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o0202001.148vb 1431 settembre 25 Acceptance of the petition presented on account of some debtors for a large sum, which was unknown to the Opera, allowing for payment in annual installments. ufficiali
o0201080.016vb 1421/2 marzo 13 Acceptance of unsuitable marble cornice and payment of the carriage at reduced price. ufficiali
o0202001.078vg 1427/8 febbraio 24 Acquittal in favor of San Gimignano in the dispute over testamentary legacies. ufficiali
o0201070b.073c 1416/7 gennaio 9 Arrest for debt for wine and butchering gabelles of the Commune of Romena. ufficiali
o0204004.006t 1432 luglio 30 Assignment of a house. ufficiali
o0202001.003vd 1425 luglio 20 Authority to the administrator and the notary to have arrested debtors released with guaranty or with obligation of appearance. ufficiali
o0204004.009up 1432 settembre 5 Authorization to commission sandstone blocks for the oculus of the lantern. ufficiali
o0202001.047g 1426 dicembre 16 Authorization to cut in the forest of the Opera up to 30 towloads of (lumber), neither rough-hewn nor trimmed. ufficiali
o0201077.024vc 1419/20 febbraio 29 Authorization to the debt collectors to collect upon presentation of letter. ufficiali
o0204004.029o 1433 novembre 19 Authorization to work in Trassinaia solely to the masters nominated by the officials. ufficiali
o0201074.012e 1418 agosto 31 Cancellation of a tax already paid for livestock. ufficiali
o0202001.031c 1426 aprile 30 Cancellation of debt and prohibition to demand payment of debtor. ufficiali
o0204004.023va 1433 giugno 22 Contract for (marble). ufficiali
o0202001.254vf 1436 giugno 15 Deadlines for goldsmiths for presentation of designs of two silver candlesticks for the sacristy. ufficiali
o0201072.022vf 1417/8 febbraio 26 Destitution of a messenger for a month. ufficiali
o0201081.026d 1422 ottobre 29 Dismissal from office of debt collectors who gave to others the authority to demand payment in their place without permission and their pecuniary penalty. ufficiali
o0204004.012a 1432 ottobre 14 Election of the accountant of the amounts due to the Opera at the forced loans office. ufficiali
o0202001.191vd 1432 dicembre 3 Extinction of demand of payment and new procedure of notification of debt for the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. ufficiali
o0201070b.049vb 1416/7 gennaio 18 Guaranty for debt for forced loans. ufficiali
o0201070b.049e 1416/7 gennaio 15 Guaranty for debt for property gabelle of Commune of Vezzano. ufficiali
o0201070b.049g 1416/7 gennaio 16 Guaranty for the rector of San Giovanni di Capolona. ufficiali
o0202001.196ve 1433 aprile 18 Hiring of masters and registration of the days worked. ufficiali
o0204004.026vm 1433 settembre 1 Letter to a (stonecutter) for his return from Pisa. ufficiali
o0201075.014b 1418/9 marzo 24 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa for summons of debtors. ufficiali
o0201080.013c 1421/2 febbraio 25 Letter to the rectors and to officials about the right of carry out their work in accordance with the ordinances. ufficiali
o0202001.168va 1432 settembre 17 Notification of a debt for lumber cut for other parties without authorization. ufficiali
o0201077.007a 1419/20 gennaio 10 Notification to messengers and debt collectors of means and schedules for demand of payment and distraint to debtors. ufficiali
o0201070b.049va 1416/7 gennaio 18 Oath of the treasurer of the pawn gabelle and his guaranty. ufficiali
o0202001.161c 1432 maggio 28 Obligation of masters to keep their own hammers at the Opera worksite. ufficiali
o0201078.029va 1421 maggio 5 Order for demand of payment with penalty to the debtors on commission of the administrator and notary of the Wool Guild and the Opera. ufficiali
o0204004.015a 1432 dicembre 9 Order to dismantle the audience hall of the officials and prepare a new one in the sacristy. ufficiali
o0202001.202c 1433 luglio 3 Order to pay the contractors of white marble first. ufficiali
o0201086.010vd 1425 aprile 14 Order to place a denunciation box in the church, in the customary place, to permit denouncing of all the Opera's salaried personnel that disobeyed the orders. ufficiali
