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o0201072.018ve 1417/8 febbraio 10 Pay supplement rewarded to a master. Text: eidem de aliquo providere ut aliis transeat
o0201074.012vb 1418 agosto 31 Sentence to reduce the new gabelles imposed against the Commune of Castiglione Fiorentino, in virtue of the authority attributed to the wardens to examine the protest of immunity advanced by the men of said Commune. Text: et utilitatibus salubriter providere, deliberamus et declaramus
o0201074.024d 1418 ottobre 19 Removal of the master builder on account of age and inability to supervise work above and atop the walls. Text: tempore, quia opportebit providere in altum et
o0201075.017a 1419 aprile 6 Authority to two wardens to oversee the work for the Pope's residence with the exception of the stairs. Text: scalis possint facere, providere, deliberare et stantiare,
o0201077.009vb 1419/20 gennaio 19 Salary of the accountants to be determined in accordance with the ordinances of the Wool Guild. Text: prout conveniens est providere, servatis servandis ut
o0201077.010e 1419/20 gennaio 23 Order to respect the terms of an allocation of funds for supply of Carrara marble. Text: predictis prout requiritur providere, declaraverunt predictos Pierum
o0201077.014va 1419/20 febbraio 7 Order to the treasurer accept in his own account the debtors from the previous financial period. Text: presens fieri potest providere, premisso et facto
o0201077.017va 1419/20 febbraio 7 Election of debt collectors. Text: volentes in predictis providere et ad electionem
o0201077.018a 1419/20 gennaio 29 Dismissal of debt collectors for dishonest conduct. Text: de opportuno remedio providere servatis servandis ut
o0201077.021vd 1419/20 febbraio 23 Approval of previous resolution for the purchase of a house from the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Text: de opportuno remedio providere, premisso et facto
o0201077.027a 1419/20 marzo 15 Order to increase the value of pawns to satisfy the rights of the debt collectors. Text: iustum esse cognoverunt providere servatis servandis ut
o0201077.031vd 1420 aprile 12 Salary set for workers for the summer and the winter. Text: putaverunt circa predicta providere, premisso et facto
o0201077.033e 1420 aprile 12 Proclamation for redemption or sale of pawns. Text: predicta ut convenit providere deliberaverunt quod quecumque
o0201077.033vc 1420 aprile 12 Prohibition to masters to work outside the Opera in the summer because of the urgent need to complete work on the third tribune. Text: predicta ut convenit providere, deliberaverunt ut supra
o0201077.034a 1420 aprile 16 Election of the supervisors of the cupola with salary set and election of master masons. Text: presens convenire cognoscunt providere et ipsi constructioni
o0201077.034va 1420 aprile 16 Authorization to buy a house. Text: predictis de remedio providere, confixi de legalitate,
o0201077.035a 1420 aprile 19 Evaluation of advice and new measures for the 6 denari per lira due for pardons. Text: supradicte non possint providere nec providendo minuere
o0201077.038va 1420 aprile 30 Contract to new sculptor to complete the figure of Ciuffagni, using the same allocation of funds. Text: prout utile crediderunt providere, deliberaverunt quod ipsa
o0201077.038vb 1420 aprile 30 Revocation of election and new appointment of messengers with salary and indemnity for attending to the affairs of the cupola. Text: volentes ipsorum indepnitati providere, maxime ut ad
o0201077.041g 1420 maggio 20 Salary set for sawyers of lumber for the Pope's residence. Text: predicta prout expedit providere servatis servandis ut
o0201077.042va 1420 maggio 29 Prohibition to masters to absent themselves or dedicate themselves to other work without permission, before the completion of the tribune. Text: possunt, volentes predictis providere deliberaverunt quod nulli
o0201077.044c 1420 giugno 12 Sale of pawns and measures for the restitution of the profits to the distrained persons. Text: melius fieri potest providere, deliberaverunt quod quandocumque
o0201077.044vf 1420 giugno 15 Election of supervisors of the forest to repair the damages caused in it by lack of surveillance. Text: respectibus videre et providere, tum quia assertum
o0201077.045vb 1420 giugno 28 Hiring of workforce and dismissal of stonecutters not useful for the construction of the cupola, which is about to begin. Text: Opere utilitati convenit providere et sumptibus parcere
o0201077.046a 1420 giugno 28 Salary set for workforce. Text: predicta prout convenit providere servatis servandis ut
o0201078.004vc 1420/1 gennaio 23 Letter to the Canigiani and their associates, bankers in Pisa, ordering them to pay the bargemen for supply and freight of marble as far as the city. Text: ut citius conducant providere et aliter pecunia
