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o0201079.007vc 1421 luglio 18 Restitution of pawn to person wrongfully enjoined to pay for debt for pardons of forced loans of person whose property he does not possess. Text: ... cuius bona non possidet, deliberaverunt quod
o0201070.003b 1416/7 gennaio 7 Term of payment: unfinished act. Text: ... de Montaio non gravetur per totum
o0201070.008vd 1416/7 febbraio 26 Term of payment for debt. Text: ... del Ricco non gravetur hinc ad
o0201078.027vb 1421 aprile 26 Valuation of a figure of marble. Text: ... intagliatorem et non completa, fuit per
o0201076.018a 1419 ottobre 7 Registration of the daily wages of a worker. Text: ... scribantur giornate non obstante etc.
o0201078.041ve 1421 giugno 16 Ruling in favor of the debt collectors for their rights on pawns. Text: ... venditionis facte, non obstante ordinamentis in
o0201082.011a 1423 aprile 23 Term of payment to the Commune of Scarperia. Text: 112 vel circa non graventur ad solvendum;
o0201079.070e 1421 agosto 20 Payment for the purchase of broad terracotta bricks. Text: 8565 terre cocte non bonis secundum formam
o0201083.009vb 1423 novembre 6 Prohibition to demand payment of debtors for debt for herd livestock. Text: a c. 192 non graventur quia dicte
o0202001.138ve 1430/1 marzo 8 Revocation of demand of payment for testament. Text: a c. 4, non gravetur realiter et
o0202001.140g 1431 aprile 13 Revocation in part of demand of payment. Text: a c. 17, non gravetur ad solvendum
o0201075.027va 1419 maggio 12 Term of payment. Text: a c. 22, non obstante quod non
o0201075.017vb 1419 aprile 6 Term of payment for debt for forced loans with release of arrested person. Text: a dicta captura, non obstante alia deliberatione
o0201072.016f 1417/8 gennaio 27 Authorization to the notary of testaments to elect the necessary debt collectors. Text: a dicta Opera non possent habere aliquod
o0201073.012vd 1418 giugno 2 Letter to the Podestà of Ripafratta with summons for the treasurer of the gabelles of the Podesteria, and obligation that he satisfy the person arrested in his stead. Text: a die precepti non videt litteram contemti
o0202001.174c 1428/9 febbraio 14 Acceptance of a larger shipment of broad bricks than agreed upon and cancellation of the advance received. Text: a prefata Opera non schomputetur, capsetur ac
o0201075.015vc 1419 aprile 3 Term of payment for debt for forced loans and property gabelle with deduction of gabelle erroneously paid twice. Text: a principio solvisset, non habuisset solvere dictos
o0201075.034e 1419 giugno 22 Injunction to the cashiers of the communal treasury to pay the total sum of the 6 denari per lira due to the Opera and concession of indemnification for the sums paid and not yet received. Text: ab aliquo et non ab omnibus, asseruerunt
o0201077.012c 1419/20 gennaio 29 Concession of house to canon after consultation of the remaining canons. Text: ab aliquo petita non fuerit, eidem concessa
o0201084.003vb 1423/4 gennaio 27 Prohibition to demand payment from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, because it is a charitable institution, and to demand payment of, arrest and distrain its personnel. Text: ab dicto gravamine, non obstante quibuscumque in
o0202001.085a 1428 maggio 26 Audit of the forced loans with obligation to the treasurer and (accountant) to exact unpaid sums from debtors, under penalty of being debited with same amount. Text: ab eis quod non solvissent et si
o0201074.020vc 1418 settembre 26 Letter to the Podestà of Laterina for confiscation of properties and term of payment for the new gabelles. Text: abbas dicte abbatie non gravetur hinc ad
o0201079.021ve 1421 agosto 30 Charge to the guard of the forest to mark and destroy the beech trees that, growing in the forest, prevent the growth of the fir trees with their shade. Text: abietis destruuntur et non crescunt, quod quidem
o0202001.166vd 1432 luglio 30 Reduction of the rights due to the debt collectors for having distrained a guarantor for a fraction of the debt. Text: ablata dicto Silvestro non excesserunt pretium florenorum
o0202001.205ve 1433 settembre 28 Term of payment to the Commune of Gangalandi. Text: ablatum et interim non gravetur.
