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o0201075.004ve 1418/9 gennaio 25 Permission to the sacristan to lend a cloth banner for the procession of the relic of Saint John. Text: sacristie unum vel plura provisori dicti Operis
o0201077.035a 1420 aprile 19 Evaluation of advice and new measures for the 6 denari per lira due for pardons. Text: tenentur; quidam vero plura alia allegant que
o0201077.035a 1420 aprile 19 Evaluation of advice and new measures for the 6 denari per lira due for pardons. Text: et super predictis plura consilia per quamplures
o0201077.038c 1420 aprile 30 Authorization to buy materials for the cupola. Text: die laborativo aut plura; LX lapides macigni
o0201077.040vd 1420 maggio 18 Appraisal and setting of price of compensation for the old hardware and lumber salvaged from the church and from demolition in the convent of Santa Maria Novella for the Pope's residence. Text: Sancte Marie predicte plura lignamina plurium manerierum
o0201077.044vf 1420 giugno 15 Election of supervisors of the forest to repair the damages caused in it by lack of surveillance. Text: quia assertum est plura dapna in ipsa
o0201077.070vd 1420 giugno 28 Payment of various expenditures. Text: et carradores ad plura loca; et pro
o0201078.005vc 1420/1 gennaio 24 Concession of right of recourse to possessor of properties of a debtor. Text: quod ex eo plura post predicta bona
o0201078.008bisvc 1420/1 febbraio 17 Sale of big fir logs previously transported to the Opera with excess transport costs at the expense of the purchaser. Text: quod quattuor seu plura ligna grossa abietis
o0201078.034a 1421 maggio 30 Ruling for trimming and future supply of fallen fir lumber in order to avoid its loss. Text: silva dicte Opere plura lignamina abietis ceciderunt
o0201078.041ve 1421 giugno 16 Ruling in favor of the debt collectors for their rights on pawns. Text: et intellecto qualiter plura pignora in sorte
o0201079.003va 1421 luglio 4 Confiscation of one or more properties for the account of the past treasurer of the new gabelles. Text: sequestrum unum et plura sub nomine dicte
o0201079.021ve 1421 agosto 30 Charge to the guard of the forest to mark and destroy the beech trees that, growing in the forest, prevent the growth of the fir trees with their shade. Text: Item intellecto qualiter plura fadia sunt in
o0201079.048e 1421 dicembre 5 Cancellation of debtors declared exempt for livestock and property gabelles. Text: Item intellecto qualiter plura sunt communia in
o0201081.027vb 1422 novembre 6 Letter to the interested podestàs for proclamation regarding shipment of lumber lost along the river, under penalty of denunciation for theft of those who keep back the said lumber. Text: intellecto qualiter nuper plura fodera lignaminum dicte
o0201081.032a 1422 dicembre 9 Contract for supply of lumber. Text: Sevis hactenus per plura tempora lignamina dicte
o0201081.073g 1422 ottobre 6 Reimbursement of expenditures for trip to the forest. Text: dicte Opere ad plura providendum die 28
o0201082.006a 1422/3 marzo 9 Release of arrested person who is not the holder of the properties for which he was enjoined to pay. Text: settenbris 1420, et plura alia instrumenta produxerunt
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: hec et alia plura in dicta locatione
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: hec et alia plura continere dicitur manu
o0201082.015b 1423 aprile 28 Authorization to correct and reduce contract for broad bricks. Text: hec et alia plura circa predicta clare
o0201086.016ve 1425 maggio 16 Authorization to the administrator to have the bell tower decked with laurel for the feast of Saint Zenobius. Text: quoddam laurum seu plura ob reverentia festi
o0202001.046vc 1426 novembre 28 Election of the lawyer of the Opera. Text: Opere cotidie habere plura consilia tam verbotenus
o0202001.063c 1427 luglio 14 Request of counsel from experts from Bologna and Imola on dispute between the Opera and the Commune of San Gimignano. Text: altera fuerunt reddita plura consilia diversa, tam
o0202001.075vh 1427/8 gennaio 8 Injunction for debt collector with term for consignment of the pawns. Text: petitionem dicte Opere plura pignora quam unum
o0202001.222c 1434 settembre 22 Dismissal of a stonecutter accused of theft. Text: dicte Opere et plura furta facta per
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