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o0201070.006e 1416/7 febbraio 9 Revocation of the usage of giving wine to the workforce on Shrove Thursday and carnival and prohibition to work on these two days. Text: et est eis dari, et volentes omnino
o0201072.022vc 1417/8 febbraio 26 Consignment of material already purchased. Text: gravamine dare et dari facere Laurentio Marci
o0201073.003f 1418 aprile 15 Revocation of payment of commission to canon. Text: non detur nec dari possit ab hodie
o0201074.002vd 1418 luglio 8 Revocation of salary allowances. Text: non sint consuete dari iam diu, intelligantur
o0201074.017vc 1418 settembre 2 Letter to the Podestà of Dicomano to give the harvest of a debtor to his guarantor. Text: quod det et dari faciat Francisco Goccii
o0201077.003b 1419 dicembre 30 Authorization to two wardens to select counsellors and set the compensation for their counsel regarding cases in course over the amounts due for 6 denari per lira. Text: camerarium dicte Opere dari et solvi possit
o0201077.003b 1419 dicembre 30 Authorization to two wardens to select counsellors and set the compensation for their counsel regarding cases in course over the amounts due for 6 denari per lira. Text: me notarium predictum dari et tradi possit
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: introytus dicte Opere dari posse vel debere;
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: Opere solvi atque dari; et sic possit
o0201077.052d 1419 dicembre 29 Payment for supply of broad bricks. Text: quos pro eis dari dixerunt ... vocato
o0201077.074a 1419/20 marzo 13 Contract for supply of mortar with concession of advance and guaranty. Text: et conduci et dari et tradi facere
o0201078.017b 1421 marzo 31 Authorization to the notary of the Opera to consign to the owner copy of the lease for the hill of Vincigliata. Text: notarium infrascriptum licite dari, describi et tradi
o0201078.058a 1420/1 febbraio 12 Purchase of mortar of Alberese stone without pebbles, to extend over five years with saving clauses for both parts. Text: eos dicte Opere dari et restitui; et
o0201078.059a 1420/1 febbraio 19 Ratification of rent of quarry made by the notary of the Opera with exclusion of two shops. Text: Ugoni solvi et dari debetur anno quolibet
o0201078.059va 1421 aprile 5 Contract to three stonecutters to quarry stones for the cupola in the Trassinaia quarry. Text: solvere et seu dari et solvi facere
o0201079.004d 1421 luglio 4 Prohibition to increase the salary set by ordinance of the Commune for the administrator and the notary of the Opera. Text: Opere maius salarium dari vel solvi quam
o0201079.021c 1421 agosto 28 Permission to the notary to consign copy of declaration for pardons of forced loans. Text: patruo pet(iit) sibi dari copiam declarationis de
o0201079.023vb 1421 settembre 5 Prohibition to masters designated for work on the cupola to absent themselves without permit. Text: non detur nec dari possit aliqua licentia
o0201079.026a 1421 settembre 17 Ruling regarding the allocation of funds to be decreed for a supply of lumber with penalty to the supplier if he should not respect the consignment. Text: centum et ei dari et solvi possit
o0201080.005vb 1421/2 gennaio 14 Commission to master builder and administrator to contract out lumber for the roofs of the chapels. Text: intelligatur factum et dari et solvi possit
o0201080.029c 1422 maggio 5 Authorization to the treasurer to pay a kilnman, having received guarantee for the fulfillment of the contract. Text: mutui fieri et dari possit per camerarium
o0201080.030vf 1422 maggio 20 Salary set for the summer for the person charged with the surveillance of the masters and unskilled workers on the cupola. Text: Opere solvi et dari possit pro eius
o0201080.035d 1422 giugno 16 Salary set for a (master) for the summer. Text: camerarium solvi et dari possit absque alio
o0201080.055a 1421/2 gennaio 10 Contract for mortar to be made in the Opera for the construction of the Duomo and relative guaranty. Text: Opere eisdem conductoribus dari et solvi facere
o0201080.055va 1421/2 marzo 12 Contract for broad bricks and guaranty. Text: solvere et seu dari et solvi facere
