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o0201075.017a 1419 aprile 6 Authority to two wardens to oversee the work for the Pope's residence with the exception of the stairs. Text: nunc approbaverunt et confirmaverunt et firma et
o0201077.021vd 1419/20 febbraio 23 Approval of previous resolution for the purchase of a house from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Text: contenta approbaverunt et confirmaverunt, ac etiam ad
o0201077.026vg 1419/20 marzo 15 Approval of guaranty. Text: fideiussionem approbaverunt et confirmaverunt pro sufficienti.
o0201077.040a 1420 maggio 14 Appraisal of an unfinished figure. Text: extimationem approbaverunt et confirmaverunt tamquam bene et
o0201077.040vd 1420 maggio 18 Appraisal and setting of price of compensation for the old hardware and lumber salvaged from the church and from demolition in the convent of Santa Maria Novella for the Pope's residence. Text: extimationem approbaverunt et confirmaverunt pro quantitate et
o0201078.014va 1420/1 marzo 17 Approval of a guarantor. Text: devetum, approbaverunt et confirmaverunt ex nunc Antonium
o0201078.045a 1421 giugno 26 Confirmation of house assigned to a canon required to make repairs at his expense. Text: et de novo confirmaverunt. Eo tamen apposito
o0201079.013va 1421 agosto 14 Sentence of the Wool Guild for controversy between debtors and wardens concerning debt of 3000 florins and term of payment with annual installments. Text: facta, approvaverunt et confirmaverunt et pro approbatis
o0201079.043ve 1421 novembre 21 Approval of terms of payment assigned by the notary of the Opera. Text: Item approbaverunt et confirmaverunt terminum supra per
o0201080.013a 1421/2 febbraio 25 Confirmation of terms previously decided. Text: VII mensis presentis confirmaverunt omnia et singula
o0201080.013e 1421/2 febbraio 25 Confirmation of contract for lumber. Text: Item confirmaverunt locationem lignaminis factam
o0201080.015va 1421/2 marzo 11 Confirmation of contract for lumber. Text: Item confirmaverunt duas locationes lignaminis
o0201081.008va 1422 agosto 7 Confirmation of the resolution on the tare for broad bricks with order to the administrator to register it in the accounts of the kilnmen under penalty of dismissal from his office, registration as debtors of those who purchased lumber at a lower price than was due and term for removing 7 cartloads of broad bricks. Text: dapnum Opere prelibate, confirmaverunt ipsam taram, reductionem
o0201081.010va 1422 agosto 7 Order to the appointed officials not to accept broad bricks not corresponding to the measurements and shape of the form. Text: consulibus Artis Lane confirmaverunt quamdam taram factam
o0201081.017va 1422 settembre 12 Confirmation and approval on the part of the consuls of the Wool Guild of a contract for hardware. Text: in ea contenta confirmaverunt et approbaverunt in
o0201082.007va 1422/3 marzo 16 Approval of contract with hoister of loads to the cupola. Text: ea approbaverunt et confirmaverunt in omnibus et
o0201082.007ve 1422/3 marzo 22 Term of payment for forced loans with confirmation of surety. Text: soldos viginti et confirmaverunt satisdatione per eum
o0201082.056a 1422/3 marzo 22 Contract to ox driver to hoist loads up to the cupola. Text: omnia approbaverunt et confirmaverunt.