o0204011.022vh 1425 aprile 14 Order to place a denunciation box in the church, in the customary place, to permit denouncing of all the workers of the Opera who disobeyed the orders. ufficiali
o0202001.004b 1425 luglio 30 Order to rent the Trassinaia quarry, except the part reserved by the owners, and compensation of damages made there. ufficiali
o0201081.010va 1422 agosto 7 Order to the appointed officials not to accept broad bricks not corresponding to the measurements and shape of the form. ufficiali
o0201070b.003vc 1416/7 gennaio 25 Partial cancellation of debt for herd livestock gabelle because of double registration. ufficiali
o0204013.136g 1436 agosto 31 Payment for expenditures made on the occasion of the closing of the cupola. ufficiali
o0204013.085vf 1434 dicembre 28 Payment for gloves. ufficiali
o0201072.020c 1417/8 febbraio 17 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204008.010a 1417/8 febbraio 17 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204008.018a 1418 aprile 4 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204008.075a 1419/20 marzo 18 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0201078.069vc 1421 aprile 16 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204008.106vc 1421 aprile 16 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204009.075va 1423/4 gennaio 4 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204013.065a 1433 dicembre 10 Payment for petty expenses. ufficiali
o0204012.015vh 1426 aprile 29 Payment for purchase of gloves for the officials in occasion of the arrival of the Madonna of Impruneta. ufficiali
o0201084.046h 1424 aprile 13 Payment for purchase of kids for Easter. ufficiali
o0204004.019vl 1433 marzo 31 Payment for purchase of kids for Easter. ufficiali
o0201072.031vc 1418 aprile 6 Payment for push-carts, act crossed out. ufficiali
o0201083.070f 1423 ottobre 20 Payment for the purchase of geese. ufficiali
o0204013.043ve 1432 ottobre 29 Payment for the purchase of geese. ufficiali
o0204012.126vi 1429/30 febbraio 19 Payment for the purchase of gloves of various types. ufficiali
o0204013.004va 1430 dicembre Payment for the purchase of kid gloves. ufficiali
o0204008.040ve 1419 aprile 15 Payment for the purchase of kids. ufficiali
o0204012.130a 1430 aprile 8 Payment for the purchase of kids. ufficiali
o0204008.041a 1419 aprile 22 Payment for various expenditures. ufficiali
o0201077.065f 1420 aprile 12 Payment for various expenditures. ufficiali
o0204008.093va 1420 ottobre 31 Payment for various expenditures. ufficiali
o0204013.042va 1432 ottobre 13 Payment for various expenditures. ufficiali
o0201082.006vd 1422/3 marzo 9 Proclamation for redemption and sale of pawns. ufficiali
o0204004.010g 1432 settembre 19 Prohibition laid down against 5 masters drawn by lot to work without the permit of the officials. ufficiali
o0202001.158d 1432 aprile 16 Prohibition to enter the work site of the church for having committed a obscene act in the spiral staircase of the cupola. ufficiali
o0202001.158vh 1432 aprile 29 Prohibition to grant pardons to debtors unless the debt collector has received his fee. ufficiali
o0202001.252vm 1436 aprile 30 Prohibition to sell things belonging to the Opera beyond a certain value, with authorization to sell boards to three private persons. ufficiali
o0201082.006a 1422/3 marzo 9 Release of arrested person who is not the holder of the properties for which he was enjoined to pay. ufficiali
o0202001.132vd 1430 ottobre 3 Revocation of demand of payment, on condition, in accordance with a legal counsel. ufficiali
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. ufficiali
o0202001.144ve 1431 giugno 28 Rulings against the debtors. ufficiali
o0201078.031vd 1421 maggio 24 Rulings for release of arrested persons with at least 4 favorable votes. ufficiali
o0202001.095va 1428 dicembre 23 Sentence regarding a bequest made to the Opera of dotal properties of testator's sister, recognized as property of other legitimate heirs. ufficiali
o0202001.210a 1433/4 febbraio 3 Term for the forced sale to the Opera of a shed and of a garden intended for the use of Opera personnel. ufficiali
o0202001.180d 1436 aprile 27 Term of payment for debt to master builder with prohibition to demand payment in consideration of his poverty and family condition. ufficiali
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