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Archivio dell'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore

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Description of the archival unit

Descriptive title: Quaderno di cassa (cash book)
Original title: "Quaderno di cassa di Niccolaio di Giovannozzo Biliotti per l'anno 1434-1435" (in modern hand, presumably that of Cesare Guasti)
Terminal dates: 1434 August 4 - 1434/5 January 31
Physical description: register, rectagular format, 297x186mm, bound with modern parchment covered boards and closed with two cloth ribbons. The volume consists of 1-126 original paper leaves, of which cc. 1-2 and 123v-126v are blank. Coeval numeration in Roman numerals to c. 56 and from c. 57 to 121 in Arabic numerals; the numbers of cc. 98-103 are corrected from cc. 99-104. Inside the modern cover the original parchment cover is conserved and there are modern cardboard end leaves.
Conservation: The register is in good condition. The binding is modern.
Language: vernacular
Person(s) accountable: wardens of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore
Scribe: Niccolò di Giovannozzo Biliotti, treasurer of the Opera
Contents: double entry bookkeeping across two facing pages; chronological progression based on the first entry of each individual account.
Reproductions: digital high resolution color photographs of all the pages of the codex, Perulli, 2004
Editions: Some acts appear in the following publications: Poggi 1909, D'Accone 1960.

Notice concerning page numbering

Technical programming considerations have made it necessary to adapt the numbering system of the "Venetian style" double entry bookkeeping, which attributes the same number to left and right hand entries of the open pages, to the system used for all the other sources in this edition, with recto and verso numeration of each folio. As a result, the entries, regularly cited by the scribe with the number assigned to the right hand folio as referring to both facing pages, are identified in the digital edition with the number of the first verso page, causing a slippage of one unit between the original and modern citation. For example, a scribal reference to c. 10 corresponds to the acts cited in the edition on cc. 9v-10.

VIII 1 1 - Original reference texts

Annotations: front of original cover - "Domenicho/ Apolonio di Tiro son chiamato però che io so/ conti."
outside of original back cover - "Andrea di R-" (with "di R-" crossed out)
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