o0201081.031vc 1422 dicembre 9 Restitution of pawn to person enjoined to pay as possessor of properties of debtor with agreement that he undertake to pay the debt, if no heirs are found. Text: ablatum et ulterius non gravetur, cum heredes
o0201085.003vd 1424 novembre 22 Letter with summons for debt for property gabelle. Text: absentia vel contum(acia) non obstantibus.
o0201086.003va 1424/5 febbraio 9 Proclamation with term for redemption of pawns. Text: absentia vel contumacia non obstantibus; et predicta
o0201075.034d 1419 giugno 22 Authorization to work outside the Opera. Text: absque alia deliberatione non obstante.
o0201080.035d 1422 giugno 16 Salary set for a (master) for the summer. Text: absque alio stantiamento, non obstantibus pro eo
o0201075.003ve 1418/9 gennaio 25 Exemption from the fine for late payment of the tax due for ringing the bell of the dead. Text: absque aliqua pena non obstante quod terminus
o0202001.088vg 1428 agosto 5 Annulment of salary allowance of the treasurer of the forced loans. Text: abstulerunt et anullaverunt, non obstante eius prefata
o0201086.011vc 1425 aprile 18 Letter to the Podestà of Palaia to free two debtors for right of recourse granted. Text: ac etiam quod non capiat a predictis
o0201070b.012ve 1416/7 marzo 3 Term of payment to the guarantor of the parish of Santo Stagio di Acone, his release and letter to the Podestà with injunction of payment. Text: Acone est captus, non relapsetur nisi primo
o0202001.107d 1429 giugno 1 Sale of study from demolished house. Text: actabitur dictum studium non possit extrahy sed
o0201080.060a 1422 giugno 10 Rent of shop in via dell'Oblazione with possibility of retrocession at the end of every year. Text: actendere etc. et non contrafacere etc. sub
o0202001.161vc 1432 giugno 6 Confirmation of the release of an arrested person not duly notified. Text: actento quod eidem non fuit factum preceptum
o0202001.196a 1432/3 marzo 12 Approval of the resolutions of a warden who has gone on to another appointment. Text: actento quod ipse non poterat exercere offitium
o0202001.198vc 1433 maggio 22 Restitution of a pawn due to the renunciation of an inheritance. Text: actento quod ipse non tenet nec possidet
o0202001.191vb 1432 dicembre 3 Release of arrested person with guaranty. Text: actento quod ipse non tenetur pro eis.
o0202001.210va 1433/4 febbraio 11 Order of arrest on grounds of breach of contract. Text: actento quod ipsi non observaverunt eorum conductam
o0202001.031c 1426 aprile 30 Cancellation of debt and prohibition to demand payment of debtor. Text: actetur quod deinceps non possit gravari per
o0201078.027b 1421 aprile 26 Revocation of demand of payment for testament because the debtor not is heir. Text: actetur quod gravari non possit; sed describatur
o0201075.032vb 1419 giugno 7 Drawing of the provost. Text: ad balneum et non poterat officium prepositi
o0201079.008vb 1421 luglio 24 Term of payment to debtor for pardons of forced loans. Text: ad declarandum quod non teneatur ut asseruit,
o0201077.006vf 1419/20 gennaio 10 Temporary revocation of demand of payment from the church of Santa Maria del Piano for debt for new gabelles and summons of the men of said parish indicated as true debtors. Text: ad dicendum quare non tenentur ad solutionem
o0201079.023vb 1421 settembre 5 Prohibition to masters designated for work on the cupola to absent themselves without permit. Text: ad dictam Operam non veniant cum fuerint
o0202001.240vm 1435 settembre 13 Restitution of pawns to holder of properties of an enjoined person because not held to pay. Text: ad dictum debitum non tenetur nec obligatus
o0201070b.023a 1417 maggio 27 Drawing of warden in substitution of another who has been dismissed. Text: ad dictum officium non cohadunabat nec ipsum
o0202001.032ve 1426 maggio 15 Dismissal of masters. Text: ad dictum tempus non intelligantur capsi sed
o0201081.017c 1422 settembre 11 Resolution to enter in the expenditures journal an allocation of funds for petty expenses not registered because of the messenger's death. Text: ad exitum scribi non potest absque confessionem,
o0202001.136f 1430/1 gennaio 26 Removal of the jetties along the via of the Campanile. Text: ad faciem et non aliter expensis Opere;
o0201086.005va 1424/5 marzo 7 Letter of reply to the administrator of Pisa concerning the manner of collection of revenue on testaments. Text: ad gabellam contractuum non irent omnia testamenta
o0202001.212vd 1433/4 marzo 24 Order to clean the door of the Opera and ensure that no one urinates upon it. Text: ad hoc ut non mingatur ibi.