o0201083.006va 1423 settembre 11 Confirmation of resolution in favor of the clergy of Castiglione Aretino that they should not be enjoined to pay for property gabelle and informative letter to the Podestà. Text: factam approbaverunt et confirmaverunt in omnibus et
o0201084.008a 1423/4 febbraio 23 Confirmation of work to cooper and price set for the material supplied. Text: in dicto artificio confirmaverunt in omnibus et
o0201086.003vd 1424/5 febbraio 12 Proclamation in the castle of Lastra with call for all those who wish to lease the kiln of Malmantile to make mortar. Text: servatis selempnitatibus opportunis confirmaverunt, approbaverunt ac emologaverunt
o0201086.016b 1425 maggio 16 Renewal of hiring of carpenter and setting of his salary for the winter and the summer. Text: Operam et Ghinum confirmaverunt, approbaverunt ac emologaverunt
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: in ea contenta, confirmaverunt, approbaverunt, emologaverunt atque
o0201086.019a 1425 maggio 22 Confirmation of contract made from the Ten of Pisa to carpenters for the doors of Malmantile. Text: in effectu describitur confirmaverunt, approbaverunt, emologaverunt ac
o0201086.020ve 1425 giugno 1 Correction of the tax on testaments and confirmation of contract for two statues. Text: a c. 11, confirmaverunt, approbaverunt et emologaverunt
o0201086.024a 1425 giugno 21 Confirmation of appointment of the administrator for another 6 months. Text: eligerunt, deputaverunt ac confirmaverunt in provisorem prefate
o0201086.024vb 1425 giugno 12 Renewal for six months of appointment of the scribe of the daily wages and of the master builder. Text: eligerunt, deputaverunt ac confirmaverunt Filippozium Giovenchi de
o0201086.030va 1424/5 febbraio 12 Ratification of the wardens on contract for transport of white marble. Text: omnes fabas nigras confirmaverunt, approbaverunt ac emologaverunt
o0201086.030vb 1424/5 marzo 2 Ratification of the cupola officials for contract for transport of white marble. Text: partito inter eos confirmaverunt, approbaverunt et emologaverunt
o0201086.032va 1424/5 marzo 20 Ratification of the wardens for contract for kiln load of mortar. Text: approbaverunt, emologaverunt et confirmaverunt in omnibus et
o0202001.012ve 1425 ottobre 31 Approval of the terms of payment granted by the administrator and the notary. Text: Item prefati operarii confirmaverunt, approbaverunt et emologaverunt
o0202001.015vc 1425 novembre 23 Letter to the Podestà of Vicopisano instructing him to demand payment of debtor for a piece of land located at Cesano, which is the object of litigation with the Opera. Text: sua parte approbaverunt, confirmaverunt atque emologaverunt; ac
o0202001.017va 1425 novembre 23 Confirmation of salary to masters. Text: modo et forma confirmaverunt infrascripta salaria infrascriptis
o0202001.043d 1426 ottobre 25 Report of the notary on legal counsel obtained for dispute with the Commune of San Gimignano and term of payment to the guarantor of said Commune. Text: ipsumque consilium approbaverunt, confirmaverunt atque emologaverunt in
o0202001.045vl 1426 novembre 14 Approval of the report made on the work at the castle of Lastra. Text: servatis servandis approbaverunt, confirmaverunt atque emologaverunt quemdam
o0202001.047vc 1426 dicembre 16 Election and relative confirmation of the administrator, the scribe and the master builder. Text: forma eligerunt ac confirmaverunt Bernardum Amerigi de
o0202001.066a 1427 settembre 11 Arbitration between the abbey of Settimo and its kilnman tenant for reimbursement to the latter of expenditures for repairs. Text: qualibet sui parte confirmaverunt, approbaverunt ac emologaverunt,
o0202001.068vd 1427 settembre 25 Election of (master) to serve for another and confirmation of the latter with increased salary. Text: penitus ac potius confirmaverunt.
o0202001.073va 1427 dicembre 12 Authority to the (administrator) and master builder for confirmation of a blacksmith's salary. Text: prefatorum fecerunt et confirmaverunt Piero Francisci fabro
o0202001.075c 1427 dicembre 30 Approval of guaranty for contract for 60.000 broad bricks with advance on payment. Text: ea contenta approbaverunt, confirmaverunt ac emologaverunt.
o0202001.078d 1427/8 gennaio 29 Confirmation of term of payment to the Commune of Montecarelli and Viesca. Text: Item confirmaverunt terminum factum per
o0202001.078i 1427/8 febbraio 24 Confirmation of guaranties. Text: servandis approbaverunt et confirmaverunt fideiussiones prestitas per
o0202001.081a 1428 aprile 8 Confirmation of term of payment for debt to the Commune of Pisa. Text: operarii servatis servandis confirmaverunt atque ratificaverunt terminum
o0202001.084vc 1428 maggio 18 Assignment of house to canon. Text: contenta approbaverunt et confirmaverunt manu mei notarii.