o0201078.009d 1420/1 febbraio 17 Order to the treasurer to register as income the sums already collected for the gabelles of salt, contracts and wine. Text: prout dixerunt iuste providere, deliberaverunt quod camerarius
o0201078.009vb 1420/1 febbraio 17 Rulings about mode of payment to the debt collectors of 10 soldi for every pawn beyond the ordinary rights. Text: volentes pro futuro providere deliberaverunt quod ad
o0201078.012b 1420/1 marzo 10 Rulings about the modes of hiring of unskilled workers. Text: volentes circa predicta providere, deliberaverunt quod de
o0201078.013vc 1420/1 marzo 15 Detention of the messenger of a confraternity that meets in Santa Maria Novella for missing restitution of logs. Text: recusant, volentes predictis providere deliberaverunt quod, si
o0201078.014b 1420/1 marzo 15 Rulings for withholding 4 denari per lira from every contract or supply agreement. Text: de opportuno remedio providere deliberaverunt quod nulla
o0201078.026b 1421 aprile 18 Reduction of the rent of the quarry of the hill of Vincigliata for disagreement over the price and agreement to quarry only sandstone blocks for the cupola. Text: pro utraque partium providere, disponere et ordinare
o0201078.033vb 1421 maggio 30 Commission to the administrator to check the account of defaulting suppliers of lumber and restitution of what has been paid to them. Text: yndepnitati dicte Opere providere iustitiam unicuique ministrando,
o0201078.033vb 1421 maggio 30 Commission to the administrator to check the account of defaulting suppliers of lumber and restitution of what has been paid to them. Text: vel alterius et providere ita et taliter
o0201078.034a 1421 maggio 30 Ruling for trimming and future supply of fallen fir lumber in order to avoid its loss. Text: indepnitati dicte Opere providere, deliberaverunt quod dicta
o0201078.035vb 1421 maggio 30 Ruling for renewal of the pacts of a contract for broad bricks to the son of the deceased contractor. Text: volentes circa premissa providere, deliberaverunt quod provisor
o0201079.006ve 1421 luglio 16 Contract for the custody of pawns with indications regarding the place to keep them, thefts, sale and rights. Text: dicta Opera pignorantur providere et intellecta postulatione
o0201079.009a 1421 luglio 24 Authorization to the provost and his partner to set terms of payment to debtors. Text: insurgitur, volentes predictis providere deliberaverunt quod propositus
o0201079.021ve 1421 agosto 30 Charge to the guard of the forest to mark and destroy the beech trees that, growing in the forest, prevent the growth of the fir trees with their shade. Text: volentes in predictis providere prout utile fore
o0201079.024va 1421 settembre 11 Ruling against debt collector in favor of citizens wrongfully considered debtors for pardons of forced loans. Text: equum fore iudicaverunt providere deliberaverunt quod omnes
o0201079.027vc 1421 ottobre 1 Ruling to assure collection of debts, assignment of terms and payments in grape harvest time. Text: prout fieri potest providere, premisso et facto
o0201079.035vb 1421 ottobre 27 Salary set for workforces for the winter. Text: volentes circa predicta providere eligerunt infrascriptos magistros
o0201079.037ve 1421 ottobre 30 Order to the debtors who have received term of payment to present guarantor within date set. Text: prout utile crediderunt providere servatis servandis ut
o0201079.042va 1421 novembre 17 Letter to the administrator of the gabelles of Pisa instructing him to write in a notebook the contractors of gabelles and income of Pisa and its countryside; letter to the Ten supervisors of Pisa to check that said description be made and transmitted. Text: quod eis placeat providere quod descriptio dictorum
o0201079.047vb 1421 dicembre 5 Term of payment to the Commune of Valenzano and Podesteria of Subbiano for debt for gabelle on persons. Text: in favorem ipsorum providere et tamen dicte
o0201079.067vd 1421 luglio 18 Payment to Filippo Brunelleschi for his ingenuity in making the new hoisting machine. Text: fuerit ipsum hedifitium providere et reactari et
o0201080.008c 1421/2 gennaio 26 Letter to the Podestà of Pisa about the failure to answer summons on the part of three notaries and another person convoked. Text: nisi mictat, providebunt providere convenire, et sibi
o0201080.014a 1421/2 marzo 11 Term of payment to the communes of the Podesteria of Pieve Santo Stefano for debt for milling gabelle. Text: maxime eorum impossibilitate providere, premisso et facto
o0201080.017b 1421/2 marzo 13 Exemption for dotal properties. Text: iuris ordo postulat providere et eidem domine
o0201080.019d 1421/2 marzo 17 Term of payment for debt for the gabelle on persons to the communes of the Podesteria of Castel Focognano. Text: iustum fore crediderunt providere, servatis servandis ut
o0201080.020a 1421/2 marzo 17 Term of payment for debt for the gabelle on persons to the communes of the Podesteria of Anghiari. Text: iustum fore crediderunt providere, premisso et facto