o0202001.136vi 1430/1 febbraio 7 Revocation of demand of payment and restitution of pawn. Text: ad instantiam Opere non possit nec debeat
o0201070b.017vd 1417 aprile 16 Order to notary to register income entries with penalty and notification of the debt collectors who are going to demand payment outside the city. Text: ad introitum et non registravit, alias ipse
o0202001.135a 1430 dicembre 29 Prohibition to register two deposits as income without authorization. Text: ad introytum donec non delibereretur primo per
o0201079.002va 1421 luglio 4 Release of arrested debtors on condition that they make deposit and new term of payment. Text: ad introytum poni non debeat; quo elapso
o0201081.033va 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, who has damaged the Opera by not allowing lumber to pass, to pay the cost incurred for services of a hauler. Text: ad ipsam solutionem non teneri de quo,
o0201076.013b 1419 settembre 4 Permission to work outside the Opera to a master. Text: ad laborandum etc., non obstante etc.
o0201070.015vb 1417 aprile 10 Permission to work outside the Opera. Text: ad laborandum secum non intelligantur propterea capsi
o0202001.048vd 1426/7 gennaio 10 Oath of wardens and permission to register masters and unskilled workers to the book (of the scribe). Text: ad librum tamquam non contrafacissent dicte [de]liberationi.
o0202001.137vi 1430/1 febbraio 27 Authority to Brunelleschi to contract out the iron for the chains. Text: ad Operam et non aliter; et quicquid
o0202001.106i 1429 maggio 6 Permit to work outside the Opera to stonecutter. Text: ad Operam impune non obstante alia deliberatione
o0202001.217d 1434 maggio 28 Letter concerning the transport along the Arno of marble of which the Opera has urgent need. Text: ad Operam, et non aliter scharicare dictam
o0202001.229n 1435 aprile 1 Authorization to accept three previously refused pieces of marble and to register them in the suppliers' account. Text: ad Operam, que non fuerint acceptata, actento
o0202001.144vd 1431 giugno 28 Authorization to pay per diem wage to the workforce of Castellina hindered by the war from fulfilling their contract. Text: ad operas et non per viam conducte
o0202001.097vg 1428 dicembre 20 Term of payment for debt for forced loans and possibility of release of (debtor). Text: ad ostendendum se non teneri et hec
o0201083.008a 1423 ottobre 5 Order to sculptor to finish the marble figure already blocked out. Text: ad perfectionem conducere, non obstante proxima precedenti
o0202001.222vd 1434 ottobre 5 Restitution of pawn. Text: ad presens et non aliter.
