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Context of query
o0201072.031vb 1418 aprile 6 Term of payment for debt. Text: quod Iacobus Cortone non possit gravari hinc
o0202001.047vb 1426 dicembre 16 Election of the guard of the Duomo for feast days. Text: quod in ea non fiant nec operantur
o0202001.070vd 1427 ottobre 30 Assignment to canon of a house that had belonged to another canon, who became archbishop of Cefalonia. Text: quod in ea non possit intrare ad
o0202001.110e 1429 luglio 20 Assignment of a house to a chaplain. Text: quod in ea non teneatur intrare ante
o0202001.248e 1435/6 febbraio 6 Prohibition to the officials to allow work in the Opera in the days of Holy Thursday and Saturday, under penalty of dismissal from their appointment. Text: quod in Opera non possit anno quolibet
o0202001.100c 1428/9 gennaio 28 Reduction of the price of resale of towloads of lumber, to brink it in line with that applied by the master carpenters. Text: quod in Opera non venditur lignamen propter
o0201072.030va 1418 aprile 5 Incarceration and removal from the rolls of a stonecutter who offended an officer. Text: quod in perpetuum non possit laborare in
o0201075.017a 1419 aprile 6 Authority to two wardens to oversee the work for the Pope's residence with the exception of the stairs. Text: quod in scalis non possint vigore predictorum
o0201084.012e 1424 aprile 4 Concession of a marble head to Ciuffagni. Text: quod in veritate non bene fuit solutum
o0201083.011a 1423 novembre 18 Prohibition to demand payment on properties for dotal rights. Text: quod ipsa bona non graventur; bona specificata
o0201077.047va 1420 giugno 28 Prohibition to demand payment and declaration of exemption for the Podesteria of Peccioli in val d'Era. Text: quod ipsa communia non gravarentur quia exempta
o0201078.028vb 1421 aprile 29 Revocation of demand of payment for debt on grounds of penury. Text: quod ipsa domina non gravetur, nisi aliud
o0201073b.007vg 1418 maggio 28 Letter to the Podestà of Calci to revoke a demand of payment of debt for the new gabelles. Text: quod ipsa Potestaria non gravabitur hac de
o0201073b.006vb 1418 maggio 20 Letter to the Podestà of Calci regarding the dispute pertaining to the payment for the new gabelles, with acquittal of the treasurer of that place for having paid the sum to third parties. Text: quod ipse Antonius non est in aliqua
o0201084.002va 1423/4 gennaio 13 Letter to the Podestà of Prato with summons for debt for forced loans and restitution of pawns to holder of debtor's properties. Text: quod ipse Antonius non possidet bona dicti
o0201076.036vh 1419 dicembre 20 Letter to the Podestà of Cascia with summons of a debtor and prohibition to demand payment from another property owner. Text: quod ipse Iacobus non gravetur hinc ad
o0201076.012vf 1419 settembre 4 Assignment of house to canon. Text: quod ipse ipsam non vult, ex tunc
o0201070.010b 1416/7 marzo 2 Restitution of pawn and exemption from debt for pardon of forced loans. Text: quod ipse Nardus non gravetur sed gravetur
o0201073b.007e 1418 maggio 24 Term of payment for forced loans and partial reimbursement of the new gabelles. Text: quod ipse Tellus non gravetur et quod
o0201080.021vd 1422 marzo 31 Cessation of harassment and exemption from debt for property gabelle by resolution of the office of the comptrollers. Text: quod ipse Valorinus non posset realiter vel
o0201080.032a 1422 maggio 20 Moratorium on the payment on the part of the supplier of lumber for its towing from the weir of Betto Busini to the Opera until new resolution of the wardens. Text: quod ipsis trahinatoribus non solvatur nec satisfiat
o0201078.037vb 1421 giugno 6 Revocation of demand of payment to debtor for testamentary bequest because not heir. Text: quod ipsius Pieri non est heres, nec
o0201070b.021a 1417 maggio 13 Letter to the Priors of the Popolo of Castiglione for audit of the debt of the new gabelles with release of two citizens of said Commune. Text: quod iura ipsius non fuerit audita et