o0202001.092b 1428 ottobre 1 Confirmation of contract for the purchase of a hundred stones. Text: Item confirmaverunt quamdam locationem factam
o0202001.113vh 1429 ottobre 6 Authorization to the administrator to settle the account of the work at the castle of Malmantile according to the report of the arbitrators. Text: inter eos, ratificaverunt, confirmaverunt, approbaverunt ac emologaverunt
o0202001.129g 1430 settembre 6 Term of payment to the suburbs of Arezzo. Text: Item confirmaverunt quemdam terminum statutum
o0202001.129i 1430 settembre 6 Confirmation of a contract for broad bricks. Text: Item confirmaverunt locationem factam per
o0202001.134g 1430 dicembre 12 Prohibition for masters to work, confirmation of the nomination of unskilled workers. Text: causa, et alios confirmaverunt descriptos in libro
o0202001.134g 1430 dicembre 12 Prohibition for masters to work, confirmation of the nomination of unskilled workers. Text: Andreas Dominici; et confirmaverunt infrascriptos, videlicet: Masum
o0202001.142vn 1431 maggio 30 Confirmation of ruling of expulsion from houses of chaplains guilty of absenteeism. Text: expelli, prefatum partitum confirmaverunt et approbaverunt et
o0202001.144c 1431 giugno 20 Reconfirmation of a master carpenter. Text: Elleri eligerunt et confirmaverunt in magistrum lignaminis
o0202001.149vf 1431 ottobre 4 Confirmation of a purchase of white marble for Luca Della Robbia. Text: Item confirmaverunt quamdam emptionem factam
o0202001.152f 1431 dicembre 28 Hiring of masters. Text: in eorum audientia confirmaverunt dicta die dictum
o0202001.153f 1431/2 gennaio 18 Ratification of contracts made for lumber. Text: Item confirmaverunt locationes factas de
o0202001.156c 1431/2 marzo 14 Revocation of the resolution requiring the Alessandri heirs to make restitution of a deposit made to them in exchange for their shed and garden, of which the Opera now has need. Text: Artis approbaverunt ac confirmaverunt in qualibet sui
o0202001.160h 1432 maggio 10 Dismissal of masters and new hiring. Text: quos de novo confirmaverunt ad laborandum in
o0202001.173d 1428 aprile 30 Approval of resolution about procedures to be observed by the treasurer of the forced loans. Text: ea contenta approbaverunt, confirmaverunt ac emologaverunt.
o0202001.173e 1428 aprile 30 Ratification of allocation of funds in favor of the treasurer of the salt gabelle. Text: tenebatur, ratificaverunt et confirmaverunt in qualibet sui
o0202001.173va 1428 luglio 15 Approval of resolution for the construction of a tomb monument in a new chapel to be dedicated to Saint Zenobius. Text: contenta approbaverunt, ratificaverunt, confirmaverunt atque emologaverunt in
o0202001.177va 1431 luglio 8 Confirmation of the rehiring of a master. Text: servatis solempnitatibus opportunis confirmaverunt quamdam refirmam factam
o0202001.196a 1432/3 marzo 12 Approval of the resolutions of a warden who has gone on to another appointment. Text: peragendis servatis servandis confirmaverunt omnia deliberata et
o0202001.200vm 1433 giugno 18 Confirmation of rent of house for five years. Text: Item confirmaverunt Maso Dominici Berne
o0202001.219c 1434 luglio 23 Assignment of two new houses to chaplains. Text: in dicto claustro confirmaverunt ser Amselmo cappellano
o0202001.223e 1434 ottobre 22 Letter to the rectors of the countryside to have the barriers of the fisheries removed so that the marble boats coming from Pisa can pass. Text: modo et forma confirmaverunt litteras scriptas rectoribus
o0202001.228c 1434/5 marzo 10 Term to the (treasurer of the forced loans) for the presentation for auditing of his accounts of the 6 denari per lira collected for pardons. Text: Item confirmaverunt preceptum factum ex
o0202001.233c 1435 maggio 4 Confirmation of the rulings made against the treasurers whose accounts have been and will be reviewed according to what is decreed. Text: Item confirmaverunt omnia partita et
o0202001.233va 1435 maggio 6 Confirmation of the rental of a house. Text: modo et forma confirmaverunt locationem factam Lotto
o0202001.238a 1435 luglio 15 Term for exculpation from debt to the treasurers of the forced loans, in absence of which they will be dispatched to the debtors' registry. Text: die approbaverunt et confirmaverunt in qualibet sui
o0202001.238ve 1435 agosto 8 Salary of masters. Text: Item confirmaverunt salarium factum per
o0202001.241vi 1435 settembre 30 Confirmation of contract for corbels for the Parlascio gate of Pisa. Text: servandis deliberaverunt atque confirmaverunt et approbaverunt locationem
o0202001.244a 1435 novembre 26 Approval of the report made by some citizens nominated supervisors over the planning of the choir and high altar. Text: nemine ipsorum discrepante, confirmaverunt, approbaverunt et emologaverunt
o0202001.253a 1436 aprile 30 Confirmation of contract with lumber supplier. Text: modo et forma confirmaverunt locationem factam per
o0202001.255vr 1436 luglio 10 Confirmation of pardon for debt expired. Text: congregati ut supra confirmaverunt gratiam alias factam
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