o0201083.008d 1423 ottobre 5 Dismissal of workers from the Trassinaia quarry because of rain. Text: ad presens laborare non potest, deliberaverunt quod
o0202001.202vf 1433 luglio 7 Prohibition to continue a marble figure because not well made. Text: ad presens laborat non possit super ea
o0201073b.005vc 1418 maggio 4 Letter to the Podestà of Ponsacco for a demand of payment from the owners and the laborers for the property gabelle. Text: ad presens laboratores, non obstante quod debitum
o0202001.028ve 1426 aprile 29 Term and conditions for consignment of quarry stone mortar. Text: ad rationem predictam non obstante quod dicte
o0201073b.006e 1418 maggio 13 Term of payment. Text: ad Santum Laurentium non gravetur ad eorum
o0201070.008c 1416/7 febbraio 19 Term of payment to the Commune of Borgo San Lorenzo. Text: ad Santum Laurentium non gravetur hinc ad
o0201070.008d 1416/7 febbraio 19 Personal exemption from arrest for debts of the Commune of Borgo San Lorenzo. Text: ad Santum Laurentium non possit vel debeat
o0201085.006vb 1424 dicembre 9 Authority to the master builder to have a document written for the execution of the construction of the three outer doors of the castle of Lastra. Text: ad sequendum et non alium. ampone 1980,
o0201077.007vd 1419/20 gennaio 16 Term of payment for debt for property gabelle. Text: ad solutionem predictam non teneri.
o0201077.010c 1419/20 gennaio 23 Prohibition to demand payment for debt for property gabelle and forced loans. Text: ad solutionem predictarum non teneri, deliberaverunt quod
o0201074.008a 1418 agosto 12 Application of an exemption of the comptrollers for the gabelles concerning livestock. Text: ad solutionem vel non solutionem gabelle bestiarum
o0201079.052vb 1421 dicembre 23 Term of payment for balance of gabelles in part cancelled on grounds of penury to the Commune of Cortona and letter to the Priors of the city of Cortona for collection of the debt. Text: ad solvendum allegante non teneri rationibus et
o0201075.012d 1418/9 marzo 17 Term of payment to debtors for property gabelle. Text: ad solvendum et non graventur hinc ad
o0201075.010vc 1418/9 marzo 9 Term of payment to the church of San Michele a Legnaia. Text: ad solvendum et non gravetur hinc ad
o0201076.034c 1419 dicembre 14 Term of payment to the priory of Santa Maria a Mosciano for debt for property gabelle with guaranty. Text: ad solvendum et non gravetur hinc ad
o0201075.011a 1418/9 marzo 9 Term of payment. Text: ad solvendum et non gravetur hinc ad
o0201079.037d 1421 ottobre 30 Renewal of term of payment for pardons of forced loans. Text: ad solvendum et non observavit in termino,
o0201080.028b 1422 aprile 29 Declaration on partial suitability of the marble conveyed for the cornices of the main cupola and tare on the agreed price. Text: ad sufficientiam vel non et, reperta veritate
o0201086.014vc 1425 aprile 28 Letter to a debt collector enabling him to demand payment in countryside. Text: additione quod littera non comprendat circa precepta
o0202001.047va 1426 dicembre 16 Authorization to the administrator to make adjustments to the sacristy where the clerics sleep. Text: adeo quod aer non noceat eis propter
o0202001.212e 1433/4 marzo 24 Revocation of demand of payment against the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, heir of a debtor of the Opera. Text: ante adictionem hereditatis non bampnitis non teneatur
o0201080.055va 1421/2 marzo 12 Contract for broad bricks and guaranty. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201078.062c 1421 aprile 30 Contract for broad bricks to kilnmen with advance of part of the payment. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201079.057a 1421 settembre 24 Contract for broad terracotta bricks and of corner-pieces. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201081.055a 1422 agosto 28 Contract for various hardware with set price approved by the consuls of the Wool Guild. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201080.058va 1422 maggio 5 Contract for 1.600.000 broad bricks to be manufactured in four years in the Settimo kiln and relative guaranty. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201078.059va 1421 aprile 5 Contract to three stonecutters to quarry stones for the cupola in the Trassinaia quarry. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201078.057b 1420/1 gennaio 31 Purchase of broad bricks for the main cupola extended over six years with specification of the agreements of the contract. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201079.060a 1421 dicembre 17 Rent of a house for five years. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201084.030va 1424 marzo 30 Supply contract for white marble. Text: adimplere et contra non facere vel venire
o0201077.038vb 1420 aprile 30 Revocation of election and new appointment of messengers with salary and indemnity for attending to the affairs of the cupola. Text: adiunctus est labor non parvus de negotiis
o0201079.017vb 1421 agosto 20 Authorization to the scribe of the daily wages to pay wounded stonecutter even if he cannot work. Text: admicterentur dies licet non laboraret et eisdem
o0201080.005a 1421/2 gennaio 12 Letter to the Podestà of Agliana prohibiting demand of payment of the abbey of Agliana. Text: Agliani continens quod non gravet abatiam Agliane
o0202001.102vf 1428/9 marzo 12 Extension for the payment of tax on house and stoppage of prebend to canon for the duration of a permission to live outside the cloister. Text: agusti proxime futuri non retineatur pro tassa
o0202001.075e 1427 dicembre 30 Improvements to the house of a (canon). Text: alia acconcimina, dummodo non possit expendere nisi
o0201081.027c 1422 novembre 5 Cancellation of debt to sons declared not heirs and demand of payment from the true heir; renunciation of testamentary legacies for dowry remaining to the spouse and letter to the Podestà of Radda for demand of payment of the debtors. Text: alia bona sua non reperirentur, tunc et
o0201076.010h 1419 agosto 21 Authorization to work outside the Opera and return. Text: alia deliberatione etc. non obstante alia deliberatione
o0201073.010vh 1418 maggio 20 Permission to work outside the Opera. Text: alia deliberatione etc., non obstante etc.