o0201080.010a 1421/2 gennaio 29 Concession of right of recourse to debtor for property gabelles and testaments. Text: quod iuste deprecanti non denegentur assensus, premisso
o0201079.017vc 1421 agosto 20 Concession of right of recourse in favor of one who has paid the debts for the parish of the baptismal parish of San Stagio a Acone. Text: quod iuste deprecanti non denegetur assensum, servatis
o0201080.026b 1422 aprile 24 Authorization to the administrator to contract out the transport of log rafts from the port of Dicomano to that of San Francesco. Text: quod iuste deprecanti non denegetur assensus actento
o0201081.017ve 1422 settembre 12 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for forced loans and pardons for previous dotal rights. Text: quod iuste deprecanti non denegetur assensus vigore
o0202001.144vf 1431 giugno 28 Order to measure lumber. Text: quod lignamen reperitur non fore ad mensuras
o0201082.008vd 1423 marzo 30 Term of payment for debt for forced loans. Text: quod Matteus Mazze non gravetur pro prestantiis
o0201075.020ve 1419 aprile 22 Term of payment with release of arrested person. Text: quod mihi videbitur, non tamen ultra florenos
o0202001.160h 1432 maggio 10 Dismissal of masters and new hiring. Text: quod Niccolaus Buyonis non possit laborare in
o0201070b.023vc 1417 giugno 2 Term of payment to guarantor of the parish of San Lorenzo a Monterappoli. Text: quod Niccolettus Truffini non gravetur pro populo
o0201070b.023e 1417 maggio 28 Term of payment for unspecified debt. Text: quod Nofrius Albizini non gravetur hinc ad
o0202001.119e 1429 dicembre 19 Order to the administrator to deduct one third of the sum owed by a kilnman from the payment for a supply of broad bricks. Text: quod notarius Opere non possit poni stantiamentum
o0201074.064c 1418 dicembre 23 Payment for contract for mortar with promise of consignment at the conditions fixed. Text: quod Opus noluerit, non supplecitur in alio
o0201076.006ve 1419 luglio 19 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for forced loans to person determined not to be heir. Text: quod Paulus Truffini non gravetur pro prestantiis
o0202001.136va 1430/1 gennaio 26 Removal and reutilization of building materials from the street of the Tolosini palace. Text: quod pecunia Opere non potest expendi nisi
o0202001.256i 1436 luglio 30 Rulings for the provision of hard stones from the Canigiani quarry. Text: quod per eas non possit transiri et
o0201074.023va 1418 ottobre 19 Transfer of account for property gabelle to forced loans. Text: quod per hec non preiudicetur alicui iuri
o0201081.016b 1422 settembre 10 End of rental of the quarry of Monte Oliveto sublet to quarrier. Text: quod per predicta non intendit se obligare
o0201072.032vb 1418 aprile 6 Release of a person arrested for debt with arrest of his guarantors. Text: quod per predictam non intelligantur liberati alii
o0201077.075a 1420 giugno 12 Contract for quarry located in the parish of San Quirico a Marignolle. Text: quod per predictum non intendunt nec volunt
o0201079.046vd 1421 novembre 28 Term of payment given to a debtor. Text: quod Pierus Cambini non gravetur pro debitore
o0202001.248va 1435/6 febbraio 8 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa asking them not to impose gabelle charges on the bargemen who shipped the rope for the great cupola. Text: quod placeat eis non molestare schafraiuolos qui
o0202001.249f 1435/6 febbraio 23 Letter to the Captain and to the Podestà of Pisa instructing them to take no measures, without permit of the wardens, on stones and bricks of two ruined towers, before the site inspection for the fortification of the Parlascio gate. Text: quod placeat eis non permictere aliquem de
o0201070b.005vb 1416/7 gennaio 29 Term of payment to the rector of Calenzano. Text: quod plebanus Calenzani non gravetur hinc ad
o0201081.030vc 1422 dicembre 2 Renunciation of rental of the quarry of Niccolò Rinucci at the expiration of the contract, prohibition with penalty of transit on the street constructed by the Opera that leads to the quarry and authorization to administrator and master builder to sell stones. Text: quod postea Opera non indiget lapidibus dicte