o0201080.056va 1421/2 febbraio 3 Contract for cutting and trimming of chestnut lumber and guaranty. Text: suprascripte dicto conductori dari et solvi facere
o0201081.007va 1422 agosto 4 Revocation of the previous resolution on the sale price of lumber and new ruling. Text: nemini vendi possint dari vel tradi pro
o0201081.011vd 1422 agosto 14 Commission to administrator, master builder and scribe to declare the price of the loads hoisted up to the main cupola. Text: fiendam eidem Piero dari, solvi et satisfieri
o0201081.028b 1422 novembre 13 Renunciation of the contract for hoisting loads up onto the cupola on the part of the contractor. Text: sibi licentiam petitum dari et concedi et
o0201081.029va 1422 novembre 24 Salary of master stonecutters for the winter. Text: camerarium dicte Opere dari et solvi possit
o0201081.037b 1422 dicembre 30 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone. Text: Opere solvi et dari facere ipsi conductori
o0201081.055a 1422 agosto 28 Contract for various hardware with set price approved by the consuls of the Wool Guild. Text: per ipsum Antonium dari et vendi debent
o0201081.056a 1422 agosto 28 Contract to kilnman of broad terracotta bricks with advance of part payment. Text: camerarium solvi et dari possit et per
o0201086.005vb 1424/5 marzo 7 Authorization to the administrator and the notary of the Opera to sell the pawns. Text: dicta venditione debeat dari et solvi camerario
o0201086.019vb 1425 maggio 31 Prohibition to the personnel to have themselves pulled up by the hoist outside the walls of the cupola and the chapels under penalty of loss of 15 days' salary. Text: quoquo modo eidem dari et prestari; et
o0201086.025b 1425 giugno 26 Prohibition to the treasurer to pay lumber supplier. Text: quoquo modo solvi, dari et paghari dicto
o0201086.042vg 1424/5 gennaio 24 Payment for supply of lumber. Text: dicte Opere voluerunt dari Aringho Corsi calzolarii
o0201086.048a 1425 aprile 20 Payment to master of glass oculi via letter of exchange to Venice. Text: fratris Bernardini voluerunt dari Schiacte Uberti de
o0201086.052i 1425 giugno 26 Loan to stonecutter for the dowry of his daughter. Text: floreni decem voluerint dari per eorum camerarium
o0202001.023vd 1425/6 marzo 12 Term of payment to defaulting kilnmen unless they deliver the quarry stone mortar commissioned to them, under penalty of demand of payment. Text: aliqua quantitas eis dari et micti ad
o0202001.029va 1426 aprile 29 Dismissal of masters in excess to reduce the expenditures for the construction of the cupola. Text: hec ut possit dari complementum dicte cupole
o0202001.090b 1428 agosto 20 Increase of compensation to scribe of the books of the herd livestock and of the forced loans. Text: de quolibet quaterno dari et solvi soldos
o0202001.109d 1429 luglio 6 Letter to the Podestà of Arezzo for demand of payment of debtors. Text: auri quem voluerunt dari domino Iohanni de
o0202001.112d 1429 agosto 31 Authorization to pay to the administrator the amount remaining after payment of the masons of Lastra. Text: et dampno sibi dari et solvi facere
o0202001.115vd 1429 ottobre 26 Cancellation of debit entry registered twice. Text: molestia eidem Adovardo dari vel inferri possit
o0202001.116c 1429 novembre 4 Authorization to pay master for work done at Malmantile, granting him the completion of the work. Text: castrum et eidem dari facere complementum, teneantur
o0202001.124b 1429/30 marzo 15 Permission to masters to work outside the Opera. Title: Quod possit dari licentia magistris Opere
o0202001.133l 1430 novembre 8 Payment determined for carters of the Trassinaia quarry. Text: possit dare et dari et solvi facere
o0202001.138e 1430/1 febbraio 27 Prohibition to release arrested persons that not have paid the right of the arrest. Text: possit relapsari et dari bullettinum relapsationis nisi
o0202001.140e 1431 aprile 13 Order to evacuate a house. Text: possit quovis modo dari et concedi ad
o0202001.142e 1431 maggio 16 Letter to the master builder for the work at Staggia. Text: quod possit sibi dari libre quindecim f.p.