o0201078.029d 1421 maggio 5 Oath of wardens. Text: alia facere et non aliter que secundum
o0201077.011vd 1419/20 gennaio 26 Restitution of pawn different from that deposited, which cannot be found. Text: alia tovaglia et non reperitur cuius sit,
o0201074.004vb 1418 agosto 4 Loan to the owner of a garden and shed of the value of that property and the relative gabelles in exchange for the usufruct with agreement to build a wall there and to make good other services. Text: aliam ecclesiam etc. non obstante etc.
o0201077.031e 1420 aprile 3 Authorization to count Holy Thursday and Saturday as working days. Text: alias dies festivas non celebrandas, et ipsi
o0202001.254vf 1436 giugno 15 Deadlines for goldsmiths for presentation of designs of two silver candlesticks for the sacristy. Text: alias elapso termino non acceptentur per eorum
o0202001.253vi 1436 maggio 22 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa for the convocation within two months of those contesting the properties of the rebels of the treaty of Vicopisano and Pisa with thanks for services rendered. Text: alias elapso termino non audientur. Item respondeatur
o0201072.026vl 1417/8 marzo 17 Audit of accounts of a debtor and payment deadline. Text: alias elapso termino non possit solvere sine
o0202001.240vd 1435 agosto 27 Revocation of demand of payment to (a debtor) following payment of the expenditures of the petition presented against the Opera accountant. Text: alias presens deliberatio non valeat.
o0202001.078vg 1427/8 febbraio 24 Acquittal in favor of San Gimignano in the dispute over testamentary legacies. Text: alii meo successori non posse in debitorem
o0201076.011c 1419 agosto 26 Drawing of the provost. Text: aliis consuetis etc.; non durat ulterius officium
o0202001.017vg 1425 dicembre 10 Letter to the Captain and to the supervisors of Pisa instructing them to command bargemen for the transport of white marble. Text: aliis scrafaiuolis quod non debeant charichare alias
o0201070b.024vc 1417 giugno 16 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for forced loans in consideration of dotal rights. Text: alios veriores etc., non graventur pro prestantiis
o0201077.007a 1419/20 gennaio 10 Notification to messengers and debt collectors of means and schedules for demand of payment and distraint to debtors. Text: alios, quod quidem non in decus officialium
o0201074.003g 1418 luglio 19 Prohibition to make loans without authorization. Text: aliqua alia persona non possit, audeat vel
o0202001.049b 1426/7 gennaio 10 Letter to the administrator of Pisa for proclamation about the testamentary legacies with term of payment. Text: aliqua pena, et non solvendo dicto termino
o0201070.012b 1416/7 marzo 11 Restitution of pawn. Text: aliqua solutione, quia non debebat solvere etc.