o0201070b.008d 1416/7 febbraio 17 Term of payment to the Podesteria of Laiatico with guaranty and letter to the Podestà for payment of the debt. Text: quod Potestaria Laiatici non gravetur hinc ad
o0201070b.008e 1416/7 febbraio 17 Term of payment to the Podesteria of Ripafratta with guaranty, release of arrested person and letter to the Podestà instructing him to force the debtors to pay. Text: quod Potestaria Ripefratte non gravetur hinc ad
o0201086.010c 1425 aprile 12 Letter to the administrator of Pisa for copy of writings concerning a testamentary bequest. Text: quod prefata Opera non possit petere predictum
o0202001.033b 1426 maggio 17 Letters to the captains of Pisa and Livorno about the white marble to be conveyed. Text: quod prefata Opera non potest dare expeditionem
o0202001.164vd 1432 luglio 11 Election of debt collectors with regulations about fees for precepts to debtors. Text: quod prefati exactores non possint gravare aliquos
o0202001.041vg 1426 ottobre 2 Authorization to the provost to grant debtors terms of payment to be fixed at the next meeting of the wardens. Text: quod prefati operarii non possint congregari in
o0202001.147vb 1431 agosto 21 Removal of the household goods from the houses of the chaplains who failed to observe liturgical duties. Text: quod prefatos cappellanos non acceptet in sacristia
o0202001.118vf 1429 dicembre 14 Prohibition of new contracts to defaulting supplier of lumber. Text: quod prefatus conductor non conduxit lignamen prefatum
o0202001.149vb 1431 settembre 25 Restitution of house keys with condition that they not be given to a chaplain. Text: quod prefatus Francischus non det neque tradat
o0202001.174c 1428/9 febbraio 14 Acceptance of a larger shipment of broad bricks than agreed upon and cancellation of the advance received. Text: quod presentes operarii non obstante deliberatione facta
o0202001.179a 1434 aprile 22 Construction of two, rather than three, houses for chaplains in the cloister of the chapter. Text: quod pro expensis non excedatur quovis modo
o0202001.215vl 1434 aprile 30 Payment for transport of bricks. Text: quod propter pluviam non potuerunt conduci per
o0201073.009b 1418 maggio 4 Oath of six wardens and release of a person arrested because ambassador. Text: quod propterea capi non poterat, quod ipse
o0202001.027h 1426 aprile 17 Letters to the rectors and officials of the countryside about norms for demand of payment of the debtors served with notice. Text: quod quidem gravamentum non possit per ipsum
o0201080.033a 1422 giugno 3 Rulings against large animals that enter in the forest, except oxen for towing lumber, and letter to the Podestà of Portico and Dicomano ordering them to proclaim the decree. Text: quod quidem in non parvum dicte Opere
o0202001.004b 1425 luglio 30 Order to rent the Trassinaia quarry, except the part reserved by the owners, and compensation of damages made there. Text: quod quidem terrenum non poterat proici in
o0202001.100c 1428/9 gennaio 28 Reduction of the price of resale of towloads of lumber, to brink it in line with that applied by the master carpenters. Text: quod redundat in non modicum dampnum et
o0201075.025c 1419 aprile 29 Prohibition to increase the salaries of the masters. Text: quod salaria suprascripta non possint quoquo modo
o0202001.076d 1427/8 gennaio 14 Concession to contract out to carters and bargemen the transport of white marble from Pisa to the Opera. Text: quod schafra qualibet non conduceret maior quantitas
o0201074.022e 1418 ottobre 8 Prohibition to convey hard stones from the quarry belonging to Cagnano to the Opera and notification to the owner. Text: quod si conduceret non possit scribi nec
o0202001.220f 1434 agosto 14 Letter to the notary of the Podestà of Ripoli and Galluzzo about the demand of payment from the men of Ripoli. Text: quod si predicta non fecerint erunt capti
o0202001.222vf 1434 ottobre 5 Letter to the count of Poppi regarding the exemption from the lumber gabelle. Text: quod sibi placeat non exigere gabellam aliquam