o0201080.021vd 1422 marzo 31 Cessation of harassment and exemption from debt for property gabelle by resolution of the office of the comptrollers. Text: Bartholomei obligata dicuntur providere et tam dicte
o0201080.022d 1422 marzo 31 Notification to the owner of the mill of Ricorboli to have towed at his expense the log rafts left upstream from his weir, which is not provided with passageway for rafts. Text: volentes dicte indepnitati providere et super predictis
o0201080.024c 1422 aprile 20 Cancellation of debt for exemption of milling gabelle to the Commune of Ciggiano and to that of Oliveto. Text: iustum fore putaverunt providere et tam dictis
o0201080.024va 1422 aprile 21 Salary of masters and unskilled workers for the summer. Text: ad que tenentur providere et disponere premisso
o0201080.027vd 1422 aprile 29 New agreement for hoisting stones and other loads up to the cupola with a pair of oxen and revocation of previous contract. Text: volentes indepnitati eiusdem providere et in predictis
o0201080.031va 1422 maggio 20 Offering of wax for the feast of Saint Zenobius. Text: Opera esse crediderunt providere, deliberaverunt quod provisor
o0201080.031vc 1422 maggio 20 Revocation of penalty for failure to deliver towloads of lumber. Text: iustum fore putaverunt providere et tam ipsi
o0201080.032c 1422 maggio 20 Revocation of tare on the price of the marble ordered for the cornice of the cupola. Text: iustum fore crediderunt providere, servatis servandis ut
o0201080.033vb 1422 giugno 3 Extension of the term of payment for debt of the milling gabelle to the communes of the Podesteria of Chiusi. Text: iustum fore crediderunt providere servatis servandis ut
o0201080.034va 1422 giugno 10 Reimbursement of the surplus obtained from the sale of pawns to the debtors who have paid and registration of the amount to credit of those who still remain debtors. Text: iustum fore crediderunt providere, servatis servandis secundum
o0201080.034vb 1422 giugno 10 Request of punishment at the public gallows for guard of the pawns guilty of physical abuse. Text: eorum officii honorem providere deliberaverunt quod pro
o0201081.003a 1422 luglio 3 Obligation to the communes of the suburbs of Arezzo who are contractors of the "cottimo" gabelle to pay the tax of 4 denari per lira. Text: pro futuro tantum providere, premisso et facto
o0201081.008b 1422 agosto 4 Reduction by one quarter of the price for defective broad terracotta bricks. Text: indepnitati dicte Opere providere et tam ipsi
o0201081.015b 1422 settembre 4 Order to the treasurer and the notary to register all the deposits as income. Text: prout convenit predictis providere deliberaverunt quod omnes
o0201081.015vd 1422 settembre 4 Renewal of contract to the guardian of the pawns. Text: utile fore putant providere servatis servandis ut
o0201081.017c 1422 settembre 11 Resolution to enter in the expenditures journal an allocation of funds for petty expenses not registered because of the messenger's death. Text: valet, volentes predictis providere deliberaverunt quod Leonardus
o0201081.022va 1422 ottobre 6 Election as guard of the forest of the son of the guard. Text: sui honorem benemerito providere, premisso et facto
o0201081.026c 1422 ottobre 29 Ruling to expell chaplain from his house with his belongings because of unseemly frequentation. Text: in predictis aliqualiter providere deliberaverunt quod de
o0201081.026d 1422 ottobre 29 Dismissal from office of debt collectors who gave to others the authority to demand payment in their place without permission and their pecuniary penalty. Text: prestiterunt, volentes predictis providere et quod utile
o0201081.032va 1422 dicembre 11 Commission to the administrator to revoke contract for custody of pawns and new contract. Text: volentes circa premissa providere confixi in prudentiam
o0201081.033va 1422 dicembre 17 Injunction to owner of weir, who has damaged the Opera by not allowing lumber to pass, to pay the cost incurred for services of a hauler. Text: premissa prout convenit providere servatis servandis ut
o0201081.036c 1422 dicembre 30 Order not to renew mortar contracts of negligent suppliers. Text: per intrinsecam viam providere, premisso etc. obtento
o0201082.012a 1423 aprile 23 Cancellation of old contract for broad bricks for the cupola with price set for those already made and fired and new contract. Text: et volentes salubriter providere et narrata supra
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: quadronum; et volentes providere quod dicta Opera
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: et volentes utiliter providere et maxime considerato
o0201082.013a 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnmen. Text: parte ista etiam providere prout superius provisum
o0201082.015va 1423 aprile 28 Correction and reduction of contract with kilnman for broad bricks. Text: in parte ista providere prout superius provisum
