202001.117vf 1429 novembre 21 Authorization to the administrator to credit carpenter. operai
o0202001.120f 1429/30 gennaio 4 Commission to a warden for the examination of the recompense of the administrator and the master builder for the measurement of the work at Lastra and Malmantile. operai
o0202001.121d 1429/30 gennaio 21 Letter to the Captain of Pisa for summons of the revenue collection officials for testaments with the records regarding the Opera. operai
o0202001.121vb 1429/30 gennaio 21 Hiring of master carpenter for the model of the church. operai
o0202001.121vg 1429/30 gennaio 26 Assignment of house to canon and sacristan. operai
o0202001.121vi 1429/30 gennaio 26 Authority to Brunelleschi and the master builder for excavation and paving of a street. operai
o0202001.122g 1429/30 febbraio 10 Authority to the administrator for confirm the rental of a house. operai
o0202001.123e 1429/30 febbraio 25 Drawing of the provost. operai
o0202001.123vd 1429/30 marzo 7 Permission to build a low wall at the expense of the Ricci near the homonymous street with proviso for its possible destruction at the wardens' discretion. operai
o0202001.124f 1429/30 marzo 15 Authorization to attend to the debt of the Commune of Prato and to make a new contract to a cooper for cooperage supplies. (operai)
o0202001.124vh 1430 marzo 30 Authorization to the paver of the street between the bell tower and the Tinucci house to keep all the stones removed from the site for himself. operai
o0202001.127vc 1430 maggio 19 Prohibition to release arrested persons who not have paid the rights owing to the debt collectors and guaranty given to the notary of the Opera. operai
o0202001.128vb 1430 giugno 16 Permission to work outside the Opera. operai di San Giovanni
o0202001.128vm 1430 giugno 22 Authorization to affix a painting of the Saints Cosmas and Damian on one of the piers between the pulpit and the portal towards San Giovanni. operai
o0202001.129vn 1430 settembre 13 Hiring of masters for the quarry, nominated by the wardens. operai
o0202001.131vb 1430 settembre 18 Authorization to cut lumber in the forest of the Opera for the hospital of Santa Maria degli Innocenti. operai di Por Santa Maria
o0202001.131vf 1430 settembre 18 Authorization to the wardens to nominate one master each. operai
o0202001.132h 1430 settembre 27 Authorization to the wardens to hire one master each. operai
o0202001.137d 1430/1 febbraio 14 Authorization to the wardens to nominate four masters each. operai
o0202001.137vb 1430/1 febbraio 16 Authority to the wardens to nominate two stonecutters each. operai
o0202001.142vn 1431 maggio 30 Confirmation of ruling of expulsion from houses of chaplains guilty of absenteeism. operai
o0202001.143e 1431 giugno 6 Permission to work outside the Opera. operai di San Giovanni
o0202001.145ve 1431 luglio 11 Copy of the order slip of the Signori with the order to clear out the street where the jetties have been demolished. operai
o0202001.147d 1431 agosto 16 Authorization to accredit mortar supplied by the guarantor of a kilnman who is the beneficiary of a loan. operai
o0202001.148vb 1431 settembre 25 Acceptance of the petition presented on account of some debtors for a large sum, which was unknown to the Opera, allowing for payment in annual installments. operai
o0202001.152vd 1431/2 gennaio 8 Letter to the vicar of the upper Valdarno, ordering the compensation of a private person for distraint suffered on behalf of the Commune of San Giovanni. operai
o0202001.153e 1431/2 gennaio 18 Assignment of a house to a canon. operai
o0202001.153g 1431/2 gennaio 29 Authorization to contract out broad bricks with agreement to accredit half of the amount to the account of another supplier. operai
o0202001.154vb 1431/2 febbraio 12 Rehiring of two chaplains. operai
o0202001.154vc 1431/2 febbraio 15 Authorization to convey mortar. operai
o0202001.154ve 1431/2 febbraio 15 List of masters who have worked outside the Opera and were rehired. operai
o0202001.154vf 1431/2 febbraio 17 Rehiring of a master. operai
o0202001.154vi 1431/2 febbraio 22 Hiring of masters. operai
o0202001.155a 1431/2 febbraio 22 Authorization to convey mortar, with the agreement to discount from its price the credit of the Opera for the construction of the Sapienza. operai
o0202001.155b 1431/2 febbraio 22 Authority to two wardens to negotiate the purchase of the shed and garden of the Tedaldi and to transfer the things of the Opera. operai
o0202001.155va 1431/2 marzo 3 Authority to a warden to buy bronze from the Wool Guild to make the casket of Saint Zenobius. operai
o0202001.155vb 1431/2 marzo 3 Authority to a warden to solicit the supply of broad bricks and mortar. operai
o0202001.155vc 1431/2 marzo 3 Decision, following consultations with counsellors and experts, to contract out the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius to Ghiberti. prefetti (operai)