o0201077.021d 1419/20 febbraio 21 Cancellation of debt and correction of account entry corresponding to pawns sold. Text: quod sic scribi non debebat, ponatur creditor
o0201076.035vc 1419 dicembre 15 Term of payment for debt. Text: quod Simon Ciari non gravetur ad eorum
o0201074.027d 1418 novembre 4 Term of payment. Text: quod Simon Ciari non gravetur hinc ad
o0201079.009a 1421 luglio 24 Authorization to the provost and his partner to set terms of payment to debtors. Text: quod suprastant quare non congregatur officium et
o0201074.009va 1418 agosto 19 Announcement of competition for the model of the cupola, that is to say for its armature, scaffolding and other things concerning construction. Text: quod suus modellus non capiatur etc. Et
o0202001.081vc 1428 aprile 19 Mode of payment for legal counsel requested from expert for default of (lumber suppliers) due to the war. Text: quod tempore guerre non potuerunt facere que
o0202001.034va 1426 giugno 7 Declaration in favor of the treasurer of the salt gabelle for having paid the amount due to the Opera in accordance with the ordinances of the Commune. Text: quod tempus finitum non potuit aliquo modo
o0201072.016vf 1417/8 febbraio 1 Term of payment and corresponding guaranty. Text: quod Testa vinatterius non possit gravari infra
o0202001.127g 1430 maggio 11 Contract for cutting and supply of towloads of lumber in accordance with quantity and measurements indicated by the master builder. Text: quod ubi predicta non fecerit prefatis mensuris,
o0201076.036vc 1419 dicembre 19 Term of payment for debt. Text: quod Valorinus Barne non gravetur ad eorum
o0201080.018vd 1421/2 marzo 17 Deduction of account entry erroneously debited twice. Text: quod, quia nomina non concordant, excomputatio fieri
o0201073.003ve 1418 aprile 16 Letter to the Podestà of Borgo San Lorenzo to reimburse the expenditures incurred by an arrested person. Text: quod, si sibi non satisfacient, ipsi gravabuntur
o0201079.007va 1421 luglio 18 Reduction of price agreed upon for supply of sandstone blocks not corresponding to specifications. Text: quolibet bracchio et non ulterius; et in
o0202001.065va 1427 agosto 20 Acceptance of 10 broad bricks, although partially broken, every 100 supplied from kilnmen. Text: quolibet centinario, dummodo non sint rupti nisi
o0201074.028vb 1418 novembre 16 Election of the vice master builder and authorization to allocate his salary allowance. Text: quolibet die etc.; non tamen possint dicti
o0201074.026f 1418 ottobre 27 Obligation to the workforces employed during the winter to work in the summer as well. Text: quolibet eorum qui non laboraret etc.; et
o0201076.008d 1419 agosto 2 Letter to the Captain of Pisa with summons for four Pisan citizens. Text: quolibet eorum qui non venerit dicto tempore;
o0201074.029c 1418 novembre 24 Letter to the Captain of Pisa with summons for two Pisan citizens and order to demand payment of and imprison their guarantors if they fail to appear. Text: quolibet eorum qui non venerit et propterea
o0201075.022b 1419 aprile 26 Letter of summons to Pisan citizens and letter to the Captain of Pisa in order that he solicit them. Text: quolibet eorum qui non veniet; et predicta
o0202001.041h 1426 settembre 24 Authority to Brunelleschi and the (administrator) to lease the Trassinaia quarry. Text: quolibet magistro et non pro maiori pretio,
o0202001.143g 1431 giugno 8 Hiring of masters and setting of the salary of the boy of the Trassinaia quarry. Text: quolibet mense et non aliter.
o0202001.023vb 1425/6 marzo 12 Authorization to the administrator to contract out supply of quarry stone mortar. Text: quolibet mense et non petere aliam summam,
o0201077.074vb 1420 giugno 3 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone without pebbles with advance on payment. Text: quolibet mense fieri non debeat pro dictis
o0201080.016vb 1421/2 marzo 13 Acceptance of unsuitable marble cornice and payment of the carriage at reduced price. Text: quolibet miliario et non maiori vel minori.