o0201081.009va 1422 agosto 7 Order to report to the debtors' registry the debtors in arrears for the new gabelles. Text: aliqui ad solvendum non accedunt, deliberaverunt quod
o0201073.014b 1418 giugno 3 Search for debtors among the workers at the Opera and outside persons with the obligation to give back the money owed. Text: aliqui debitores qui non laborent in dicto
o0201086.022vb 1425 giugno 12 Order to the notary of testaments to exact from debtors the amount deliberated by the consuls and wardens. Text: aliquid relictum seu non adscenderet ad summam
o0201074.010b 1418 agosto 23 Registration of debtors of the new gabelles. Text: aliquid solverint et non sint registrati, possint
o0201079.003c 1421 luglio 4 Extension of term of payment to debtor with surety of the guarantor. Text: aliquo conveniri et non aliter.
o0201078.060va 1421 aprile 9 Contract for broad bricks to a kilnman with advance of part of the payment. Text: aliquod eorum se non teneri, sed volens
o0202001.024vc 1425/6 marzo 18 Prohibition to the scribe of the daily wages, the master builder and the administrator to admit stonecutters without the approval the wardens. Text: aliquorum magistrorum qui non essent per partitum
o0202001.203b 1433 luglio 13 Authorization to the guard of the forest to pay a lumber supplier. Text: aliter dicta pecunia non solvatur eidem; et
o0201080.030d 1422 maggio 12 Detention of the ambassadors of the communes of the val di Nievole, except that of Montecatini, and new letter to the local vicar for his substitution with two other men. Text: aliter relatui eorum non credat.
o0202001.107vc 1429 giugno 3 Arrest of coal maker and his consignment to the officials of the Wool Guild. Text: aliud de novo non deliberabitur per eorum
o0202001.046c 1426 novembre 23 Prohibition to build to the castle of Lastra without permit, under penalty of its destruction. Text: aliud per operarios non deliberabitur, sub pena
o0202001.049vd 1426/7 gennaio 28 Term of payment to heirs and letter to the Podestà of Prato for alternative demand of the yield of the properties from their laborers. Text: aliud per operarios non graventur ad ipsorum
o0201078.008vb 1420/1 febbraio 7 Election of the guardian of the pawns. Text: aliud super predictis non fuerit per auctoritatem
o0201070b.002b 1416/7 gennaio 7 Term of payment for debt for herd livestock gabelle with promise of guaranty. Text: alius de Colle non gravetur pro gabella
o0202001.104vd 1429 aprile 12 Prohibition to accept supply of mortar and injunction of guarantors of kilnmen. Text: alius minister Opere non possint nec teneantur
o0201077.023c 1419/20 febbraio 26 Term of payment for debt for pardons. Text: alius pro eo non docuerit legitime non
o0202001.248h 1435/6 febbraio 8 Term of payment to the baptismal parish of Giogoli. Text: alla Nighettosa et non aliter.
o0202001.058vd 1427 maggio 7 Obligation to the Commune of San Gimignano to pay the testamentary legacies to the Opera, in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune of Florence. Text: allegatur dictum Commune non teneri ad solvendum
o0201076.009d 1419 agosto 11 Term of payment for debt. Text: Allexandri Benedicti Guccii non gravetur ad petitionem
o0201070b.026a 1417 giugno 30 Payment to the ex treasurer of the new gabelles for petty expenses. Text: allibratis et de non descriptis in extimo
o0201070.008va 1416/7 febbraio 25 Inspection of the sale of lumber. Text: alter ipsorum sufficiat non obstante quod alias
o0201075.031a 1419 maggio 31 Term of payment for pardons of forced loans. Text: altera dictarum solutionum non gravetur etc.
o0201077.033vc 1420 aprile 12 Prohibition to masters to work outside the Opera in the summer because of the urgent need to complete work on the third tribune. Text: alteri cuicumque comodari non possit durante estate
o0201077.075a 1420 giugno 12 Contract for quarry located in the parish of San Quirico a Marignolle. Text: alteri dictam cavam non locare nec contractum
o0201081.026d 1422 ottobre 29 Dismissal from office of debt collectors who gave to others the authority to demand payment in their place without permission and their pecuniary penalty. Text: alteri non erranti non possit modo aliquo
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: alterius floreni et non plus vel minus;
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