o0202001.156a 1431/2 marzo 11 Decision to contract out the altar of the chapel of Saint Zenobius to Brunelleschi. operai
o0202001.156c 1431/2 marzo 14 Revocation of the resolution requiring the Alessandri heirs to make restitution of a deposit made to them in exchange for their shed and garden, of which the Opera now has need. operai
o0202001.156d 1431/2 marzo 14 New rental tenure of the Alessandri-Tedaldi shed and garden for an additional 10 years. operai
o0202001.156e 1431/2 marzo 16 Authorization to sell white marble to private persons. operai
o0202001.156va 1431/2 marzo 18 Hiring of mason. operai
o0202001.157b 1432 aprile 2 Revocation of the restriction of the number of the messengers to two. operai
o0202001.157va 1432 aprile 5 Hiring of master. operai
o0202001.157ve 1432 aprile 5 Hiring of masters. maestri nominati per gli operai
o0202001.157ve 1432 aprile 5 Hiring of masters. operai
o0202001.157vl 1432 aprile 8 Release of a kilnman on condition that he supply mortar in accordance with certain agreements and that he put up surety. operai
o0202001.158a 1432 aprile 8 Term of payment to the guarantor of a canon who is a debtor. operai
o0202001.158f 1432 aprile 16 Commission to contract out four stained glass windows in the tribune of Saint Zenobius. operai
o0202001.158g 1432 aprile 24 Authorization to pay the days worked by a master. operai
o0202001.158va 1432 aprile 24 Authorization to sell a slab. operai
o0202001.158ve 1432 aprile 29 Term of payment to a debtor. operai
o0202001.158vh 1432 aprile 29 Prohibition to grant pardons to debtors unless the debt collector has received his fee. operai
o0202001.159vh 1432 maggio 5 Prohibition to the debt collectors to make demands of payment without permit. operai
o0202001.160a 1432 maggio 7 Restitution of pawn. operai
o0202001.160c 1432 maggio 7 Extension of time for those enjoined to pay in order to ascertain their liability for the debt. operai
o0202001.160d 1432 maggio 7 Prohibition to the masters to work in the Trassinaia quarry. operai
o0202001.160f 1432 maggio 10 Hiring of masters. operai
o0202001.160g 1432 maggio 10 Proclamation for the redemption or the sale of pawns. operai
o0202001.160va 1432 maggio 14 Extension of deadline for payment of debt. operai
o0202001.160vb 1432 maggio 14 Revocation of a demand of payment for reasons of dowry. operai
o0202001.160vc 1432 maggio 20 Election of two bookkeepers of the amounts due to the Opera from the pardons of the forced loans. operai
o0202001.161a 1432 maggio 28 Release of an arrested person who had not been duly notified. operai
o0202001.161i 1432 maggio 28 Correction of an entry for allocation of funds occurring twice. operai
o0202001.161m 1432 maggio 30 Authorization to lend lumber to the confraternity of Spirito Santo. operai
o0202001.161va 1432 maggio 30 Letter to the Podestà of Pontassieve to force a lumber supplier to clear the road of the forest. operai
o0202001.161ve 1432 giugno 6 Permission to a master to work for the wardens of the Baptistery of San Giovanni. operai di San Giovanni
o0202001.161vf 1432 giugno 6 Tare for supply of broad bricks fired badly. operai
o0202001.161vh 1432 giugno 13 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano to organize the removal and the transport of lumber from the forest and for three summons. operai
o0202001.162a 1432 giugno 13 Release of a person arrested for debt. operai
o0202001.162f 1432 giugno 14 Salary set for a master. operai
o0202001.162g 1432 giugno 17 Authorization to transfer an allocation of funds from one smith to another. operai
o0202001.162i 1432 giugno 17 Prohibition to lend anything without the decree of the wardens. operai
o0202001.162va 1432 giugno 17 Order to withhold from the amounts due to the past administrator a debt of his brother. operai
o0202001.162vc 1432 giugno 18 Reconfirmation of the lawyers of the Opera. operai
o0202001.162vd 1432 giugno 21 Summons. operai
o0202001.163a 1432 giugno 27 Order to execute a model of the oculus of the lantern in order to test the real effect of its closing ring. operai
o0202001.163c 1432 giugno 30 Extension of payment deadline to a person arrested for debt. operai
o0202001.164a 1432 aprile 9 Hiring of a debt collector. operai
o0202001.164c 1432 aprile 9 Approval of a guarantor. operai
o0202001.164vc 1432 aprile 14 Authorization to the outgoing administrator to keep pawns in his custody up until the time of their sale and to enjoy the corresponding fee. operai
o0202001.168a 1432 agosto 22 Permit to pay for work on the tomb monument of Saint Zenobius in accordance with the allocations of funds of the officials in charge. ufficiali (sepoltura) nominati da consoli e operai
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