o0202001.233g 1435 maggio 6 Authorization of payment for the purchase of broad bricks contracted out at set price to two (kilnmen). Text: quolibet miliario, et non possit pro maiori
o0202001.075vh 1427/8 gennaio 8 Injunction for debt collector with term for consignment of the pawns. Text: quolibet pignore quod non consignaret dicto tempore
o0201072.032d 1418 aprile 6 Election of the messengers and setting of their salary with guaranties. Text: quolibet quarterio et non plures pena librarum
o0201084.010vc 1423/4 marzo 22 Authorization to sell lumber at reduced price. Text: quolibet traino et non pro maiori quantitate;
o0202001.134va 1430 dicembre 29 Authorization to a warden to have fir trees cut in the forest of the Opera. Text: quolibet trayno abetis non inciso et recto
o0202001.166vl 1432 luglio 30 Cancellation of a debt incurred for omitted attestation of the timely delivery of lumber. Text: quolibet trayno lignaminis non conducti infra tempus
o0202001.043d 1426 ottobre 25 Report of the notary on legal counsel obtained for dispute with the Commune of San Gimignano and term of payment to the guarantor of said Commune. Text: quomodo ad predicta non habere locum, ac
o0202001.095va 1428 dicembre 23 Sentence regarding a bequest made to the Opera of dotal properties of testator's sister, recognized as property of other legitimate heirs. Text: quoniam in eo non asseritur per eos
o0202001.022d 1425/6 febbraio 14 Term of payment to the heirs of a debtor. Text: quoquo modo, et non solvendo per totam
o0201075.011vd 1418/9 marzo 13 Election of the accountant. Text: quorum ratio alias non fuit revisa per
o0202001.228b 1434/5 marzo 10 Oath of warden and order to consign a certain sum to an ex treasurer and his successors until there accounts are audited. Text: quorundam camerariorum Opere non revisas in non
o0201076.007c 1419 agosto 2 Order to master of go to work to the stairs of the Pope's residence in Santa Maria Novella. Text: quousque compleantur, inde non discedat seu laboret
o0202001.133f 1430 ottobre 5 Rent of a garden with stable and shed to the notary of the Opera. Text: quousque prefata Opera non laborari faciet in
o0202001.015b 1425 novembre 21 Prohibition to coerce the Commune of San Gimignano to pay. Text: quousque prefati operarii non determinaverint aliud ipsum
o0201072.026i 1417/8 marzo 12 Letter regarding an imprisoned person. Text: Rabattam et eum non relapsent sine eorum
o0201072.024ve 1417/8 febbraio 28 Guarantee of freedom from arrest for the guarantor of a parish for a debt of properties of the third year. Text: rata sibi tangenti, non possit capi pro
o0202001.163d 1432 luglio 2 Injunction to the outgoing treasurer to give back to a kilnman a sum withheld for rent due. Text: ratiocinerii prefati Tomaxii non possint saldare computum
o0201070.002d 1416/7 gennaio 4 Term of payment to the clergy of Montepulciano. Text: rationabiliter solvere et non solventes etc.
o0202001.141b 1431 aprile 26 Salary set for masters. Text: rationem infrascriptam et non aliter, nomina et
o0201081.008b 1422 agosto 4 Reduction by one quarter of the price for defective broad terracotta bricks. Text: rationem predictam et non maiorem quantitatem eisdem
o0201086.020d 1425 giugno 1 Order to the administrator to debit rotten lumber to the lumber suppliers. Text: rationem seu quod non tenerentur aliquid a
o0201073.011e 1418 maggio 24 Notification of deadline to the communal treasurers to give notice of the amounts owed to the Opera that they have collected and to make the corresponding settlement. Text: rationes reddidissent sed non solvissent id quod
o0201078.020vc 1421 aprile 7 Cancellation of debt for testament because the debtor is not heir. Text: Raynerii de Cavalcantibus non est heres nec
o0202001.113ve 1429 ottobre 10 Order to remodel the Florentine Studio without exceeding the sum foreseen. Text: reactatione in totum non possit expendere nisi
o0202001.002b 1425 luglio 3 Order to the administrator to enjoin, with term for restitution, those who hold things belonging to the Opera and oath of two wardens. Text: realia et personalia non facerent modo predicto,
o0202001.032a 1426 giugno 17 Letter to the supervisors of Pisa for the election of a notary of the contracts office; letter to the Captain of Pisa for proclamation for the resolution of contracts; letters to the notaries of Pisa and Florence and to the treasurer of Pisa about regulations to be observed. Text: realiter et personaliter non solventes et solvere
o0202001.200vg 1433 giugno 16 Order to the stonecutters to each keep a hammer of his own. Text: reassignare et repertos non habere, deinceps non
o0201078.003va 1420/1 gennaio 14 Debit to supplier for lumber due from the Commune of San Godenzo for debt and term of consignment to the same Commune. Text: receperit et aliter non recipiat. Et fecerunt
o0201076.026a 1419 ottobre 24 Term of payment to the Commune of Pisa for debt for pardons with obligation to pay a percentage to the accountant. Text: recepisset et seu non fecisset in maxima
o0201079.026va 1421 settembre 17 Cancellation of debt for property gabelle already paid in the Commune where the same property is located. Text: recepte ab eisdem non obstante in contrarium
o0201077.074vb 1420 giugno 3 Contract for supply of mortar of Alberese stone without pebbles with advance on payment. Text: recipere et habere non cogantur nec ad
o0201075.030a 1419 maggio 31 Election of accountant for the accounts of the cashiers of the communal treasury. Text: reciperet et Operi non solvisset etc.