o0202001.164va 1432 aprile 14 Election of the guardian of the pawns and debt collector. Text: cum solito salario dari custodibus pignorum Opere,
o0202001.164vd 1432 luglio 11 Election of debt collectors with regulations about fees for precepts to debtors. Text: quod non potest dari expeditio prefatis laboriis
o0202001.174vd 1428/9 febbraio 25 Prohibition to exceed the sum foreseen for work in the houses of the canons, chaplains and clerics. Text: alia res expendi, dari et concedi possit
o0202001.177c 1431 giugno 23 Allocation of funds for gloves for wardens and other officials for the feast of Saint John. Text: venturo detur et dari debeat expensis prefate
o0202001.179va 1434 agosto 12 Evaluation of the priorities in the work to be executed after the closing of the cupola: first preparations for use of the new part of the church and construction of the lantern, and only later construction of the new chapels and covering of the tribune. Text: presens fieri et dari expeditionem postquam cupola
o0202001.187c 1432 settembre 19 Order to the master builder to have a stone mass prepared for making blocks. Text: dare teneatur seu dari facere teneatur quibusdam
o0202001.188d 1432 ottobre 3 Injunction for redemption of pawns. Text: ipsa vendere et dari offerenti maius pretium.
o0202001.204a 1433 luglio 31 Election of debt collector and letter to the rectors of the countryside prohibiting demand of payment in the places struck by wars. Text: et aliis consuetis dari Guelfo et aliis
o0202001.208vg 1433 dicembre 30 Commission to two wardens to decide whether to utilize or revise the design of the oculus by Ghiberti. Text: Laurentium Bartoli debeat dari Bernardo Francisci magistro
o0202001.208vg 1433 dicembre 30 Commission to two wardens to decide whether to utilize or revise the design of the oculus by Ghiberti. Text: designi eidem Laurentio dari.
o0202001.219va 1434 luglio 30 Permission to a master to work at the request of the Sea Consuls, with loan of pulleys. Text: cui dictus provisor dari faciet dictos carriculonos.
o0202001.232vb 1435 aprile 29 Payment for the purchase of marble for organ loft at increased price. Text: quod est consuetum dari de alio marmore
o0202001.233vb 1435 maggio 6 Compensation determined for the accountants for auditing the accounts of the treasurers of the gabelles. Title: Quod non possit dari rationeriis qui reviderent
o0202001.236vf 1435 giugno 28 Election of two lawyers of the Opera with salary set. Text: cum aliis consuetis dari aliis advocatis Opere.
o0202001.238vl 1435 agosto 12 Election of the master builder of the Parlascio wallworks in Pisa and letters to various persons regarding times and supplies of materials, contracting of the work and payment. Text: et quod placeat dari facere principium dicto
o0202001.247vb 1435/6 gennaio 24 Letter to the Podestà of Empoli instructing him to provide for demand of payment for the debt of the Commune. Text: de eo quod dari tenetur dicte Opere
o0202001.254vd 1436 giugno 15 Letter to the vicar of the Mugello instructing him to precept two of the richest men of Borgo San Lorenzo to pay the debt owed by that Commune to the Opera. Text: dictum Commune tenetur dari Opere seu ad
o0202001.254vg 1436 giugno 15 Letter to the administrator of the Parlascio gate of Pisa for the presentation of the account of the wallworks and for withdrawal, in Vicopisano, of the salary of the Podestà. Text: Pisanum et sibi dari faciat salarium Potestatis
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