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o0201074.048va 1418 agosto 19 Purchase of a house. testimoni
o0201075.021a 1419 aprile 22 Election of the accountant, cancellation of debt for property gabelle and conviction of the notary of the new gabelles for payments not registered. testimoni
o0201079.019a 1421 agosto 22 Notification to the treasurer of the forced loans to pay the money due in accordance with the ordinances. testimoni
o0201080.021vb 1422 marzo 31 Letter to the Podestà of Predappio about the payment of the property gabelle for the baptismal parish of San Cassiano. testimoni
o0201081.023va 1422 ottobre 6 Release of arrested guarantor and letter to the Podestà of Dicomano for information about the possession of properties, their registration and the examination of witnesses with request for reply. testimoni degni di fiducia
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. testimoni
o0201082.019va 1423 giugno 2 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnman. testimoni
o0201084.007vb 1423/4 febbraio 24 End of accountant's appointment. testimoni
o0201084.030b 1423/4 febbraio 23 Annual rent of the Trassinaia quarry. testimoni
o0201086.070a 1424/5 marzo 1 Guaranty for supply of dressed stone for the castle of Lastra. testimoni
o0201086.070b 1424/5 marzo 1 Guaranty for contract for glass oculi. testimoni
o0202001.009d 1425 settembre 3 Dispatch of the notary of the Opera to Vicopisano for litigation with demand of payment of the adversary for the restitution of the expenditures incurred. testimoni
o0202001.010vd 1425 settembre 26 Term assigned to the adversary in a dispute for the presentation of his rights and authority to the notary of the Opera for the election of a lawyer. testimoni
o0202001.015vc 1425 novembre 23 Letter to the Podestà of Vicopisano instructing him to demand payment of debtor for a piece of land located at Cesano, which is the object of litigation with the Opera. testimoni
o0202001.033va 1426 maggio 31 Revocation of fine to workers for just impediment that cropped up at the conclusion of the work on the castle of Lastra. testimoni
o0202001.090c 1428 agosto 20 Declaration of status of legitimate debtor in favor of person arrested for theft of roof tiles from the houses destroyed near San Simone. testimoni
o0202001.095va 1428 dicembre 23 Sentence regarding a bequest made to the Opera of dotal properties of testator's sister, recognized as property of other legitimate heirs. cittadini aretini testimoni
o0202001.230vb 1435 aprile 22 Concession to the Figiovanni family to affix their own arms to the tomb of the Ferrantini, since the two families, originally united as one, have traditionally shared the same burial site. testimoni
o0202001.256vg 1436 agosto 9 Consignment of the copy of a counsel obtained from a lawyer and of other acts for a lawsuit between the Opera and Simone Rustichelli of Pisa and new request of counsel. testimoni
o0204009.107g 1425 agosto 22 Payment to notary of testaments for mission to Bientina. testimoni
o0204009.108b 1425 settembre 3 Payment to the notary of the Opera for mission to Vicopisano for an inheritance. testimoni
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