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o0201075.018a 1419 aprile 10 Injunction to the scribe of the new gabelles to consign the notebook with the documents pertaining to the Opera, under penalty of incarceration. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201075.021a 1419 aprile 22 Election of the accountant, cancellation of debt for property gabelle and conviction of the notary of the new gabelles for payments not registered. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201077.004vh 1419/20 gennaio 3 Order to carve certain stones in accordance with the indications of the administrator and the master builder. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201077.014va 1419/20 febbraio 7 Order to the treasurer accept in his own account the debtors from the previous financial period. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore debitore
o0201077.033vb 1420 aprile 12 Authorization to set the salary of the unskilled workers for the summer. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201077.040vd 1420 maggio 18 Appraisal and setting of price of compensation for the old hardware and lumber salvaged from the church and from demolition in the convent of Santa Maria Novella for the Pope's residence. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201077.070vd 1420 giugno 28 Payment of various expenditures. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.023vc 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the treasurer to pay all those that work for the Opera whenever ordered to do so by administrator. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.023vd 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the administrator to promise to the creditors the extinction of a debt of a lumber supplier, with guaranty in the presence of the notary to supply lumber in the amount concerned. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.024a 1421 aprile 16 Authorization to the administrator to sell a pawn. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.033vb 1421 maggio 30 Commission to the administrator to check the account of defaulting suppliers of lumber and restitution of what has been paid to them. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.033ve 1421 maggio 30 Order to the son who manages the treasurership for his father not to collect any sum until a new treasurer is drawn. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201078.043b 1421 giugno 18 Order to the treasurer accept all the debtors declared by the administrator and likewise all the creditors assigned to him by his predecessor and to leave to his successor the remaining ones. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201079.008va 1421 luglio 24 Term for repaying money received to have lumber transported with deduction from two allocations of funds and restitution of properties confiscated from the guarantor. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201079.018b 1421 agosto 22 Authorization to the administrator to stipulate a new contract for broad terracotta bricks and to revoke the old one. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201079.024vc 1421 settembre 11 Order to the administrator to register in the account of each lumber supplier the amount supplied by him. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201079.028ve 1421 ottobre 3 Appraisal of 4 big fir logs for sale. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201079.029vb 1421 ottobre 4 Price set for stones quarried under contract and termination of agreement before term. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore testimone
o0201079.091b 1421 dicembre 5 Payment to stationer. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201080.006va 1421/2 gennaio 12 Release of lumber supplier and his guarantor from further obligation upon receipt of attestation that he fully satisfied the conditions of his contract. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201080.008a 1421/2 gennaio 24 Commission to the administrator and the master builder to nominate fifteen stonecutters. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201080.015vd 1421/2 marzo 11 Charge to the administrator to enter the Commune of Castagno and a (supplier) for fir wood as creditors. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201080.057vc 1422 maggio 15 Five-year contract for rafting and transport of lumber cut and trimmed in the forest of the Opera, with guaranty. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201081.067b 1422 luglio 17 Payment for the purchase of hewn stones. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0201081.067d 1422 luglio 17 Payment for petty expenses. Paolo di Soldo
o0204008.038d 1418 ottobre 5 Payment for various expenditures. Paolo di Soldo
o0204008.039a 1418/9 marzo 1 Payment for various expenditures. Paolo di Soldo
o0204008.040ve 1419 aprile 15 Payment for the purchase of kids. Paolo di Soldo
o0204008.041a 1419 aprile 22 Payment for various expenditures. Paolo di Soldo
o0204008.082a 1420 giugno 4 Payment for various expenditures. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
o0204009.031c 1422 luglio 17 Payment for the purchase of hewn stones. Paolo di Soldo
o0204011.007vd 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, in fault for not have made a passageway for rafts, to pay the cost incurred for the services of a hauler of lumber. Paolo di Soldo - provveditore
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