o0202001.189d 1432 ottobre 22 Regulations given to the treasurer for the punctual registration of collections. Text: recipiet pecunie et non sub alia die,
o0201077.006vf 1419/20 gennaio 10 Temporary revocation of demand of payment from the church of Santa Maria del Piano for debt for new gabelles and summons of the men of said parish indicated as true debtors. Text: recthor vel bona non graventur pro debito
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: redditus ad sufficientiam non existerant; et volentes
o0201074.023b 1418 ottobre 12 Partial cancellation of tax on livestock. Text: redierunt, et si non essent exempti solvissent
o0202001.212e 1433/4 marzo 24 Revocation of demand of payment against the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, heir of a debtor of the Opera. Text: reformationem Communis Florentie non potest gravari, ideo
o0201081.015vc 1422 settembre 4 Cancellation of debt after have having seen the resolution of the comptrollers. Text: regulatorum continentem quod non gravetur pro eo,
o0201072.031g 1418 aprile 5 Release of arrested persons and letter to the Podestà of Calci regarding the relative deposit. Text: relapsentur et quod non possint capi vel
o0201073.013a 1418 giugno 2 Conviction of a notary for failing to have executed the court summons that had been sent to the Podestà of Ripafratta regarding the new gabelles and the release of a person arrested on account of the debts of the Podesteria. Text: relapsetur et Operi non solvitur et dicte
o0202001.153vi 1431/2 febbraio 4 Shifting of the tombs at the bell tower and transferral of the confraternity of Saint Zenobius. Text: remaneat integra et non aliter.
o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: remediis opportunis compelli non obstante termino suprascripto
o0201076.002a 1419 (luglio 1) Incipit with the wardens in office during the semester. Text: remoti quia dixit non posse dictum officium
o0201078.041vb 1421 giugno 13 Revocation of demand of payment for renunciation of inheritance and release of arrested person. Text: renumptiatione predicta et non aliter.
o0201078.041vb 1421 giugno 13 Revocation of demand of payment for renunciation of inheritance and release of arrested person. Text: renumptiaverunt et bona non possident, non graventur
o0201086.021vb 1425 giugno 8 Order to the administrator to cancel the credit of two suppliers of white marble who turn out not to be creditors. Text: reperierunt dictos conductores non esse veros creditores
o0201080.028b 1422 aprile 29 Declaration on partial suitability of the marble conveyed for the cornices of the main cupola and tare on the agreed price. Text: reperta veritate quod non sit receptibilem, per
o0201078.040va 1421 giugno 13 Revocation of demand of payment for debt for testament of person determined not to be an heir. Text: reperto quod heres non sit nec possessor
o0201076.007va 1419 agosto 2 Revocation of balance of debt to the church of San Martino of Luco for gabelle on properties also belonging to the church of San Michele of Figliano and new term of payment to the latter. Text: residuo cancelletur, quia non habet bona sed,
o0201070b.006vc 1416/7 febbraio 9 Partial cancellation of debt for tax on persons for salt. Text: residuo cancelletur, quia non habet plures.
o0202001.102a 1428/9 gennaio 9 Acceptance of legal counsel given on house of the Cortigiani. Text: residuo dotis et non reperio quantitatem certam
o0201080.009d 1421/2 gennaio 29 Cancellation of balance of debt for herd livestock gabelle. Text: residuo solvere debet non pluribus et pro
o0201080.022vd 1422 marzo 31 Prohibition to demand payment and cancellation of debt for balance of gabelle on small animals. Text: restare videtur debitor non gravetur personaliter vel
o0202001.167i 1432 agosto 12 Restitution of a pawn due to the renunciation of an inheritance. Text: restituatur, actento quod non acceptavit eius heredit[atem].
o0202001.031vd 1426 maggio 10 Prohibition to demand payment and restitution of pawn to debtors. Text: restituatur, et quod non graventur donec fuerit
o0201086.032a 1424/5 marzo 16 Contract for a kiln load of mortar for the castle of Malmantile. Text: restituendo in casu non dederit dictam chalcem
o0201070.015f 1417 aprile 10 Prohibition to play games on the square of Santa Maria Nepotecosa. Text: retineat ludum et non prestet tabulerios super
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