o0201082.019b 1423 giugno 2 Correction and reduction of supply contract with kilnman. Text: et volentes ulterius providere, examinata conducta olim
o0201084.008vc 1423/4 febbraio 29 Authorization to contract out lumber and cut it in pieces for making roof struts. Text: placebit de cetero providere, ordinare, deliberare, locare
o0201084.012va 1424 aprile 4 Ruling in favor of the treasurer of the pawns with reduction of the price of his appointment due to the Opera. Text: idcirco volentes utiliter providere et unicuique iustitiam
o0201084.013c 1424 aprile 4 Authorization to treasurer, notary and administrator to pay salaries. Text: salarium et mercedem providere, deliberaverunt et deliberando
o0201085.004a 1424 dicembre 2 Salary set for workforces for the winter. Text: ad que tenentur providere, disponere et ordinare
o0201086.017a 1425 maggio 18 Salary set for the hoister of loads to the cupola, whose previous contract is expired. Text: de eius labore providere et satisfacere deliberaverunt,
o0201086.017vc 1425 maggio 21 Confirmation of the contract made to the masters of the castle of Malmantile and here transcribed and undersigned by the interested parties, because it had not been copied by the previous notary. Text: volentes periculis immanentibus providere pro utilitate et
o0201086.022va 1425 giugno 12 Order to the administrator for injunction to the debtors for forced loans for term of payment and their dispatch to debtors' registry. Text: quod eisdem placeat providere quod dicti debitores
o0202001.048va 1426 dicembre 30 Price of all kinds of bricks. Text: de sua mercede providere de consensu et
o0202001.054e 1426/7 marzo 19 Price of large broad bricks. Text: volentes eorum pretio providere deliberaverunt quod eisdem
o0202001.067b 1427 settembre 9 Authority to wardens to attend to the houses of the canons and chaplains. Text: dicte ecclesie et providere de domibus cappellanorum,
o0202001.067va 1427 settembre 9 Salary set for stonecutters who work on the cupola in dangerous conditions, with increase for the summer and the winter. Text: de tanto periculo providere, fecerunt, deliberaverunt ac
o0202001.086vi 1428 luglio 5 Agreements for the resolution of a lumber supply interrupted because of the war with partition between the suppliers and the Opera of the damages suffered because of the abandonment of cut lumber Text: dampnis Opere prefate providere ac etiam laboribus
o0202001.089vg 1428 agosto 20 Acceptance with tare of the white marble needed for the external ribs, that had previously been refused. Text: possibile indempnitati Opere providere et dicto Bertino
o0202001.103vh 1429 aprile 5 Order to set a term of payment for the debtors of the Opera to avoid damages to them and demands of payment. Text: idcirco volentes predictos providere, deliberaverunt quod prepositus
o0202001.107ve 1429 giugno 3 Prohibition to pay kilnman. Text: volentes utilitati Opere providere deliberaverunt quod dicta
o0202001.124f 1429/30 marzo 15 Authorization to attend to the debt of the Commune of Prato and to make a new contract to a cooper for cooperage supplies. Title: tres ipsorum possint providere de bottario et
o0202001.124f 1429/30 marzo 15 Authorization to attend to the debt of the Commune of Prato and to make a new contract to a cooper for cooperage supplies. Text: tres ipsorum possint providere circa debitum Communis
o0202001.135vd 1430/1 gennaio 19 Authorization to contract out up to 300.000 broad bricks for the cupola. Text: expeditione dicte cupole providere quod de novo
o0202001.143va 1431 giugno 15 Extraordinary rulings pertaining to supplies of mortar and broad bricks in times of particular economic hardship. Text: utilitati dicte Opere providere deliberaverunt quod nullus
o0202001.144e 1431 giugno 20 Increase of the salary of masters working at Castellina on account of dangers encountered. Text: Opere eorum laboribus providere, deliberaverunt quod camerarius
o0202001.171vc 1426/7 gennaio 28 Election of the supervisors of the great cupola. Text: Filippus et Laurentius providere pro dicto edifitio
o0202001.172a 1427 aprile 11 Authority to the wardens to sell the kiln in via Ghibellina. Text: utilitati dicte Opere providere, vigore eorum offitii,
o0202001.221d 1434 agosto 26 Letter of invitation to a master glazier to come to work in Florence. Text: bene et diligenter providere, tali modo et
o0202001.228b 1434/5 marzo 10 Oath of warden and order to consign a certain sum to an ex treasurer and his successors until there accounts are audited. Text: utilitati dicte Opere providere et quod rationes
o0202001.230vc 1435 aprile 22 Term to the treasurers of the gabelles and forced loans in office from the 1425 for presentation of their rights or consignment of money collected and not paid, under penalty of dispatch to debtors' registry. Text: et volentes predictis providere ad hoc ut
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